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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Ferguson

The statement has concluded. Here’s the video.

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  1. The Great Uniter is speaking. It’s not the black youth culture that needs changing but the police and their racist tactics. So much for supporting law and order. It ‘s going to be rough for the next two years as he’s goes full on socialist.

    • Probably a hidden talent of Al Sharpton’s is that he mutates on command. Remember all that fat he used to carry around …. yep,little mini Als all over the place.

  2. Oh my, I just flipped to MesSNBC, something I rarely do. Lisa Bloom just totally attacked the credibility and ethics of the prosecutor. She rattled off a list of grievances and then concluded the entire process was rigged by this prosecutor. Next guest said the same.

  3. I didn’t pick up on it, but Drudge writes that Obama said the anger was “an understandable reaction”. He and many in the liberal media obviously did not listen to the prosecutor’s statement that ALL of the witnesses to what happened between Wilson and Brown corroborated Wilson’s story and the forensic evidence were black and that furthermore the grand jury found this evidence so compelling that they would not even come up with a lesser charge to placate Brown’s defenders. Either they did not listen to the prosecutor or they are willfully ignoring it. Obama and the liberal media will not accept that justice was done.

  4. And the thugs are robbing the liquor store. This has nothing to do with Michael Brown. It’s just an excuse to steal from innocent businesses, business owners who serve that community. The aholes were laughing as they ran away with several bottles of alcohol each.

    Obummer should have been much stronger in his remarks. He knew they were going to do this.

  5. Steve Hannigan on Fox is there in Ferguson. He just told Shep that they their camera was smashed by the crowd because they were filming the looting. The thugs didn’t want it filmed. They went after a cell phone store, beauty supply store, McDonalds, and the market/liquor store. The beauty supply store is on fire now.

  6. A lot of shots. Because there are a lot of imported arms. Probably an arsenal — they’ve been stockpiling and arming themselves for days if not weeks.

    I feel really badly for the businesses who are now effectively wiped out and destroyed.

      • The first place they looted was Ferguson Meat and Liquors. Why the owner didn’t board up the windows is a mystery. And where was the National Guard??? They didn’t get there til 1:00 a.m.

  7. Meanwhile, in the civilized world, a FBI report released today noted that 76 Law Enforcement Officers were killed in the line of duty during the year 2013.
    Further, 49,851 LEO’s were assaulted, averaging 136 a day.
    Just like Ofc’r Wilson.
    Article by

  8. Who’s on Fox with Shep — is that Steve Harrigan? I always thought he was ok — he makes Shep sound like an expert. Steve — I am surprised — its cold out I thought they woud all go home, and repeatedly — I don’t understand…..don’t understand why the police aren’t ….. Really who would a thunk someone could make Shep look a step ahead?

    • I’m giving Steve a pass tonight. He was yelling at his camera crew to back up because shots were fired and they couldn’t tell where it was coming from. He finally got them back up near a building. He just told Megyn Kelly that there’s been steady gunfire from several directions for the last 45 minutes. He said it was over 100 shots. Four buildings are on fire, lots of smoke, can’t see anything.

      • It appears that local officials , including the mayor, kept calling on state (Gov. Nixon-D) and Fed for national guard. NG response easily three hours too late.

        Can’t blame the PD for backing off — no NG back up against looters and anarchists — and President Obama making it clear that PD departments across America are at fault.

        The hypocrisy of the black protesters and the libs is astonishing. Meanwhile local businesses burned to the ground.


        • National Guard was there. They were spread out at approximately 45 different locations to prevent spread. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough. More have been bused in overnight and this morning.

  9. I went to bed super early last night. I am now watching Fox. They just made a comment about the Natl. Guard not being called in to later in the night. Is that correct? Will he be investigated on a Federal level?

    • I was watching CNN around 3 am ET when they showed the National Guard finally coming out. They had a local business owner on the phone and he said they should have been there six hours earlier when the verdict was announced.

      Also, around that time I saw a press conference by the police chief and he was actually surprised at the violence. They were hoping for the best. Duh, we all saw this coming.

    • National Guard actually were there. One of mine has been there since Saturday. Not a big enough contingent though. They were spread out to prevent “spread” in approximately 45 different locations. They bused more in last night and this morning. You can look to the inept Gov and make your own conclusions.

  10. In case you were wondering:
    5 people showed up in downtown Phoenix to protest the Ferguson grand jury finding. There was a larger group in Tempe (home of ASU), but they argued among themselves then split into two groups – one marched peacefully, the other shouted at the police.

  11. Well, it seems like the Ferguson-affair is a clear warning that multi-culturalism can topple over. That lynch-mob is truly horrifying. Thank God there were some brave, honest people among the black minority who spoke out and verified the police officers stament..

  12. I didn’t want to watch any of this, because this was never supposed to be a national story. The media, Al Sharpton & the DOJ created a innocent victim dream world around this event. It was shoved in my face last night by the “breaking news” on ABC.

    Sad to say, I expected the footage of burning cars and looting when I woke up this morning. Funny thing, the scene showed the looters (CNN still saying “protests”) breaking in and robbing stores that were plastered with the “hands up, don’t shoot” posters. I don’t know if CNN commented on the irony of it all.

      • Let me get this straight…..some of the first words out his mouth “first and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law”? When the leader of the country spits daily on that rule of law are we really surprised when others mimic that behavior.

        Yes, Mr. President, we are a nation built on the rule of law, not executive orders. When courts have reached their decision and you ignore said decision, just what message do you think you are sending? You have shown these very people “protesting” that you don’t respect or acknowledge the rule of law. You have shown that you will make up your own rules as you go along. Big wonder that’s what we see in these individuals now. Way to go, mission accomplished.

  13. As best I can tell Sharpton, Holder and Barack are making a reasonable dent — very destructive riots in Ferguson, more rioting in the ever riot dependable Oakland, and some in New York. Not bad, for first time roll out of a National Campaign Against Racist Police Departments in the United States of America.

  14. Last night, I couldn’t stomach listening to him rant about Ferguson, so I didn’t subject myself to his imperial visage. This morning, saw a very short clip, about some people being disappointed and “even angry.” What I saw from his face, was his anger. Anger at the facts presented to the grand jury. Anger that Wilson was not charged with murder of a “child”, all 6 foot, 300 lbs of violent child. Obama oozes hatred for this country and anyone who stands in his way. Michael Brown was a thug and paid for his actions. Obama is also a thug, who lives in a nicer house and has a private jet. He’s proof, that living lux can’t buy manners.