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Obama Will Be Just 300 Miles From Ferguson Tuesday

That would be Chicago.

President Obama plans to travel to Chicago tomorrow afternoon, putting him just 300 miles, or about an hour’s flight, from Ferguson, Missouri.

The previously scheduled trip lands him in a bit of a spot.

Obama, who is set to depart the White House at 1:45 pm ET, may come under pressure to visit Ferguson to calm any unrest resulting from the grand jury’s decision in the case against Officer Darren Wilson, either by stopping off first in the city or traveling there following his events in Chicago, both of which are related to his immigration order.

The prospect of Obama making a statement in Washington and then bypassing Ferguson seems politically unpalatable. Ignoring the city after hanging out so close also might not be a practical approach, particularly given recent criticism of the president’s seeming inattentiveness to his duties.

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  1. Sharpton has already committed to explain it all on the National Action Network tonight. I don’t think the network provides sub-titles in English, so I’ll just take a stab at it and say, “Resist, we much” just may cover it.

  2. well, yeah, but this is the same Obama that was how close? to the border during the height of the recent crisis, and didn’t bother to go there. so I could see him skipping Ferguson.

    but really, if experience is any judge, Obama isn’t likely to calm anything anyway. if he just remembers not to say that Michael Brown looked like he could have been his son, or that Wilson “obviously acted stupidly,” he’ll be doing well.

  3. He’ll probably have a flyover moment. Not good for Bush at Katrina, but Obama will make it work for him.

    Besides he has a lot of illegal alien agitating to do!

  4. to visit Ferguson to calm any unrest

    Oh Keith, puleese — calm any unrest? If there is a single smoldering ember he will find it and fan it.

  5. OT Here’s an AOS thread on House Benghazi Report based on and linking to Mollie Hemingway’s reading of the report.

    Also apparently over at Gateway Pundit they say there has been a leak that there will be no indictment.

    If so, after the smoke settles Holder will saddle up.

  6. Meghan just reported that Officer Wilson has not been contacted by the DA’s office to turn himself in, which probably means no indictment.
    She will have a statement from him after the verdict.

  7. Good move — the Feds and locals have same info. Drug Holder into it — complicit or at least knew about it. Will also make any federal BS contrary indictment, to this however it turns out, difficult.

  8. If Obummer doesn’t go to Ferguson tomorrow – and I think he will not go – you think the blacks will realize he’s too busy in Chicago pandering to the Democrats’ new base, the illegals (future voters)?

  9. Who screened these “reporters”? They seem more interested in picking a side or even a fight than getting and giving information.

    • Effing Obama — he mouths the words of peace and law and then he goes straight to the issue of this being a problem in and of the nation. Criminal justice reform. And the assumption on his part is that law enforcement is the problem and the community is the answer.

      Despite the fact that there are so few blacks in law enforcement because they don’t qualiy.

      Obama is like a dog wit a nasty old bone — he hates this country and he is making this about America not about Ferguson.

      He is an evil disgusting agitator. You cannot put lipstick on a pig for sure.

  10. Let’s see, when I was (justifiably) whizzed off when Obama was elected/RE-elected, the FIRST thing I did was loot my local dollar store. What in the HELL is the connection between righteous anger and looting? Answer, NOTHING!!