In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Today is a Sad Day

As the news broke Wednesday that President Obama would finally do what he has been threatening to do for months, the emotion that gripped me was not the one I expected. It was not anger, not frustration, not sarcasm, and not contempt.

It was just sadness. It was a feeling that something had died.

This is a turning point. This is a new nation. Fundamentally changed.

If we are indeed to become a country in which the chief executive ignores laws and does as he pleases, then we are finished.

Mr. Obama will appear on the TV tonight and describe some technicalities that, according to his interpretation, allow him to wholly revamp the law of the land, permitting what has expressly not been permitted by those who write the law.

We know it will be a technicality because, even a year ago, Mr. Obama himself expressed the view that this could not be done. So he, wanting to do it, had to find a way to do it. Attorneys can always find a way buried in some legal document somewhere.

It’s worth remembering that dictatorships are often, technically, justifiable enterprises. Those who rule absolutely love to point to some provision that offers a rationale for – or rather, even, compels – their exercise of unchecked power.

The ruling class of the Soviet Union was elected. No matter that they ran unopposed and received 99 percent of the vote. It was an election. Learn to love it, Kulaks.

Or maybe such autocrats claim the divine right of kings. Or perhaps that “the people” demand that their wishes be implemented, and the leader is left with simply no choice. Now we’re getting closer to Mr. Obama. Democracy by acclamation.

In all the years I have covered Washington and watched as wrong and even abusive things were done, I have never felt such a sense of loss.

Bill Clinton was a common barbarian, degrading the Oval Office and the nation with his unfettered animal desire and lying about it to a grand jury. Well, that was terrible, but the nation had survived such stuff before and, besides, he was duly impeached. The system was meant to guard against abusive leaders, and the system worked, to an extent at least.

When Obamacare passed, I knew it meant a whole new phase in the inexorable growth of government intrusion into our lives, and not just in the area of health care. But, look, Obama was elected president. And while Harry Reid pulled a bit of a fast one to get it through the Senate, it was still approved by a majority vote that included 59 of 100 senators. All duly elected. And every voter knew Obamacare was on the ballot.

The system produced a bad result. But the system still worked.

Today, there doesn’t seem to be a system anymore.

In an article published in the November 2014 issue of Decision magazine, the Rev. Billy Graham grieved that we had entered a “lawless and wicked age.” He wrote:

We are beginning to reap what has been sown for the past generation. We have taught the philosophy of the devil, who says, “Do as you please” . . . Psychiatrists have told parents to let their children do as they please, lest in restraining them they may warp the children’s personalities.

We have taken God out of our educational systems and thought we could get away with it. We have sown the wind, and we are now reaping the whirlwind.

Many of our educational leaders sneer at the old-fashioned idea of God and a moral code. Movies feature sex, sin, crime and alcohol. Teenagers see these things portrayed alluringly on the screen and decide to go and try them. Newspapers have played up crime and sex until they seem glamorous to our young people.

Do as you please. It is the philosophy of the Left, inflicted upon the country from the 1960s onward. The Left half a century ago began seizing our educational system and the media, and now we have become a country too much in the thrall of its ideas. It’s a wonder, and a testament to the strength of the American character and its resistance to corruption, that conservatives are elected at all.

What Obama is doing is of apiece with this “feels good” philosophy. Timeless principles are thrown to the wind to allow the indulgence of desire. Obama wants immigration reform. And therefore, it shall be.

The Founders of this country understood very well that their written construct, the Constitution, could not secure our freedom. That the nation would have to produce virtuous people to lead it, people who understood the good thing that had been done and would act to preserve, protect and defend it.

“A Republic, if you can keep it,” Benjamin Franklin responded when asked what had been created at the Constitutional Convention.

Today, there are not such virtuous people in charge of the executive branch. They are people who believe might makes right. And they our floating our country toward a sad, sinking, senescence.

