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Obama’s Wrong Message on Ferguson

Reacting to the decision by the grand jury in Ferguson not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown, President Obama’s message last night was clear: It’s understandable to be angry, but please don’t break anything.

“There are Americans who agree with (the decision), and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry,” Obama said. “It’s an understandable reaction.”

What, exactly, in the view of someone who is the president of the United States, should be understandable about protests in a case where there was so little incriminating evidence, not only was the subject in question innocent, but he couldn’t even be charged?

For Obama, the problem here is that African Americans don’t trust the police. He said:

So those should be the lessons that we draw from these tragic events. We need to recognize that this is not just an issue for Ferguson, this is an issue for America. We have made enormous progress in race relations over the course of the past several decades. I’ve witnessed that in my own life. And to deny that progress I think is to deny America’s capacity for change.

But what is also true is that there are still problems and communities of color aren’t just making these problems up. Separating that from this particular decision, there are issues in which the law too often feels as if it is being applied in discriminatory fashion. I don’t think that’s the norm. I don’t think that’s true for the majority of communities or the vast majority of law enforcement officials. But these are real issues. And we have to lift them up and not deny them or try to tamp them down. What we need to do is to understand them and figure out how do we make more progress. And that can be done . . .

And I am confident that if we focus our attention on the problem and we look at what has happened in communities around the country effectively, then we can make progress not just in Ferguson, but in a lot of other cities and communities around the country.

The problem?

Actually, here is the problem: A young man, Michael Brown, who might have made a success out of himself, instead one August evening decided to rob a store and then assault Officer Darren Wilson, battering hm in the head, possibly with the intent to kill him. He then lost his life because of his own actions.

That’s the problem.

What’s more, a young policeman’s life and career have been damaged or ruined in irreparable ways.

I have no doubt that what Obama says is true, that there is mistrust of white police in black communities, and that sometimes the law is applied in a discriminatory fashion. Such behavior must always be prevented and, when a crime and the evidence for it exists, prosecuted. But police malfeasance is, as Obama himself states, a non-issue for “the vast majority of law enforcement officials.”

The problem is the culture that exists in too much of the black community. Obama, as the nation’s first black president, should be leading a discussion about what to do to effect change within the black community, not throwing in with the racial grievance crowd that blames police for doing their jobs.

There was not one mention in his remarks of the tragedy that there is so much crime where African Americans live. Where children have to dodge gunfire and the elderly take risks with a walk to the drug store. If there were there less crime in the communities, tensions with police, white or black, would surely decline.

More than anything, Obama should be pursuing economic policies that would abet such change. But unfortunately he doesn’t believe in them.

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  1. I also see Brown’s representatives (read lawyers) are trotting out what I am sure is an orchestrated campaign to say the prosecutor deliberately made Brown out to be a “bad” guy, etc. Sure, throw more gas on the fire–who benefits? They do–become leaders of a sort, get air time. The race hustlers do, of course. The WH does–that old rule of law isn’t working–so who can stand up for lawbreakers…well, they can. Maybe even a federal action? Everyone has an agenda. the biggest losers—a lot of Americans and the insurance companies who covered those stores.

    • Interesting concept.
      1—Do not attack a cop.
      2—Don’t try to take his gun, because he is going to defend himself.
      3—Don’t charge the cop because he might shoot you.
      4—Just because you’re a big man and black doesn’t mean that you can break the law.

  2. Barack Obama has pissed away a great opportunity to help minorities integrate and thrive in America. And he did it for his own ego, his own power, and his own greed. He has always been an agitator. Chaos and destruction pleases him.

    There is no a conciliatory bone in this man’s body.

  3. Justice for Mike Brown.
    Has his parents even bothered to apologize to the Asian/Indian owner of the store that he robbed and terrorized ?
    Of course they won’t do that, that’s not justice.
    Will the dead man’s parents demand justice for the innocent business people who lost everything by looting or arson committed in their son’s name?
    Of course they won’t do that, either.
    Will the justice seekers return the stolen goods to their rightful owners?
    What these “justice” seekers want is revenge, revenge for any slight, any lack of advancement they can blame on the White majority. In their minds, Whites have it easy, have open doors of opportunity waiting for them to enter that slam shut when a Af-Am appears.
    They have “leaders” that Whites don’t have and obviously don’t need.
    They have special steps built just for them to advance but they can’t find the ladder.
    So, they burn, they loot, they protest, they cry but they will not ever have the revenge they crave. The Dems will always promise them justice, but it’s really revenge they instill as a goal.

