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Democrats Already Playing the Race Card

Okay, here we go. That was fast. Democrats are keying up to frame the issue, so to speak.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), one of the most vocal proponents of executive action on immigration, last night accused Republicans of being prejudiced against Latinos for worrying about illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border.

Gutierrez said immigrants come into the country in other ways, such as on airplanes, so he indicated Republicans must be racists for focusing on stemming illegal immigration from “our neighbors to the south.”

If you wanna make it about people from Latin American, if you wanna to use xenophobia, if you wanna use bigotry and hatred and prejudice, then you wanna to mix up the facts . . . they always wanna to make this about our neighbors to the south.

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  1. Let’s do some quick math – how many came in from Albania? Andorra? Angola? ….. Mexico? Maybe that is the reason there is a focus on the southern border?

  2. I have a Hispanic man that has worked for me for 20 years. He was born in NM and is bilinqual. Perfect English, perfect Spanish.
    I have a Hispanic woman that works for me and has lived in the U. S. for 20 years. She has not assimilated and speaks no English. Her kids live here and are citizens. She is now safe. Of course, she wants to be paid in cash only .

  3. I have a Hispanic man that has worked for me for 20 years. He was born in NM and is bilinqual. Perfect English, perfect Spanish.
    I have a Hispanic woman that works for me and has lived in the U. S. for 20 years. She has not assimilated and speaks no English. Her kids live here and are citizens. She is now safe. Of course, she wants to be paid in cash only. My guess is she walked across the border and is illegal, now legal.

      • Okay. If I am an illegal immigrant, I make plenty of greenbacks in my job–no taxes, no hassles. Tell me why I would sign up for Obama’s program and start paying taxes. Talk about an effective tax shelter, wow. Federal law says the ER has to fix me if I get sick. I like that they don’t know me, I don’t know them. A marriage made in heaven. And you can bet all my amigos feel the same. They don’t need no freaking social security cards. They don’t need no freaking credit cards. They’ve got wads of cash baby. As long as they don’t get in trouble with the law, life is good. I do shop at a Mexican supermarket sometimes and I see that I am the only customer using plastic.

      • You probably don’t live in AZ or TX–it is very awkward to ask people their citizenship–considered very personal and rude. People generally don’t do it…You have to walk in our shoes…

  4. WashExam: ICE preparing for A N O T H E R flood of illegal immigrants …. a rush of another 100,000 is expected … very soon now, after King Hussein’s decree… THOUSANDS of B E D S are now being prepared, in Texas (alone).

    CNN/Cooper: Darren Wilson being eased out by dept/encouraged to resign. Said he won’t …. until after the grand jury anounce. Not before.

    Both via Judicial Watch

  5. Speaking of Chicago, anyone remember Elvira? She’s back! For those who don’t remember – she was the illegal alien activist/ rabblerouser who used her 7 y.o. anchor baby son as a human shield while she hid out in a Chicago church for one year to avoid deportation. She finally was caught in L.A. seven yrs. ago and promptly deported.

    Well, she managed to get back to Chicago last March – and is currently living in the same church with her now 15 y.o. anchor baby son plus a five month old baby boy. She is waiting for a hearing and plans to ask for refugee status. Wonder if she will be included in Obama’s 5M.

  6. What a tool he is. We need to close the border for all sorts of reasons, including Al Quada and ISIS. And there are literally millions of hispanics here legally who don’t think letting illegal criminals and gang bangers come flooding over the border is a very good idea.

    Tell ya what. If old Luis can name me another country in the first world that allows unfettered, unlimited immigration across its borders, I’ll shut up and declare I am indeed a racist. Until then, he deserves to be impeached or recalled for failing to support and uphold the laws of the USA, as he swore to do when he took his Congressional oath of office.

    • Someone needs to ask every Dem. Who is going to play this BS.
      Upfront ask them if they want illegals living next door to them. Cartel, ISIS, etc.
      When he refuses to answer, ask him if he wants someone to take his job, who is willing to get paid less under the table.
      When he refuses answer, ask him if he wants many illegals who can’t speak English sitting in his kids, grandkids classroom.
      Every Dem needs to be asked those questions, even o.
      Mainly ask each and everyone one of them, If other people do other illegal things, do they have a case. If it is OK for o to break the law on this crime, why are other criminals going to get charged?

  7. It looks like the Ferguson decision will come Monday because schools are giving Monday and Tuesday off for Thanksgiving week and giving parents time to find baby-sitters. And the grand jury is now preparing for a news conference. I only mention this because of the race card topic. Eric Holder is urging the POLICE to exercise restraint and once again brings up the supposed police targeting of himself in the past. Only the Democrats can claim racism!

    I think if the demonstrations in Ferguson and elsewhere turn violent, the race card will not play so well.

    • I’m sure referring to Senor Gutierrez as a chihuahu MUST be racist. Thank GOD you didn’t call him “The Frito Bandito”, or “Speedy Gutierrez”!! And no doubt you’ll have PETA on your butt for maligning the chihuahua as well. Watch your back!!

  8. Gutierrez is an idiot. Does that make me a racist? No, because when someone states we should send empty airplanes to give them passage because it is dangerous for them to walk through Mexico. There is no natural disaster, there is no war causing these children to be refugees. There is no political oppression like Tiananmen Square. It is funny how the President referred to the Hispanics as nothing but housekeepers and landscapers in his speech last night. Talk about entire race with a broad brush!

    Our country collected the most taxes EVER from the Taxpayers and we are still going in debt. So, let’s bring a class of people into the U.S. who will more than likely become part of the Welfare State. How does that make sense?

    Perhaps, these countries should consider applying to become territories or New States instead of dumping their children upon the U.S.

  9. Well, for one thing, the people who come over on airplanes aren’t aiming to turn a part of this country permanently into a province of wherever they came from, as many Mexicans in the Southwest are doing. The people who come over on airplanes aren’t showing an aggressive allegiance to the place they came from (but don’t want to live in) while scorning the American flag and national anthem and contemptuously calling us “gringos.”

    Just for starters.

  10. The little cockroach knows the meaning of the word “xenophobia”, I’m surprised, he must have looked up the meaning. I say he has xenophobia towards legal immigrants and Constitution-loving Americans. He who cries racism loudest is the true racist.