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Obama Announces Hagel Resignation

President Obama today said he had accepted Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s resignation, asserting that Hagel had decided that having guided the Pentagon through a transitional period, it was time for him to depart.

Obama spoke during a an event at the White House as Hagel and Vice President Biden looked on.

Despite reports that Hagel had been forced out, the tone of the event at the White House today was warm. Obama was laudatory toward Hagel, saying he had counted him as a friend since his early days in the Senate.

“Chuck Hagel has devoted himself to his nation’s security and our men and women in uniform for more than six decades,” Obama said. He cited a long list of accomplishments Hagel had achieved at the Department of Defense “in a very difficult budgetary environment.”

Obama said called Hagel a man of “class and integrity,” adding, “On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you Chuck.”

Hagel, who looked near tears while Obama spoke, nevertheless spoke firmly and thanked the president for his comments.

“I will continue to support you, Mr, President, and the men and women who defend this country every day, so unselfishly,” Hagel said.

Hagel will stay on the job until his successor is confirmed. There was no word on who that might be.

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  1. Criteria” periperal military experience; sympathy toward the Middle East, preferably the MB, a gentle touch with Iran; preferably a person of color, and preferably a woman. And as loyal as Eric Holder.

    Loretta Lynch?

  2. The tone was “warm”, right.
    Stories are that Al Capone was ‘warm’ and friendly right up until he bonked the traitor on the noggin.
    Warm, lol.

  3. Obama will probably make it into the Guinness Book of Records for longest hissy fit ever. All this because of a “damn election” (paraphrasing Michelle Mooch). Fasten seat belts for the next two years. Who is next? Dempsey?

  4. I am not and have never been an admirer of Chuck Hagel but he has a heck of a lot more class and integrity than Barack Obama.
    He is being fired for not supporting Obama’s micro-management of the Defense Department.
    I wish him well and feel sympathy for his successor.

      • Fear is the operative word for sure.
        One who would be worse than Dempsey is Susan Rice…she is one of the reasons Hagel is leaving…they have not been friends.

          • I did misread….Dempsey has stood with Hagel more than he has Obama. Who selects the chief of staff? I don’t know. I do know that many of the active duty officers and enlisted personnel detest Obama and those retired even more so. Obama has made a major effort to purge these people on active duty. He is such a small person…shameful.
            The one that I can’t abide at the Pentagon is that admiral who is the spokesperson….his voice and mannerisms even grate on me.
            My husband said earlier that he wished it would be General Jack Keane….Obama would not appreciated the suggestion.
            My husband was Navy and went to the Cuban Missile Crisis on a carrier…his feelings are quite strong and sometimes so is his language!

    • i don’t wish him well. He joined an anti-American administration after having lead a foundation dedicated to eliminating our entire nuclear arsenal.

      • He was brought in to downsize the military, squeeze every penny out of the budget and eliminate the nuclear arsenal. Guess when he saw the possible results of his handiwork he had second thoughts.

  5. I’m thinking he’ll nominate Michèle Flournoy. She’s already survived one Senate confirmation hearing. She has a BA from Harvard in social studies and some post-grad degree that amounts to reading a lot of books and writing about them. She’ll fit right in with the other Frenchy, Jon Halp Us Carry.

  6. A candidate with credentials, I.e.: BA, MBA, MA, all a bunch of BS.. The Defense Department needs a leader with military experience. General Jack Keane would be a perfect candidate, a candidate with integrity. Obviously he would not be accepted by the frat team that runs this administration. General Keane would never lay down his honor for this weasel of a president. The pick will be interesting but rest assured, who ever it is, he or she will be another puppet.
    MSgt USAF, Retired

    • You’re right. Obama doesn’t like, and can’t work with, adults. They scare him. Make him nervous. Constipate him. Only vetted members of the Obama wing of the progressive cult can pass his muster.

  7. This is all preplanned smoke to distract everyone from what he did last week. IMMIGRATION !!!

    This how this administration works. Plan something to get the heat off the really bad EO to make millions of illegals voters. So everyone look over here – forget last weeks hated EO.

  8. Of all the people who work or worked for the Obama Administration, Hagel was the only one asked to resign. Something is not right with this picture.

    • Interesting article. A blend of collusion and delusion. And in the end, we all pay for the team of ‘expert’ advice – no rebates, no cash for these clunkers, but one hell of a pay-off to the reprobates.

  9. It is a shame that Hagel who has such a stellar record of heroism from the Vietnam war, should end his career at such a low point as an Obama stooge. The administration used him as a fall guy because he is a republican, nothing more. I thank him for his military service, but he did not do himself any favors by climbing in the sewer with Obama.

  10. Obama stated “Chuck Hagel has devoted himself to his nation’s security and our men and women in uniform for more than six decades,”.

    Hagel is only 68. According to Obama’s math, Hagel has been serving since he was 8 years old. Obama is either deliberate, or dumb.