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SNL: How a Bill Becomes Law – The Obama Version

This is a parody of “How a bill becomes law” by Schoolhouse Rock

11 Responses to SNL: How a Bill Becomes Law – The Obama Version

    • One thing the WaPo got right is that the states should sue Obama rather than Congress because the states can prove that they will be harmed, but Congress would have to prove that it “personally” would be harmed, something which it cannot do. There is a technical term for it, and I hope someone remembers what it is because I have forgotten.

  1. SNL did a service with this skit. How many young SNL viewers know how the government is designed or how it is supposed to work? They got a lesson as well as a laugh.

  2. NBC had this video pulled off the PJ Media site for “infringement”. NBC airs it on SNL but pulls it off a political site? Communist media works in strange and mysterious ways I guess.