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  1. “The president wants all U.S. troops to be out of Afghanistan a year later, as his presidency draws to a close.”

    Busy weekend for King Zero. He found time for golf and kicking the can down the road for the 2016 election.

    Biden in Turkey (the country not the bird) doing something for which he can apologize later for. Stuff it!

    Kerry in Europe re: Iran.

    Congress on vacation.

    • Where are Michelle and the girls? Father of the Year Obama spends all of his time either golfing or flying to go golfing. What an example for the black families that could so have used a decent role model for the eight-year monarchy.

      • I’ve been wondering the same thing. Just did a news search and the only recent *news* is the Obamas condolences for Marion Barry:–obama-marion-barry/

        All the rest of the results were school kids protesting their lunches and blaming MO. There’s been a serious media blackout about her devastating midterm losses.

        The only way we find out if she’s sneaking out for spa or shopping weekend is when a good citizen snaps her on their cellphone and posts it on social media ;)

      • Obama & Michelle and daughters…
        What a scam ‘marriage’ nowadays. And we will see more proof of it over the next two years (Obama and Michelle and daughters never really being together/forced-fake photo ops…)

        And the “WH press corps” or “MSM” will never mention it (i.e. Clintons)

  2. Didn’t know Marion Barry died. Wow–he was a theme throughout my 35 yrs in DC. I knew him slightly and his cohort Ivanhoe Donaldson a little better in the 70s…piece of history, whatever he did and he did plenty of tacky and unlawful things. He and Stokely and some others used to go to a bar I went to-Tassos…long time past. I have to tell my daughter– I feel so old now.

  3. The more I read about Hillary Clinton’s gaffes, the less I think we have to worry about her in 2016. The other night at a big dinner of the Democratic one-percenters in giving her approval to Obama’s amnesty, she mentioned “our brown servants here” serving the rich, white 1 per-centers their food. This is apropos to none of the other comments here, but I just wanted to get it off my chest. Good morning, everyone!

    • My husband & I go to our mountain getaway, alone. I love cooking & have to remember it’s just us, & cut back on my enormous stuffing & tato recipes…

    • I love Saveur recipes! I usually buy a 10 pounder but the smallest I could find this year was a 14 pounder. Oh well, more turkey meat for the leftover recipes which I like better than Thanksgiving. I have to look at Saveur for their suggestions.

        • My neighbor made a wonderful dish for any day. I fell in love with it.

          Lots of mushrooms, celery, onion, chopped/sautéed in oil and butter of course. Season with fresh thyme and rosemary, salt/pepper. Add a bit of chicken broth at the end to add additional moisture. (I use a cube, since even a small can is too much liquid).
          Pour mixture into a 9×9 tin (I don’t like scrubbing pans) cover with a pastry puff sheet and bake according to the instructions on the box of the pastry puff sheet.

        • Oyster Dressing and or stuffed mirliton. Wonderful dishes.
          Cut the dish in 1/2 to cut on the oyster and or shrimp expense.
          You can pull it up on the internet. Note mention New Orleans.

        • My family would disown me if I didn’t have their all-teim favorite side dish – Spinach/dressing casserole:
          2 Pgs, frozen chopped spinach
          1 pt sour cream
          1 pkg Lipton’s onion soup mix
          1 Pkg Mrs. Cubbison’s turkey dressing
          Cook spinach and add sour cream
          Place in bottom of greased (buttered) casserole dish
          Top with turkey dressing
          Cover and bake for 30-45 minutes

          I usually have to double or triple recipe. There are never any leftovers, lol.

    • Here’s one for you. It’s always just my wife and me so we don’t do a turkey anymore. Instead I find a REALLY BIG chicken. But it’s the stuffing that stops it from being ordinary. Here’s the recipe:

      1/2 loaf good, dense bread cut into cubes and dried
      (I use sheepherder’s, baked it last night and drying now)
      1/4 cup butter
      1/2 cup chopped onion
      1/2 cup chopped celery
      1/2 cup frozen chopped spinach, thawed
      1/2 tsp granulated
      1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
      2 cups homemade chicken stock

      Saute the celery in the butter until it begins to soften
      Add the onion and saute until the onion is translucent
      Add the spinach and stir until combined
      Add this mixture to the bread cubes and toss
      Add the garlic, toss a little more
      Add the Parmesan cheese, toss
      Add 1 cup of chicken broth at first then add a little more at a
      time until the stuffing is nice and moist but not so moist
      you can wring liquid out of it
      Stuff the bird. And I mean STUFF it. I really cram it in there
      Roast on a gas barbecue over indirect, medium heat for
      50 minutes
      Baste with a little butter and salt
      Roast for 15 minutes more
      Remove from the barbecue and let stand for 10 minutes
      Remove the stuffing, carve the bird and serve
      Be prepared to fight over the stuffing and the crispy skin!!

