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Live Stream || Obama Immigration Speech in Las Vegas

The event has concluded.

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  1. The President is creating a White House Task Force on New Americans to create a federal strategy on immigrant integration.

    Translation: $$$$$$$$

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        Thank you.

        Back to the subject.. I think the speech was very welcome to Southern Nevadans. Most are mothers that have kept your hotel rooms looking great and your food tasting excellent. I hope that the GOP will work with The President rather than alienating themselves from something that needs to be done. I praise the President with being bold, I just wish he would have done it on the House Floor first.

    • And heading that Task Force probably LaRaza and then some Dreamers and then some of the newly amnestied and probably that horrid journalist guy whose name I forget but who claims this is his home. Period.

    • Actually, he got the “White House Task Force on New Americans” from the Senate bill that passed last year:

      Integration into society

      How does the bill help new immigrants integrate into society?

      Compared to reform proposals from 2006 and 2007, S. 744 contains stronger devices designed to facilitate immigrants’ language acquisition, civic engagement, financial self-sufficiency, and upward economic mobility. In particular, the bill creates three new organizational structures: the Office of Citizenship and New Americans, the Task Force on New Americans, and the United States Citizenship Foundation.

      What is the Office of Citizenship and New Americans?

      This office will be responsible for promoting training on citizenship responsibilities for new immigrants, providing advice on integrating immigrants into society, establishing goals for immigrant integration, and providing information about English and citizenship education programs.

      What is the Task Force on New Americans?

      The Task Force will coordinate the federal response to immigrant-integration issues and advise on how to carry out policies and goals concerning access to education, workforce training, health care policy, access to naturalization, and community development.

      What is the United States Citizenship Foundation?

      The Foundation will expand citizenship-preparation programs, coordinate integration programs, and provide assistance to individuals applying for RPI status, LPR status, and naturalization.

      • Thank-you! Americans NEED to know, but much has been taking place under what must be labeled ‘stealth’ movements.

        While it may appear that the 2013 Senate bill ‘formed’ the three organizational structures, they were, in some un-named form, already operating before and while the legislation was being written. The Office of Citizenship and New Americans, Task Force, etc., appointees have been responsible for transporting illegals from the borders to cities throughout the USA for 18+ months!

        Additionally, those ‘conjoined’ agencies have been responsible for finding both temporary and more permanent housing in US communities. Between 2012-13, the number of illegals grew from approximately 16,000 (2011) to almost 40,000. That does not account for the thousands that have come the past 9 months! Nobody really knows, because thousands just disappeared into already heavily populated cities!

        Since 2011 to the most current (2014) Border Patrol stats, the number of arrests is near 490,000 and growing. Those arrested are from 13 nations around the World.

        bho WH Adm has been working against the ‘best interests’ of Americans from the very beginning of his first term ~ against every American regardless of party or no party, nationality, or ideology. His goal of ‘funda…’ changing America (as he has with obhcare) will be the major focus of the next two years!

        Liberals, Dems, Independents, Republicans, Conservatives, or those of ‘no party’ should be OUTRAGED with the unconstitutional, over-reaching, unprincipled behavior that has wasted many billions of $’s, gutted our military, weakened our strength on the International level and damaged our collective sense of National Security and Safety in every aspect of our daily lives! jb

  2. Not one damned illegal alien from anywhere of any age should be allowed to cross the border into the US from this day forward. Turn them away. One foot in the US and they are set for life.

  3. There should be no immigration reform bill until the anchor baby law is repealed; the border is fully protected; wet foot, dry foot is eliminated; sanctuary cities are eliminated; and deportations are fast and furious. No dawdling around with immigration hearings that give the illegals the opportunity to disappear into the sunset.
    We need to adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ policy toward border jumpers. Enough is enough!

  4. “This office will be responsible for promoting training on citizenship responsibilities for new immigrants, providing advice on integrating immigrants into society, establishing goals for immigrant integration, and providing information about English and citizenship education programs.”

    I thought a working knowledge of English was a requirement for citizenship — or does he mean programs that teach about England?

  5. Obama has gone completely rogue. He’s wandering down a path only he can see, toward a place no one wants to go, except him. He’s listening to music only he can hear. Every day, he becomes even more dangerous than the day before.

  6. As we all predicted, Obummer is treating himself – on our dime – to a three day gold weekend in Vegas. I wonder if the Chicago pals are there. This was totally predictable, as the poor little king had to work all last weekend in Australia so he must feel he deserves a little vacation. You know, just a mini-vacay before the big Hawaiian holiday that’s only about five weeks away.

    Hmm, he was gone for eight days on the Asia/Australia trip, including all of last weekend, but he decided to spend this weekend away from the wife and kids, What a great husband and father.

    Mark Knoller @markknoller ·
    Pres Obama spending the weekend in Las Vegas/Henderson, NV. He’s at same hotel he used in 2012 to prep for first debate with Mitt Romney
    6:44 PM – 21 Nov 2014

    Mark Knoller @markknoller ·
    Pres Obama has no events scheduled this weekend. Plenty of nearby golf courses. He returns to DC Sunday.
    6:47 PM – 21 Nov 2014

    Oh, yes, we all remember that hotel, noted here:

    From the comments in that post:

    Tee off on over 7,000 yards of immaculate fairways and greens on the only private Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in Nevada. Featuring dramatic elevation changes and fairways that stretch from the shores of Lake Las Vegas to the mountains, this course is sure to challenge players of all skill levels.

  7. I am disgusted at the end of the week news being squeezed in. We all have to consume, deal with it. He however goes off on a taxpayer paid trip, for fun, relaxation, etc. I still think the news that the He dropped on American citizens should have been aired on the prime time stations.
    Interrupted that football game with his face stating I am going to do as I please


    Here’s a Friday Obamacare news-dump for you: In a 300-page regulatory proposal released late this afternoon, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it is considering changing Obamacare’s auto-renewal rules so that, within the health law’s exchanges, instead of being automatically renewed into your current health plan, you’d be moved into the lowest cost plan from the same service tier.

    More Gitmo prisoners released (7 just this week)