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Obama to Play Vegas

Oh yeah, baby! Obama heads to Las Vegas to perform his rule-of-law disappearing act, sing some the Left’s favorite canciones, and get a quickie marriage between the Constitution and Rules for Radicals.

But unfortunately, what happens today in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.30.33 AM

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55 Responses to Obama to Play Vegas

  1. Puleeze…..I am a life long Elvis fan! That picture hurts.
    Interesting that Obama is making his stance at a high school…so typical of this low life.

    • He can’t draw the college crowds anymore. H.S. kids are required to attend assemblies. Which is weird because 90% of them are too young to vote or pay taxes. Captive audience for his photo op.

      Hope the NV Tea Party shows up to “welcome” him, but the feds will corral them several blocks away out of sight of the press pool.

  2. Funny is the fact that he probably considers himself to be as handsome, talented, sexy, etc. as Elvis. HA!
    By the way. I thought he was going to speak from Vegas last night.
    What more is he exactly going to say tonight? FROM A HIGHSCHOOL.

  3. OT Boehner spoke on Fox about 45 mins. ago.
    o damaging the presidency.
    We will not stand by as he undermine’s the law.
    Trumps people who have legally stand in line.
    Ignored the American citizens.
    Will encourage more people to come.
    Tried to list the website, could not find it on the site at the moment.

  4. The next time he makes an international trip, you can portray him as Cantinflas. Around the World in Eighty Days in a hot air balloon. He can be Cantinflas and the balloon all in one.

  5. This will probably go in mod, but oh well. Jeb Bush has called for Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration bill in response to Obama’s executive order. Sure, Jeb, go ahead: channel Obama right after an election which the Republicans won because of Obama’s unpopularity.

    • My son and family who live in Seattle were in Palm Springs once when the emperor with no clothes was there…..they said traffic and security were horrendous.
      His popularity has waned.

  6. Just a friendly reminder. This is all the fault of the red blood maniacs. Had they not killed GWB’s immigration bill back when he was first re-elected, none of this would be happening. This about it the next time you listen to Rush or Sean or any other of your “ring wing radio gods”.

  7. He already did the executive action…who the hell is he trying to sell it to? Obama is the president (small “p”) of democrat special interests and groups, only.