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  1. It IS sad. It’s like watching a slow-motion train wreck. Obama should be arrested and imprisoned for his crimes, but there’s no one with authority to do that, save the super-majority of Congress that could impeach and convict him, and we simply don’t have that available to us. So we all watch, appalled at his nerve and gall, his completely shameless lying, his extraordinary and unprecedented power grabs. And we weep for our nation, for what we have, in a short six years, perhaps lost forever.

    1. No No !
      Congress can stop him !
      We the People of the United States of America elected representatives to the congress to STOP this snake oil salesman and they had better do it.
      Question,…..what happens if they all turn out to be wimps ?
      What do we do then ?
      Hold their feet to the fire ?
      Now just how do we do that ?
      Hell,…we can’t fire them until 2016 !
      Oh yes,…maybe we can melt down the ‘phone lines’.
      Like that has worked.

      Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are watching their butts, not yours.

      1. I still don’t understand why we can’t/don’t just shut down the Government over funding this fiasco. This is SO wrong on so many levels I don’t care if the wimpy Libs feed it back to us. The overwhelming majority in this country is on our side and in the long run, the shut down would be a small price to pay for saving this country. We have to do SOMETHING!

        1. The Congressman, each and everyone should be outside with a blowhorn speaking for us.
          No more vacations, breaks, trips, sports on the public time, untill we can all go to bed rest assured how Country has not failed. That goes for whats his name most of all.
          This trip to Vegas ticks me off to no end.

    1. We are not now that strength which in old days
      Moved heaven and earth; that which we are, we are;
      One equal temper of heroic hearts,
      Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
      To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
      Alfred, Lord Tennyson

  2. The day after Obama announced he would run for president, and for much time afterwards, I researched as much as I could find on him. And what I learned made my stomach turn, my head explode, and my heart and soul ache as never before because I knew that if he was elected, the last days of our Republic were coming. Every single day after his election, he has proven he is an evil-doer and filled with demonic tendencies. Every single day since his election has been a very, very sad day for me.

    1. So with you on that Elaine.
      Excellent essay, Keith. Those of us who have fought and fought and fought against this fraud-in every sense of that word-are just tired, exhausted and sad.

    2. I knew it too. I woke up the morning after he was elected the first time and I just knew it would be a nightmare. Call it ESP, I just knew that the election was fraudulent dreamed up by Axelrod.

      1. Elaine, CBG, and lizzytalorburton said what I would say, word for word. It’s like we’ve all lived the same nightmare of alarm, research, and horror… Now finally gripping sadness.

        I feel so helpless. We’ve got 535 potted-plants in a hot-house down there in the white-marble swamp, not representatives in the Greatest Republic in the History of the Mankind…

  3. Very good essay, Keith. I do feel sad–and mad.We hired these people to protect us and run the place–and instead they said, well well well, what have we here? And then proceeded to sleaze along pecking at all our freedoms, insulting everyone (the electorate and the Congress), lying, and serving themselves richly. As Mr T said, they may be in “karma’s waiting room,” but who knows when payback will come…

      1. My husband and I were discussing this at breakfast. Al Sharpton is organizing across the country and plans to be with Michael Brown’s parents when the announcement is made.
        Does anyone not believe that Obama and Holder have assisted him in this?

        1. Obama told the so-called Rev to stay the course! I assume the course was not reasonable discussion, love of country, and respect for the grand jury step in the law.

  4. A poignant eulogy.

    I am hope that you’re as wrong as the New York Journal.
    The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated – Mark Twain

  5. It’s hard for me to find appropriate programming today. The Reverend is absolutely right. Tell me a movie or tv show that does not make drinking alcohol alluring..or even funny. Even the President of The United States jokes about alcohol consumption “I’m going to drink Bourbon with Mconnel” “I’m going to drink White House Beer”

    We are now even adding to the alchol epidemic by allowing Marijuana to be recreationally used. Even the President chided “you know, colorado and washington have this experiment going on..”

    WE have forgotten our laws and values.