    • Thanksgiving…
      I get a chance to get drunk and crawl into a corner before my nosy aunt always makes a big deal why I havent had a girlfiend in 10+ years

  4. Tired of politics ?
    I am.
    How about some music from two of the best guitar pickers ever.
    Jerry Reed has passed, and Glen Campbell has Alzhiemers disease to the point where he cannot get onto a stage without help.
    He can no longer remember the words to his songs.

    Many of us on this thread remember what they gave to us.
    Here’s a couple of artists having a good time together.

    • I didn’t know about Glen Campbell. Alzheimer’s is cruel & painful to watch. My poor dad knew he was loosing it & cried about his loss. A strong kind man who passed on way to early.

      • My mom died from Alz. It’s an awful disease (there really isn’t a good one is there). Zephyr, I know all too well what you witnessed, I watch my own father, diagnosed with brain cancer at 60 cry. One day I asked “why are you crying?” He answered, “for you – not for myself.” He knew I’d miss him most of all. (((sigh))) he was right.

          • That’s sad. I still have my almost 87 yr old mom & despite the usual genetic stuff , she’s doing well. …missing my dad though. ‘Thankfully’ he hit his head & with a DNR didn’t have to live another 20 years with Alzheimer’s.

    • So sad, and my heart goes out to all of your who have had to face a parent having Alzheimer’s. I sometimes think with our aging population that we are facing a tsunami of dementia, and nothing has been done to deal with it.

      • I’ve looked for studies, for adult kids who lost a parent to Alzheimer’s, & there is very little going on.
        It will be a huge problem as us baby boomers age, it would be great if it had the attention breast cancer does. I’m not disparaging that, but there is tons of studies & ‘grants’ seeking a cure. Plus you can only diagnose Alzheimer’s with a PET scan, something the ACA will most likely allow sparingly.

      • “I sometimes think with our aging population that we are facing a tsunami of dementia, and nothing has been done to deal with it.”

        Yes, we are facing a tsunami, and we have begun to deal with it: ACA. How soon do you think care will be rationed based on cognitive ability for those on Medicare?

    • I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s, it took me over a year to notice. Only my grandmother who lived with him could see it at first. He could still discuss everything from the past.

        • I have another relative now. I sit and speak with her of all types of things from the past. She smiles and enjoys the conversation. As you stated the current time issues, I avoid so I do not put her on the spot, of having to realize she is not aware.

          • We took care of Mom for 18 years. She did know us–we reminded her every time… One of the worst parts is imagining yourself sinking into the same condition…so painful. .

  5. Thanks for the spelling correction Zeph, we wuz hung up strung up on that one (that’s a lil jokie there people … umkay … sheesh).

    And appears politics kinda verboten, in the Sunday Open? I ain’ got no recipes. And again, not a knock. We all are nursing serious, real shell shock … most of us … I believe.

    None the less, I, me … have a new post up [yeah, I hate blog pimping MORE than you, so there. But I’m not a pay blog. There is NO commerce. I am merely commanded. Have no choice, but to blog. Out of duty. Out of gratitude. No choice what so ever (and well, it actually is a solid post, and not what you think it’s about)].

    click my above (blue) user name, post is hyperlinked there …

  6. My feel good story. Last week a NHL hockey game was being played in Toronto. During the opening ceremony the microphone went dead midway through our National Anthem. The Canadian fans sang the rest of it.

  7. My off topic contribution to today’s open thread: Remember Craig Robinson, Moochelle’s brother? Back in May, he was let go from his position as head basketball coach at Oregon State. The deal involved a $4.2 million payout for the remaining three years of his contract. Funny, ’cause I recall several speeches Mooch made during the 2012 election, where she said she and her brother “gave up high-paying careers” to do something more, alluding to their altruism or something. Then when Craig was let go in May, we read that he made almost a million a year as head coach at Oregon State. Must be nice.

