As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – November 24, 2014

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  1. Amazing how much power the GOP just handed to this White House in one weekend. All the GOP had to do was ignore Obama’s executive order and start working on a immigration reform bill to be passed the day the new Congress is sworn in. Instead they are going waste their time screaming like blathering idiots on talk shows (What is Ted Cruz for 500 Alex!) and stupid gimmicks like suing in court. Obama must thank his lucky stars he has Ted Cruz and the tea party has his political opponents. If the GOP actually knew how to govern, the next two years of his life would be in misery as he watched the GOP help shape policy and a message that can dominate politics for the next generation!

    Lewis Black said it best. The GOP cannot help itself from shooting itself in the face no matter how many times the country gives them another chance.

    • Hey, moron, going through the courts is the appropriate thing to do when one branch of the government has overstepped its authority. Ever heard of Madison v. Marbury?

      • Yeah, Lewis Black is my north star. Not. You haven’t been here much, JustSayin. In my opinion the GOP has been thoughtful and restrained (Cruz was first out, but I am not a fan–some here are, though). They have refused to be baited by the prexy-as he surely intends with this half-there, temporary, pandering measure. They will come in in Jan–with their superior numbers–and decide on priorities then…If they pass a bill with border security, path to citizenship, etc, OK–the ball is in their court. I think most illegals know they are still in jep–the EO is temporary, the govt will have their info if they come forward, and who knows…

        • Why don’t you pop on over to WAPO and see how many Pinocchios they gave Obama’s imperial overstep before you start criticizing conservatives for how they are responding.

          • Exacty. He has overstepped in IT to many times.

            OT: I just saw the video with Hagal and o. He did look so very sad. Try to find a picture of o with the same type of face.

          • Biden looked pretty grim, too. Could be b/c Hagel is the one who talked Obama into selecting Biden for a running mate. when they were all in Afghanistan in 2008.

          • Nobody cares about that. They want functioning government dammit! A comprehensive immigration bill trumps Obama’s executive order. Where the bleep is it? Oh that’s right, the GOP is busy getting court challenges and having meltdowns on talk shows.

            Again must thank his lucky stars every night that the GOP is this inapt and idiotic. If they had their crap together, they could formulating a government/message that could dominate politics for the next thirty years.

          • Good short term thinking and the future of the country and the repair to the violation of separation of powers and constitution be damned. Typical.

        • No the ball is in GOP’s hands. Right now they are having a hissy fit and went home for the weekend except Ted Cruz. Right now he is acting like the DNC paid him.

          • Wow–Mr Scorched Earth here! Why don’t you wait until the grownups examine things and make a call? A lot of the people you excoriate–I am not a witch, rape isn’t rape, that stuff–they’re gone, defeated. You have some pretty smart people in now and I think it’s smart not to lunge at Obama’s opening bait.

          • If you want to see a hissy fit I might suggest you look to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or in Harry Reid’s drawer, or in Nancy Pelosi”s “read the bill” –

            The fact that the Republicans are not dancing to Obama’s tune Immediately does not bother me. It is what they do to save the Republic in a meaningful and legal way that concerns me.

            And dissent, within the party, while not ideal is preferable to lockstep. You seem to have a lockstep kind of mentality —

        • Yeah same troll that told all you tea party nuts that Obama was going to win in 2012 and the same troll that told you Ted Cruz government shutdown was going to blow up in your face.

          • I would appreciate not being insulted by you. I have more important things to deal with, than being called names.
            You are going to see people rioting in the street tonight, and you are going to insult as well the members of the tea party. Your savior should have bee a professional and advised everyone to back off and let the court system handle this.

          • Okay, you’ve reached your posting quota for the day. Now put down the Cheetos, get off the couch in your parents’ basement, and go wait by the mailbox for your check.

          • “…and the same troll that told you Ted Cruz government shutdown was going to blow up in your face.”