    1. Don’t give me that WE business! I am an ordinary citizen and always exercise what little power I have by voting and writing to my legislators. There is much talk these days of “moral equivalency”, for example, Obama created a moral equivalency just recently after the attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem. He didn’t direct his comments to those responsible for the crime but to the Israelis as well as Palestinians. Well, I don’t acknowledge a false moral equivalency making me just as responsible for Obama’s crimes (yes!) as the low-vos who made him possible.

        1. @slam-dunk of what? The level of ambiguity was exhausting. We have forgot our laws and values. I’m not sure where you were going with this. I think all of you are wired to just think of my comments as insults for some reason.

          Get over it. Ike golfed much more than Obama.

          1. For once, I actually do agree with something you’ve said, Twerkel. Those of us here at WHD have NOT forgotten our laws and values. But I truly believe there are many in our country that have.

          2. For my part, I don’t know why on earth you brought up golf on this particular thread. Is that what all of us are upset about today? I. Don’t. Think. So.

          3. Oh Twerkoff, GFY already.

            Stop being a fvcking asshole and posting your crap just to jerk everyone’s chain. Go get a job or something, d-bag!

            NOT in the mood for your ridiculous shit today

            Really, everyone, please STOP taking this moron seriously, Do you not recognize a troll when you see one?? He’s just a bored idiot here to stir the pot. Enough already.

          4. No, Star, I just wonder why some want to engage with a jerkoff who is not here for serious debate or anything other than playing games and laughing at everyone. Have you seen some of his asinine posts saying stupid crap like, “Fear me. I am twerkle…”? Really, why bother giving him what he wants? He’s bored and enjoying his little troll games making fools out of those who choose to respond to him as if he’s serious or worthy of anyone’s time or effort. Let this loser troll go find another playground.

          5. @Snark. Chillax my fellow american. Chillax. I was simply saying “fear me” in jest. Some of you labeled me as a troll and were afraid. Your crazy, yes crazy posts solidify that theory for me.

          6. Don’t flatter yourself Jerkoff. No one is afraid of you. You’re just a boring waste of time with your silly nonsense.

            Back to ignoring you…

            Oh, and by the way, you aren’t half as smart as you think you are…I happen to know who you are….

          7. He’s not harmless, he is a waste of space and a distraction from the real issues. You, Star, are his only friend. I can’t imagine why.

          8. I wouldn’t say I am his friend or even consider him a worthy jouster–but I am open to hearing everyone’s opinion or take–not just those I agree with all the time. It interests me…Calling him names seems kind of silly to me. Diff strokes.

          9. Star, it boggles the mind that you seem to think this is about not wanting to debate or hear opposing opinions. You must have missed his earlier comments where he was clearly playing games and jerking people’s chains with his inane comments. The fact that you don’t realize this is a shit-stirring troll mockng posters here really surprises me. I thought you were smarter than that.

          10. I think the golf comments are his default. Ignore the golf references and I’ll give Twerk a chance to express himself with clarity and purpose. Get it Twerk, no default – make your point, stay on point. You can kibbitz when the topic is not so grave.

    2. It’s not that we have forgotten our values. They have changed. Our culture has been shaped by the messages of Hollywood and the corporation. Hollywood says there is no such thing as sin and nothing you do is wrong. Corporations say buy those things you don’t really need but think you must have to make you happy and keep up with your neighbors. Our culture values vice because it is rewarded. Vices demean and destroy the soul. A soulless nation is a lawless nation.

  6. Thank you Keith for expressing my feelings with an eloquence that I can not summon today. Sadness, yes, and also pain.
    Yesterday I watched Jonathon Turley, that outstanding constitutional lawyer from Georgetown who is a Democrat and agrees with Obama in principle but not action. I saw pain in his eyes.
    I am 78 years old and remember a similar sadness and pain when I was forced to accept the findings of the Watergate investigation. I supported Richard Nixon and believed in him. I voted for him twice. That was heartbreaking to have accept what he really was as a man.
    We are all hurting today.
    Billy Graham would say to pray. I am.

