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Did Holder Cause the National Guard to be Kept From Ferguson?

The Republican Lieutenant governor of Missouri today said he believes the state’s Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon, did not deploy National Guard troops to Ferguson to prevent the outbreak of violence because of pressure from the Obama administration to keep them away.

“Here’s my question that the governor must answer,” Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said today. “Is the reason that the national guard was not in there is because the Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department leaned on you to keep them out?”

Kinder noted that the Guard had been sent to other locations in the region. “I cannot imagine any other reason why the governor who mobilized the National Guard would not have them in (to Ferguson) to stop this, before it started,” he said.

Indeed, there were reports Holder was not happy with Nixon’s efforts to display force and use the National Guard. From an article Friday in the Washington Post:

Holder also expressed concerns privately about Gov. Jay Nixon’s decision this week to declare a state of emergency at a news conference and activate the National Guard . . .

A top aide to Holder called the governor’s office earlier this week to express Holder’s displeasure and “frustration,” according to a Justice Department official.

“Instead of de-escalating the situation, the governor escalated it,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the subject. “He sent the wrong message. The tone of the press conference was counterproductive.”

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles last night said that the National Guard had not been deployed to Ferguson before – and even well after – violence erupted in the city, and that he could not even reach officials to get help. The failure to deploy the Guard appears in his view to have allowed violence to spiral out of control.

The desperate mayor spoke with a local news outlet:

They were deployed at other parts of the St. Louis region . . . Why were they not in (Ferguson) at the first sign of an overturned police car or a smashed police car window with a show of course that would have stopped this?

I know I’ve been on the phone in contact with the County Executive’s Office. I know he has requested. I am requesting. I’ve requested the National Guard troops to come out from the command post to help restore order along the business district. We have not seen that.

It’s my understanding that the commanders out on the street have requested this, and those calls have gone unheeded at this point . . . We need to have the governor step up, give us the resources that he’s promised from the beginning. He stated he would have a strong response, that the resources necessary would be provided. They have not been provided so far. We need that right now.

Here are videos of Kinder and Knowles.

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  1. Why not? IMO, the DOJ, the race baiters, and the White House wanted an all out racial, violent confrontation. They wanted to see thousands of outraged people pillaging, burning down the town, and that was the goal from the day the policeman shot the man.
    IMO, this whole incident was a political set up from the beginning.

    1. yes … is it a) most likely b) possible c) not even fathomable that an Obama president would see a crisis happening and not say “… let’s see how we can maximize the political return from this thing ….” They should have blamed it on the video.

  2. Well, if the Democratic governor was hoping to involve the Ferguson and St. Louis County police in more “brutality” against blacks by holding the National Guard back, they didn’t bite. I feel sorry for the black businesses in Ferguson which were affected, owners and employees alike who have no jobs to go to this morning, but I think it was demonstrated what happens when law and order decide to sit back.

    1. Yep. Did anyone notice the first buildings were set on fire before the prosecuter finished his briefing. Perhaps having the Guard in place could have saved those businesses. (according to Breitbart, most were minority owned).

      I am so ashamed of Obama and his administration, they could care less about Michael Brown and the cop who was afraid for his life. It’s all about keeping our nation divided racially …. Welcome to the 50’s !

      1. Good catch, Denise. I hadn’t noticed. I’m reading this morning that the parents of Michael Brown did another 180 after the decision was announced last night. They were advising peaceful protest and they knew what the decision was a couple of days ago, but suddenly last night they were “in shock” and called to “burn the bitch down”.

          1. But Sharpton is Obama’s go-to adviser for racial issues. He’s in Obama’s inner circle. He speaks for Obama on racial matters, police behavior, whitey behavior, and “what we must do” to heal racial divisions. Sure, he’s a tax evader and a creep, and a loathsome individual. Other than that……;+}

          1. And when the cameras misfunction or are damaged — who will believe the police? And I suspect those cameras will be the first target of all aggressors.

        1. Never believed them anyway. When you travel all the way to the Hague (or wherever they went) to claim torture in the US little whimperings of “peace” don’t play.

          There’s a future for them now in the grievance industry.

          I am more than sympathetic to their loss no matter the path their son chose he was valued and loved. That said, to continue to “profit” from his death — all the while — claiming it is for the greater good. Wearing very very thin.

      2. I too am ashamed of Obama and Holder.
        You mentioned the Fifties. My first year of teaching out of college was in 1957 when troops were sent to Little Rock to integrate Little Rock Central High.
        I taught in a town over in the Delta and will never forget the rumors and fear. When I went to Little Rock that year for my first ever state Teachers’ Convention (back then we were a professional organization, not a union, I remember dancing with members of the military who were invited to a dance at the Marion Hotel (THE place way back then). I was surprised at how nice they were.
        That all went off well, schools throughout the South slowly integrated, MLK did his peaceful protests in the sixties and we were on our way to racial harmony in this country. LBJ did not help…he lied to Blacks and mislead them.
        Obama and Holder with the help of Sharpton and his ilk have set us back that far.
        In fact, I do not recall violence and ill will that I ever encountered.

