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The Obama Morning News || November 24, 2014

Iran talks extended for seven months . . . Iran and six powers failed for a second time this year on Monday to resolve their 12-year dispute over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and gave themselves seven more months to overcome the deadlock.  “We have had to conclude it is not possible to get to an agreement by the deadline that was set for today and therefore we will extend the JPOA to June 30, 2015,” said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

Western officials said they were aiming to secure an agreement on the substance of a final accord by March but that more time would be needed to reach a consensus on the all-important technical details.  Reuters

Obama widens role for U.S. in Afghanistan . . .  Obama has approved plans to give U.S. military commanders a wider role to fight the Taliban alongside Afghan forces after the current mission ends next month. The decision extends previous plans by authorizing U.S. troops to carry out combat operations against the Taliban to protect Americans and support Afghanistan’s security forces as part of the new ISAF Resolute Support mission next year. Reuters

Amnesty to cost $22K per college grad . . . The total $2 trillion cost is driven by the federal government’s support for all poor people, says Robert Rector, a budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation. Rector explained that, on average, the illegal immigrants benefiting from the amnesty have a 10th grade education. Daily Caller

Obama: I’ve been very restrained . . . “If you ask historians, take a look at the track records of the modern presidency, I’ve actually been very restrained. And I’ve been very restrained with respect to immigration. The Hill

Obama: Race relations better than ever . . . President Obama on Sunday called for calm after the announcement of the pending grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo., and argued that race relations in the U.S. have significantly improved in the past 10 years. “My own experience tells me race relations continue to improve,” Obama said on ABC’s “This Week,” in an interview taped last week. “There’s no way to say race relations are worse than 20, 50 years ago.” Fox News

Obama: People in 2016 want “that new car smell . . . Obama set off ripples in the political world Sunday morning when he said voters in the 2016 presidential race will want “that new car smell.” Speaking with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Obama said in picking a new leader, Americans will “want to drive something off the lot that doesn’t have as much mileage as me.” Washington Examiner

He was supposedly being supportive of Hillary. But she ain’t exactly fresh off the lot.

The final Obamacare lie . . . To get the bill through the House, Obama promised federal funds wouldn’t be used for abortion. And guess what federal funds are being used for? Washington Examiner

Iranian negotiator screams at Kerry all the time . . . Iran’s foreign minister and lead negotiator in nuclear talks is known to frequently scream and shout at Western diplomats, including Secretary of State John Kerry, a practice that has caused alarm among bodyguards stationed outside the negotiating room, according to a member of the Iranian diplomatic team who spoke to the Farsi-language press. Washington Free Beacon

Obama keeps offering to walk Boehner’s dog . . . But Boehner doesn’t have a dog. National Journal

22 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 24, 2014

  1. Better race relations, CongBoehner’s not-a-dog, flip-flop on Afghanistan, and comparing candidates to a smell: wow. He needs someone to talk, um, turkey to him.

  2. The best part of the Obama administration is making the media look bad with their partisan coverage. Even WaPo’s struggling to fact check that SNL skit. I posted the link under the SNL video :)

  3. ‘I’ve been very restrained’. Michelle must be growing something really
    special and very organic for Barry in the Magic Garden of Good and Evil
    that keeps him ‘restrained’. The only way to restrain him is with a jacket!

  4. I have decided this slow walking of their race riot is ridiculous. Someone on Mojoe–that Barnicle character, I think–said to announce at 4:45 PM pn Wed. I say wait until a 3 foot snow! Or just put it out there–it has prob been decided for weeks! I don’t believe any of this. did anyone see the skirmish betw Giuliani and Dyson on MTP–pretty heated…but talking past each other.

  5. LOL!!!! Race relations “better than ever”; if you ever need proof that Obama is indeed psychotic, here is a fine example. Better in comparison to what? To when he entered office?? It is safe to say that this administration and the democrats now have most races at each other’s throats for one reason or the other.This is really an alternative universe!

  6. TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. I have been away from the news all morning. Has anyone on the MSM media annouce this issue, of TWO TRILLION DOLLARS?