    So, as an update to that story, here’s a little tidbit of info we missed. It was announced last month that Craig Robinson has been hired by ESPN (Disney) to cover the college football season. He just started his new gig last Tuesday:

  8. As you may know, I’m not a fan of Ms. Lindsey Graham, but I was glad to see him come out full bore against the House Intelligence Committee’s report on Benghazi. It sounds like a whitewash to me.

      • Yes, we are both out of jail and it was the same subject which got us there. I think this House Intelligence report is a real slap down of Trey Gowdy and his special committee, almost as if to head him off at the pass and make him fail. Gowdy and Graham are both from SC, and I think Gowdy threw his support behind Graham so now Graham is returning the favor. But in less than two weeks since the election there seems to be a lot of infighting going on in the R.Party. Enzi trying to unseat the Senator from AL is another example. What’s wrong with these people? To paraphrase Rodney King, can’t they all just get along?

  9. I read the comments. There are racist undertones. Remember that our history has a lot to do with those of other skin tones. Rythym and Blues, Gospel, Rock and Roll. Glorious sounds that all came from the tortured lives of those souls whose freedoms were squashed and mashed into song.

  10. Stark stats from newly elected TX Lt. Gov, Dan Patrick, who ran on a strong border and enforcement of laws platform, and won a record 53% of the male Hispanic votes.
    TX has apprehended more illegals each WEEK than are born in the state of TX each week. They only nab one out of four or five, which means that for every child born in Texas, four or five are coming here illegally! That brings the number just in Texas to 1.5M each year!!!
    The idea that there are only 11M illegals in this country is foolish.

    Over 143,000 hardened criminals were arrested in TX and charged with over 500,000 crimes, including 5000 rapes and 2000 murders, In just a four year period! Hundreds were apprehended from terrorist countries – Syria, Somalia, and Pakistan.

    Since TX put dogs on the border and beefed up local law enforcement,, apprehensions have gone from 7000/wk to 2000/wk.

    Gov. Abbott will challenge Obama’s EO.

    .’***Obama’s game is all about three little words: legal (or provisional) permanent status. Once that EO is enacted – game over. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

  11. If you’re looking for a late night laugh, I suggest going over to Weasel Zippers and watching Hillary Clinton’s 2016 ad, “I’m back!” It’s so corny and empty, I switched back and forth between laughing and gagging.

  12. Moochelle was at American University today, at the women’s college basketball game:

    Glad @MichelleObama came to AU’s bball game! Wished that @BarackObama would have joined her!
    9:50 PM – 23 Nov 2014

    Photo at the Twitter link:

    First Lady Michelle Obama at my college home women’s basketball game! Ahh!
    9:57 PM – 23 Nov 2014

    According to Mark Knoller, Obummer arrived back at the WH about four hours ago:

    Mark Knoller Verified account ‏@markknoller
    Pres Obama back at the WH after 3½ hour flight back from Las Vegas.
    5:59 PM – 23 Nov 2014

  13. The Princeton coach tweeted a few more times, with photos. By the way, Moochelle’s mother was there with her and Sascha, (I didn’t see Malia in any of the pics):

    First Lady in the circle up. #TigerFamily
    10:09 PM – 23 Nov 2014

    Meeting of the minds. I just listened in.
    10:10 PM – 23 Nov 2014

    Tiger Family. Thanks to alumnae Michelle Obama ’85 for the love and pep talk at half. @FLOTUS
    10:13 PM – 23 Nov 2014

  14. Moochelle’s niece is a freshman on the Princeton team. The game was arranged specifically so Mooch could see her niece play.

    As the article mentions, on Saturday the team was given a private WH tour and they got to play on the WH basketball court. The coach tweeted pics from the WH and from the basketball court:

    In that first tweet, when the coach mentioned their personal tour guide (in a Team USA sweater), Moochelle’s brother replied to the tweet and said “Thanks Ellie”. I don’t recognize the person in the tweeted photo, but it looks like Craig helped set up the tour for the team. He knows the coach and they tweet each other.