  3. Gov. Nixon has expressed ill-will toward Obama on a couple of occasions that I am aware of. Can’t blame him – Holder and Obama have pushed him aside and micromanaged every detail. Even the verdict timing. I’m sure the WH wanted everything to go off in prime time to maximize the effect. Of course they couldn’t allow the NG to spoil it for them!
    Also , I read that the police force was afraid to confront the rioters without the NG as back-up. All in all, it could have been worse. At least no one was killed. All of that work, and Obama/Holder didn’t get the results they expected. Better luck next time, race baiters!

    1. “No one was killed”. Perhaps objectivity was merely maimed.

      MSNBC ran a scroll stating a total of 3 fires, first noting that fires “broke out” — rather than being set.

      The Root today has an article: “How the Prosecutor played us”.

      The KSDK report detailed how a school officer was shot and a carjack victim was run over, and then finished with “Early estimates put damage in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but nobody was injured.”

      No injuries? Fact finding was definitely a casualty.

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter, STL resident. While watching my city in flames last night I kept asking – where is the Guard that was supposed to protect the innocent ones in Ferguson??!! The police were out in force and had backup in other areas, while Obama fiddled and Ferguson burned… Shameful split screen – O mouthing platitudes with a hateful attitude, while the other side of the TV showed burning and looting. Early on, the local media were exaggerating the number of burning cars and gleefully listing each incident – egging on the looters and haters. This morning they are mourning the tensions while scouring the streets looking for the next trouble spot that will make for good TV. The losers here are the citizens, who have been making real progress in [non-televised] meetings and discussions and vigils to promote peace and progress around real issues. No one died, so i suppose it could have been worse…but it isn’t over yet. So sad. Prayers going up…

    1. Thank you for your very thoughtful comments. It’s so illuminating to hear from someone “on the ground”. And I suspect your feelings and thoughts are those of the majority in the area.

        1. Thanks for the welcome. I’ve found this site to be thought-provoking and always full of interesting opinions. Star … nice to meet you. What high school did you go to? [that is a standing St. Louis thing…]

          1. Hey, Star, what year did you graduate from Kirkwood? I, too, graduated from there! And one of my best friends is a graduate of Webster but we never discuss Turkey Day rivalries.

    2. BTW, ccoop, if you hear or read of any collections that will be raised to help out the businesses which were torched and looted, please post. I’m thinking of the little guy businesses like Natalie DuBose’s Cakes & More which Weasel Zippers has written about.

    3. And while Obama was making his little speech last night, (saying there was “just” a handful of demonstrators with bad intentions), he knew full well that the National Guard was not going to protect the citizens and property in the hot spots in Ferguson. He surely knew that Ferguson was going to turn bad, that fires would be lit, that shots would be fired. He knew all that and he loved knowing it.

    1. No doubt about it. Obama and his minions employ chaos as a tactic, as an end in itself. It reflects the chaos in their own minds, the normative state of how things should be.

  5. If it makes it past the editing phase my column tomorrow lays the blame for Ferguson violence squarely at the feet of Sharpton, Holder and Obama and the past six years of stoking racism at every turn.

    Nothing will get better in this nation until the three of them are shown for the frauds that they are.

    1. Racism will be alive and well as long as Obama, Holder and Sharpton are alive. It’s not going to end in 2017. Obama will keep himself in front of the cameras even if he has to stand at the border every day greeting the new arrivals from C.A. and elsewhere. I think it was on Drudge today – Obama has all Hispanics solidly united behind him.

  6. Most business owners rent commercial space in order to open their grocery store, beauty parlor or whatever. So not only are the business owners suffering a great loss but the actual owners of the buildings that were burned down having a huge loss also, Also every employee that worked in those buildings and those that owned those cars that were set on fire are suffering a loss.

    My bet is that Oblamer and Holder will now give billions of dollars to the town of Ferguson to rebuild, at the taxpayers expense of course, and we will ALL end up paying for these this atrocity.

