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Is This The Real Reason Obama Announced the Order in Vegas?

President Obama today is playing golf at the Shadow Creek golf club in North Las Vegas, reputed to be the most exclusive golf course in the world. It’s 55 degrees and mostly sunny.

At 44 degrees, it’s a little too cold today in the Washington area for a comfortable round.

This is the 47th time he’s played this year and the 204th outing of his presidency.

Obama today is playing with baseball great Derek Jeter, businessman Stephen Cloobeck, and Las Vegas Sun owner Brian Greenspun.

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    • Well, he will be traveling around the country. Now that campaigning is over, he will try to sell his amnesty plan. So, yes, you are right. He will probably leave DC on Thursday or on Friday, go to some nice spot and relax with a little golf after the canned speech is given.

    • Was probably an “in your face” play — Wyn being investigated.

      Barack Obama is punk and probably a mediocre hack at best. That’s why God gave us sycophants.

  1. Just completed a speech count for first-person references:

    I – 83
    me – 21
    my – 4

    Seeing how the speech was really about him, it makes perfect sense that the trip would be about him as well.

      • I couldn’t bring myself to read it once I saw “MSNBC” in the link. It’d be like stepping in a steaming pile of dog poop on a beautiful day.

        • MSNBC is not all bad. As we all know, I quite enjoy MoJoe. They read me the papers, and have movie stars on. Yes, some commentators are boobs, but they are on fair & balanced, too.

          • Star,
            You should try watching “Imus in the Morning” on FBN.

            It is fair & balanced & so funny :-)
            I grew up in New Jersey in the 1980s and my mom would have Imus (when he was doing Vodka & Cocaine) on WNBC 66 radio every morning as she drove me to elementary school.

            I have purchased over a dozen books because of the authors Imus has had on & interviewed. And I love and follow his regular/favorite guests nowadays.

          • Imus is not my cuppa, but thanks. I love the idea of you and your Mom listening. I used to love Doug Tracht, The Greaseman–half my vocab is from him! (hydraulics, my Daddy, talk to the judge, hating life, etc) Of course, he had to go too far and say some disgusting things–and now …who knows where he is. That free will thing again.

          • Not a Stern fan. I once was at a party in DC and the marketing manager of DC-101, where Grease and Howard both worked, was talking to me and I mentioned Grease–he said Howard Stern was like a bratty little brother following Grease around in happier days. He said the diff between them was that if the Greaseman saw an ugly woman in a yellow dress over the weekend, he would say that–but Howard would say that AND give her name and address… I did read Artie Lang’s memoirs–he was a hot mess–and may still be…Lang is on the Stern show, for the even vaguely interested here.

          • You mean people on MoJoe–sure, Gibbsy, and Axelrod grumps quite often, so what…I have enough salt to take things with a grain of. They also have people I respect–Harold Ford (yes, he’s a dem), David Ignatius, Richard Engel, etc. As for Barnicle and Donny D–they are for comic relief, right? Al Hunt is also kinda random these days. And Cokie–don’t know what’s up with her. And, I actually enjoy Joe riffing off in his jammies and Frowny Face all perturbed… Maybe I am a cheap date.

  2. He may have the title of ‘president’….but he is still a street hustler with no bona fides. None of these celebs and power brokers would have given him a second glance 7 years ago. The Chinese pegged him perfectly – the idle rapper, And he’s not even good at it!

    • Based on their past behavior, if he’s away on a golf weekend, it’s a safe guess that she must be somewhere on a girls’ weekend. I haven’t seen anything yet, but it might come out soon.

  3. AND NO ONE IN THE “MSM” WILL MENTION THE FACT THAT Dear Leader Obama is playing golf…

    HaHa! Obama mentioned some ‘Bible Scripture’ Thursday night when he talked about ‘AMMNESTY’ for 5+MILLION ILLEGALS…

  4. Every race baiter and “poverty” pimp decided to rally for the death of a common street thug.
    What a shame. So many more important issues plaguing the Black community, unemployment, abortions and black on black homicides, in Chicago and the media wants to make a hero out of a thug. There’s the real tragedy.

    • I agree. But, the ‘Black Community’ is continually thrown under the bus by race baiters Sharpton, Jackson & Holder.
      If 0 cared a wit about his ‘bros’, he would focus on Chicago & the obliteration of so many Black youths EVERY day! I’m sure there are good hard working families stuck there, being shot down with no concern from their black prezzy.

  5. I beg to disagree. The Augusta National is far more exclusive and Bill Clinton (who visited the Augusta area numerous times) and Obama will never get an invitation to play there.

  6. Mark Knoller @markknoller ·
    After a leisurely 6 hour round of golf at Shadow Creek, Pres Obama said to be playing another 9 holes.
    6:53 PM – 22 Nov 2014

    Mark Knoller @markknoller ·
    After 7 hours at Shadow Creek, Pres Obama ends his golf outing for the day. Didn’t have time for another 9 holes. Maybe 2 or 3.
    7:53 PM – 22 Nov 2014

  7. OT: Talks between Western diplomats and Iranian couterparts appeared to be at a statemate Sunday as the deadline to reach a comprehensive agreement about the fate of Theran’s nuclear program crept closer.
    OT: China building massive island big enough for airstrip,
    The Spratly islands are a collection of islands, reefs and shoals between Vietnam and the Phillipines.
    Article states China appears to be flexing its considerable military muscle, building a massive island that could host a airstrip.

  8. I am so tired of Chris Wallace ….. face to the conservative behind the mask leans left. Pandering. Always happy to hone in on split in Republican Party …. at the expense of the central issue here of Obama’s unconstitutionality and lawlessness.

    And, of course, there is the daily media lynching of Ted Cruz.

    And Ron Fournier gets away with a word jumble in which the “Republican hatred of this President” is left unchallenged.

    What a bunch of crap.

  9. There will be a gnashing of teeth and wrist slitting by O-bots.
    Just finished reading an article by “Bizpac Review” that a list of 100 Most Influential Americans complied by Smithsonian listed President George W. Bush and Govener Sarah Palin, but NOT presentente Obama.
    Oh, the humanity !

  10. Those “protesters” in Ferguson are the same groups that did that People’s Climate March in NYC a few weeks ago. Street theater and fundraising for all their whacky causes. This has nothing to do with the “people of Ferguson” or Michael Brown. They’re where the tv cameras are now.

    I’m still on the United for Peace and Justice mailing list so I can see what they’re up to. Right now, it’s exploiting a situation to benefit themselves and stay relevant with their donors. Just hippy-dippy noise that will achieve nothing, as always. Let me know when a newsperson says the same thing :)

    • Fifthian and her ilk are serious people. She has no aversion to violence, and believes in the destruction of private property if it suits her purposes.

  11. As this administration has gone on, I’ve become more and more convinced that Obama’s entire agenda revolves around golf. I resisted that notion for a long time, but the evidence is pretty overwhelming.