            Oh, yes, that shutdown REALLY blew up in the faces of the Republicans – with Cassidy’s expected win in LA’s runoff in less than two weeks (12/6), the Republicans will have GAINED nine out of ten contested Senate seats: MT, SD, WV, AR, AK, CO, IA, NC, and LA, (all but NH).

            Uh, yeah, I’d call that “blowing up in their faces”….NOT.

            LOL LOL LOL

    • Lewis Black?? Lewis Black??? You mean the guy inspired by Elmer Fudd? The guy who graduated from the Yale School of Drama. That Lewis Black? What are you, 12 years old?

  2. And might I add — F all of those responsible for turning this into lawless racial social justice. When this nation is cleansed of Obama and his stink then perhaps we can go back to a time when major legislation and decisions affecting all Americans do not come on the eve of holidays.

    It’s difficult enough living in this multicultural cesspoll.

    They are why we can no longer have nice things.

  3. OT: Pulled off of
    Police and security services will get new powers as the UK faces a terror threat “perhaps greater than it has ever been”, the home secretary said.
    Unveiling a new couter-terrorism bill, Theresa May said the UK faced a security struggle “on many fronts”.
    The new legislation includes:
    1. Counter-radicalisation measures – requirements that schools, colleges and probation providers help prevent people being radicalised.
    2. Raising the burden of proof for imposing TPIMs from “resonable belief” to “balance of probabilities”.
    3. Greater powers to disrupt people heading abroad to fight – including cancelling passports at the border for up to 30 days.
    4. Statutory temporary exclusion orders to control return to the UK of British citizens suspected of terrorist activity.
    5. Tighter aviation security – requiring airlines to provide passenger data more quickly and effectively.
    6. Banning insurance companies from covering ransoms.
    7. Forcing firms to hand details to police identifying who was using a computer or mobile phone at a given time.

    • Lee, in a similar vein, media in France have been reporting that there are over 1,000 citizens from France who are currently fighting for ISIS. They also report that there are about 200 citizen jihadist trained French citizens who have returned from the ME to France, and are ready to make big trouble. I suspect it’s the same situation in other European countries. They are in very big trouble.

    • Well, maybe not. Shep on Fox says that Gov. Nixon will make a speech in about 30 minutes, and then the decision will be announced. Or, maybe She’s full of it.

  4. CBS certainly is wasting time fanning the flame’s.
    Backdrop has huge pictures of Brown, in his graduation picture, natch, and Ofc. Wilson side by side.
    Picture of Brown holding gun and money in mouth with liquor bottle in front of him will never be shown.

  5. Oh dear. A dilemma. I have longer referred to our horsefaced Secretary of State as Jean Francois Kerree, in keeping with his self image of a French Dandy , or Dilettante But alas, he can no longer live up to even this.

    Therefore I have settled on a slight, and decidedly inelegant, name change. In view of yet another failure – Iran. Jean Raté Kerree.

    As in
    He’s a failure. C’est un raté.

    In time, it will roll off the tongue as easily as Francois.

    Nonetheless, going into talks with Israel and Palestine it seemed prudent to make the change now.

    • One of my favorite stories about Kerry is that he has claimed that when he lived in Berlin in the late ’50’s as a kid (his Dad was in the State Department (or some such–too lazy to look it up right now), he was so angry about the Berlin Wall that he used to purposely ram his bike into it as a sort of protest. (I know, doesn’t make sense). The only problem is that the Berlin Wall wasn’tconstructed until Aug. 1961.

  6. I am just waiting for Krathammer to lean across the table and whack Juan for his defense of Obama on Iran and his stupid ass attempt to blame Israel.

    • The blood of Ferguson MO will be on the hands of Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton for federalizing and nationalizing a local incident and thereby inciting mobs.

      Once again Obama starts something and walks away.

      4 dead men in Benghazi. 75% of the men and women killed and maimed in Afghanistan. And now this — .

      Let there be no mistake about whose hands are blood stained,

  7. Who decided to announce it at night? Doing it early in the morning would give the police time to secure the streets. At night, and with a crescent moon, it’ll be harder to see trouble-makers.