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The Obama Morning News || November 21, 2014

Obama unveils sweeping amnesty . . . President Barack Obama imposed the most sweeping immigration reform in a generation on Thursday, easing the threat of deportation for some 4.7 million undocumented immigrants and setting up a clash with Republicans who vow to fight his moves.

In a White House speech, Obama rejected Republican arguments that his decision to bypass Congress and take executive action was tantamount to amnesty for illegal immigrants. Reuters

Obama’s action in summary . . . The president’s immigration order, broken down into bite-sized chunks. The Daily Signal

Obama fact check . . .  President Barack Obama made some notable omissions in his remarks about the unilateral actions he’s taking on immigration. A look at his statements Thursday and how they compare with the facts. Associated Press

Republicans united in anger, not on response . . . A heated argument is raging among Republicans in Congress over the best response, with a sizable and vocal group of conservatives pressing to use a must-pass government spending bill to withhold funding for implementation of Obama’s order easing deportation rules for millions of undocumented residents. Other suggestions from Republicans have ranged from filing a lawsuit to block the executive action to crafting separate immigration legislation that would override the president’s order.

Hal Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, argued on Thursday that a ‘de-funding’ plan will not work because the agency primarily responsible for processing immigrants, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is funded almost entirely by application fees. Reuters

Latino support lukewarm . . .  According to a breakdown provided by the pollsters, 43 percent of Latino respondents said they approved of the president’s actions, versus 37 percent who disapproved and 20 percent who said they didn’t have an opinion or weren’t sure. Washington Examiner

No Obamacare for newly legalized . . . Freed from deportation threats, more of the undocumented may be able to take regular jobs with health insurance for themselves and their families, instead of operating in shadow jobs without health insurance. They will not be covered by Obamacare, however. Politico

Well why not? Because Obama knows it could sink Obamacare by swelling the rolls – and the costs for average Americans?

Illegals to get a big wage boost . . . Illegal immigrants stand to make out nicely, seeing a big jump in their wages under President Obama’s policy, announced Thursday, granting millions of them temporary amnesty and the chance to work legally, but analysts say American workers in some jobs are likely to feel a pinch from new competitors. Washington Times

How Obama got here . . . The president, the Homeland Security secretary and their secret 9-month project to remake American’s broken immigration system. Politico

Obama heads to Vegas . . . Determined to go it alone, President Obama will head to Nevada on Friday to sign an executive order granting “deferred action” to two illegal immigrant groups- parents of United States citizens or legal permanent residents who have been in the country for five years, and young people who who were brought into the country illegally as of 2010. Obama will sign the executive order at the same Las Vegas high school where he unveiled his sweeping blueprint for a national immigration overhaul nearly two years ago. Fox News

Obama will veto efforts to mess with order . . . President Obama would veto any Republican attempts to undermine the executive action he’s unveiling Thursday night in a primetime address, a senior administration official said Thursday. The Hill

Obama huddles with civil rights activists . . . President Obama met with more than a dozen prominent civil and immigration rights activists Thursday ahead of his speech debuting a series of new steps that will extend deportation relief and work permits to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants. The Hill

HHS over-reported Obamacare signups . . .  The Obama administration acknowledged Thursday it has been over-reporting the number of people signed up under the health care law, a discrepancy that congressional Republicans seeking to repeal the program say they uncovered. Associated Press

Clinton finally weighs in on immigration . . . Hillary Clinton backed President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration Thursday night, thanking him for moving amid congressional “inaction” but also urging a legislative solution. Politico

Jeb doubles down on Common Core . . . The former Florida governor signaled in a Washington speech Thursday that he is prepared to fight the base in his own party over the increasingly unpopular Common Core education standards, arguing that they are vital to improving the quality of education and, by extension, improving children’s chances to succeed in today’s economy. Washington Times

Webb forms presidential exploratory committee . . . Former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb became the first major Democratic candidate to signal officially an intent to run for president in 2016, forming an exploratory committee and vowing to provide positive leadership for the country. Washington Times

24 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 21, 2014

  1. Rogers et al should spare us all that will not work. Shut up, roll up your sleeves, come up with a series that will work. Outline them on national tv and then implement.

    Or better yet, announce there is a plan. Without specifics, Keep it under wraps so the Dems and WH do not know that plan and implement day after day after day. Report on a daily basis the progress being made.

    I am sick to death of the poor pitiful me Republican Establishment. If they spent half of the time they spend on fighting the likes of Jeff Sessions and more on doing the work we would all be better off.

    • I saw Jeff Sessions on Hannity last night, and tonight he is on Megyn Kelly. He’s not going to shut up whether they threatened to take away his committee or not. Yes, I said I wouldn’t watch Fox but I shut the sound off every time they had someone I didn’t want to hear like Geraldo Rivera. And of course the Great Liar himself.

  2. More bad news’

    Via Stuart Varney – FOX

    Obama: “You can stay and work if you pay your taxes”:

    Most of the 5M chosen illegals do not earn enough to pay Fed or State taxes. In fact, they may be elligible for earned income tax credits come this January!

    How many will make the switch from being paid in cash to going ‘on the books’ and paying taxes??? There will no net revenue gain – in fact there will probably be a net loss from these newly legalized illegals.

    ***The currant cost of illegal immigration is $113 BILLION/year. Boehner predicts a huge wave of new illegals next year. The cost will be astronomical.

  3. First, the two Hispanics trotted out on MoJoe–one from Al Jazeera–were kinda “luke.” Not a panacea, etc.

    Second, this may not be the thread for it–but I was alternately laughing and screeching at the TV last nite. The cliches!!! First, the dreadful boots on the ground, now those “shadows.” Come on–do they walk in boots to the shadows? Babies ripped from the mother’s arms. Felons not familiies–what is this, a soup commercial? And through it all–his glary/scary eyes and pinchy fingers! ARG!

    My sister’s cleaning help was deported. The husband and wife worked at McDonalds with fake ID–the grade school kids spoke great Eng from school and filled in translating if needed, as did a woman from their church . They were returned to Mexico–when the ID thing came out. The whole family–no one was ripped from anyone. I am not saying we can deport everyone, but this oratorical treacle is garbage!

    Are people going to come forward if they have a criminal record of some sort–of course not. And the border is a sieve still.

    This is ALL to bait the Republicans…

  4. How are the Unions taking this?? Now these illegals can openly go for the cushy union jobs now, right? I guess Obama needed Unions for Ocare but now they are under the bus with everyone else who is no longer “useful”.

    • The only union person I’ve seen is Richard (?) Trumpka, and he is all for it. He sees it as a way to get more dues paying members, but I wonder how the rank-and-file really feel. It will be impacting the employment possibilities of all legal Americans.

      • Oh, BTW, Obama is playing another Obamacare style shell game here with jobs. He’s going to allow c. 5 million illegals to stay, but are there that many jobs to be had?

        • Good question! As ‘temporary legal residents’ for the next three years, are they entitled to unemployment benefits? I’m so confused. O says they will not receive any benefits. So what’s the point of this charade? They were never going to be deported anyway…as long as O is around.
          If they receive green cards and SS cards, I suspect they will also be getting full benefits.