  7. Here is an interesting article that paints what feels like an accurate portrait of the STL background.
    While I think the systemic problems exist, I also think we have an opportunity to make real progress – if the adminstration, media and race-baiters let the process go forward. I am afraid current events are an attempt to derail this progress…don’t want to let anyone out of their ‘box’ and heal deep-seated divisions… that plays against the plan. In the interest of full disclosure – I’m from West St. Louis County, and went to Webster Groves High School. [that’s a STL thing – and honestly it also reflects our divisions – knowing the high school tells you where someone lives…and where they ‘fit’…]

    1. Webster and Kirkwood, for instance, were and probably still are arch rivals. I remember moving to Kirkwood from Webster in 6th grade–I was devastated. But it wore off. This was more than 50 yrs ago–schools were integrated–we had Civil War grant housing in the block behind us–not allowed to be sold lest some crafty white person buy the property. Some people there had goats and chickens–we had a tennis court 100 yards away. It was OK–no big.

  8. This was another, a bigger, example of black-on-black crime when you come to think of it, and if it turns out that Jay Nixon admits that Holder and/or Obama ordered him to hold back, it’s black-on-black crime from the very top. I don’t believe that Obama will be implicated: ValJar makes sure that his hands are technically clean.

    1. Obama is so slippery — we’ll never catch him. Which only makes him more of a coward in my mind.

      Obama, on his own, in an alley, would dissolve into a pitiful puddle.

      1. He can afford to be a coward.
        He has surrounded himself with bullies, people that know people that can mess with you.
        I’m sorry,…I meant to say BULLY !
        The engaging smile and “it ain’t so bad America”, attitude isn’t charming us anymore.
        Anybody with any level of intelligence sees what is going on here.

        Coward my ass.

      2. 25th Amendment, Grace. 25th Amendment. No one in my family or any of my friends agree with me on applying the 25th to Obama’s behavior, so I’m alone on this. Others will catch up to me in time. ;+}

  9. Why the attention? Why the anticipation for violence? The media gave the crowd the stage. The media perpetrated this violence and continues to flame the fire.

    1. That’s a reason I’m glad they waited until 8 p.m. to announce the decision. Most of the coverage had to be shot from helicopters in the air and prevented on-the-ground reporters from fanning the flames and giving the agitators and anarchists their 15 minutes of fame by interviewing them.

    2. C’mon, no human being in their right mind sets 12 fires and burns down buildings and cars. If these people care so much about what happened to the 18-year-old, why don’t they care about the minority businesses they burned down? Shows you its all an act to get attention, they are just high on drugs and alcohol and feel the need to burn, baby, burn. Obama and Holder are the lowest for not having the National Guard protect the businesses, They should be thrown into jail for manipulating the National Guard and for a thousand other high crimes and misdemeanors. The American people are being held hostage by a very corrupt government and they better do something about it soon.

  10. If we weren’t a racist country when we elected Obama, we will be one by the time he’s done with us, or we’re done with him — whichever comes first.

    1. All are racist in varying degrees. It is our primal instinct to repel those who do not look the same. It is a struggle and unfortunate that we continue to give into nature and not see the spirit of man.

      1. Oh, please.
        I have lived all over the US and in other parts of the world.
        Guess what?
        We don’t look alike even within nationality or race or citizenship
        It has nothing to do with the way we look!
        It has to do with our conduct.
        Actions have consequences for everyone.

        1. I always liked a quote from the Russian Poet Evgeny Evtushenko: There are only two nations on earth, the nation of good people and the nation of bad people. You could substitute race for nation.

  11. The law should be applied equally. Law enforcement should not be withheld in order to make nice. People should have had homes and businesses protected.

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  13. I hope Obama and Holder are happy that there were 12 fires in ferguson last night and most of the businesses lost and burned down are minority businesses. No one protected the businesses getting burned down because of these two dumb and dumber? Obama can’t help himself, he has to stick his nose into everything and everything he does is wrong!!!! He has done nothing right in six years. Dumb, dumb and dumber, him and Holder. Impeach both of them, they are so biased and racist, animals burn down a city and these two tell them its okay, its beyond acceptable. You see what happens when people elect the wrong President. Revenge is his name, does no work just feels anger and revenge, THEY DO NOT OWN THE COUNTRY OR THE PEOPLE, GET THEM OUT!!!

  14. I would bet my life on both Obama and holder holding back the guard they are 2 of the most dispicable human beings in the country I get a migraine when I think of the damage Barry will cause his remaining 2 years.The subject of race relations was drastically improved until obama took office now look !!!!

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  16. RIP Brown soul, In my understanding, police has done unplanned mistake because there are several terrible evens are happened in school, on public places in Us. He has attempted to save other people. Police could not find the right ways to save and killed. Police need the skill to make a gun man passive like he could gun on leg or give some warning sound etc. Damaging, vandalizing and further injuries are not a solution. I do not know policies, why guns are selling their like a pen? I do not believe, we are safe keeping gun with us. Teens are so vulnerable to use it. Gun polices should be amended.

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