  4. Obama does not want the black community to turn on him and put the final nail in the miserable coffin he has constructed for himself, by telling them they are in an awkward situation of their own making and they are being imbeciles by demanding an impossible brand of “justice.”.
    He is just going to continue to ride this particular fence. Which just makes him sound like an even bigger ass than we know he is.

  5. ~Can SOMEONE PLEASE tell Shep Smith on FNC (3:12pm EST) to keep his BIASED OBNOXIOUS COMMENTS to himself…


  6. The behavior of many involved with this case just goes to prove that Gruber was right. The Democratic base is dumb and easily manipulated to their own detriment.

  7. I saw Mayor Knowels’ press conference a few minutes ago during which he said that the National Guard did not get to town in time. Nixon’s on right now, but I cannot bear to listen to this snake.

  8. Excellent post, Keith. Sadly, everything has gotten worse under Obummer. He could have tried to calm things down in his remarks last night, but he chose to merely give the required lip service to protesting peacefully.

    I watched all the coverage last night, switching between the three cable news channels, and what occurred in Ferguson and the surrounding areas had absolutely nothing to go with protesting the grand jury verdict. These people are not protestors; they were looking for an excuse and an opportunity to riot and loot.

    • It looks like MrO may have another chance to bite the poison apple today. More protests, more riots expected tonight.
      I’m guessing the protesters want MrHolder to slap cuffs on the policeman, or else.

      • Gov Nixon was on earlier saying this will not be repeated. His claim is that the NG was there–substituting for cops so the cops could be in the mess. Maybe a military presence would have been more intimidating. Why they can’t shut down a few block strip with a vehicle, bus or something at either end, bring in other buses and flex ties to cart off people who won’t move on–beats me. They did it in 1968-73. Yes–they need to shut down “protest”–peaceful or just plain violent. This has gone far enough. Now Nixon says the NG will be more in evidence tonight–great, someone will get shot if people are still allowewd to rage around…I would not be surprised.

    • I have kept the news off most of the day. I have made several comments here, and than cancelled them. I appreciate your articles as always Keith, and everyone’s comment as well.

  9. oops just a minute. Have to mute Obama again on Ferguson.

    Ok, this seems like a simple old fashioned solution. Curfew. No people, other than law enforcement and emergency services, on the street after a certain hour. If you are, without a good reason (going to the hospital to have a baby comes to mind) then you are arrested and held overnight.

    No discussion.

    I am sure that this probably is a massive Civil Rights issue that will harm the psyche for years to come, but it might save some lives and property.

  10. Maybe old Rev. Al can take the $ he owes the federal govt & give it to the business owners to help then rebuild since he’s always egging ppl on. How hard/difficult is it to put in a curfew & shut down the streets after dark? Guess I’m too simple minded( dumb for you ignorant ppl). Give it a few days & the ones responsible for burning down the place will be screaming for it to be repaired.

  11. Heard a report about an hour ago that there are more news outlets than protesters in Ferguson. Only about 200 protesters. The entire business section on the main street was nearly destroyed last night – 29 businesses. The out-of-towner professional thugs apparently have all left. Nothing left to destroy.

    This event was another failed attempt by the community organizing agitator, Barack Obama, to bring America to it’s feet. He should be mandated to repay the business owners out of his own pocket. How in hell’s bells did this low-life ever work his way into the WhiteHouse? And why is he still there? The worst is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Without the press, what would you know about what’s happening in Ferguson? Baghdad? Chicago? Beijing? Memphis? Hartford? London? Your very own town?


  13. “communities of color aren’t just making these problems up”

    And communities of paleness aren’t just making up all the crime and violence and menace and dysfunction and strain on public resources and sullenness and racial animus and constant blame-shifting that comes from certain communities of color.

    Today a black guy was standing at a corner trying to guilt-trip people into buying some hip-hop “music” or maybe he was seeking donations, supposedly to help stop violence. “Do you care about what’s happening to brown people in the ghetto?” was his idea of a sales line. I said I didn’t like hip-hop. He said “That’s my cultural expression, but white people and corporations have corrupted it with violence etc.”

    In other words: white people are making black people intone violent, misogynistic lyrics and adopt thuggish poses and make piles of money doing it. Black people of course wouldn’t do that on their own; they wouldn’t listen to hip-hop or glorify gangsta culture unless white people somehow made them do it!

    Blaming whitey for every sin and crime and failure of black people is certainly not the way to improve race relations.

    I turned away to cross the street as the light changed, and the guy yelled after me, sarcastically, “Have a nice life.” The insinuation was that my “nice life” must come at the expense of “brown people.” (As it happens, every visible item I was wearing or carrying, from hat to shoes, was purchased second-hand.)