      1. Someone–I think it was Nancy Pelosi–said that Turley was just a television figure. I’m glad he’s on our side. I just hope the legal case against Obama can be put on the fast track.

    1. Guess Obama will be having his own little beer hall putsch. So
      much of what Obama’s reich is reminiscent of Hitler’s march to
      the malevolent leader a leader but basically a coward most of the
      evil leaders are cowardly. Sad day indeed.

      1. I always said this whole nightmare is like Hitler’s march. I pray it will end, that he will resign or be impeached, he has violated the Constitution so much, there is so much evidence of treason, I pray also that they impeach him and run him out and soon, not later!

  7. Great Article……..Right On Point!

    How interesting that the Major Networks are not covering his Prime Time speech. This is just another attempt to pull the wool over the “Stupid Voters” eyes. This whole Presidency is one HUGE Falsehood just like Obama’s life starting with his Birth Certificate,citizenship, school records, associates in Chicago,etc. His Presidency is stack full of lies……….

    1. Yes, it’s very obvious. The Spanish speaking networks or cables will be covering this. It indicates to me that the English speaking press is in collusion with him.

  8. Great.
    I daresay we’ve all felt this way for years.
    Russia: a whole different people, a whole different country and history.
    We’re nothing like them, never were, never will be. We are unlike any country in recorded history and we’ve only just begun.
    300 years is no time at all for a country, and we are descendents of people who were brave enough and strong enough to leave the comforts of home and family to forge a new life for themselves.
    We will prevail. We cannot be defeated by a man who tricked his way into power.
    We will survive this.

      1. Sadly, history show us all countries live on that curve. The only differences among countries are the slope of the line and the time coordinates. We need to narrow the decline of the curve as much as we can so the Great American Experiment can continue as long as possible.

  9. Wow Keith, as others have said you have expressed the sad feeling I have had for twenty four hours. There has to be a way to stop this, there has to. What would Andrew Brietbart do?

    1. I am thinking this action still leaves the illegals in limbo, as I said–and they will not respond that positively–no entitlements, pay this, pay that, or whatever sweeteners he tries to put in…we shall see.

      1. The illegals are not the basic issue here anymore. It’s a President getting away with subverting the Constitution, particularly, the laws of the land being written by the Legislative Branch and the three branches of government being equal.

          1. I didn’t think you’d take it personally, Star. I was speaking more rhetorically, thinking out loud. But, I’m sorry to say, that many in this country think that amnesty is the real and only issue.

          2. I’d like to see Watters ask people how many branches of government we have and what are they and what are their responsibilities.

          3. My kid learned the basics of that in the third grade, and then after that it’s been expanded upon more each year. Yet, sadly, I think most adults on the street when asked about it wouldn’t be able to name the three branches or list their responsibilities.

            I guess it doesn’t matter anymore anyway now that we have King Obastard.

  10. Dittos DMcG, Obama needs to be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for his crimes. The Solicitor General should order the Attorney General to arrest Obama following his speech tonight. We are in a Constitutional Crisis.

  11. What are the Dems thinking letting him get away with this ? Even Nixon’s own party got tired of the antics, when Nixon lost the GOP, he resigned, and we recovered from Watergate.

    Obama is so much worse than Nixon.

    1. That is an excellent comment, observation. That’s a big part of why we all feel so sad today. Not only the Democrats, but the Fourth Estate. I remember how well they performed during Watergate, but today they are utterly corrupt.

      1. And all the MSM headlines today portray it as “Obama defying the GOP”…when in fact he’s defying the American electorate that went to the polls a mere sixteen days ago and repudiated his policies.

  12. And, everyone, please remember that Hitler came to power in 1933 through “legal” means. Once you open the door to legal illegality, there’s no shutting it.

      1. Comments like these make me sad. (@Trouble and @Joanne)
        Obama’s comments make me mad.
        There is a big difference in the comments and the reaction.
        So the questions are:
        Do you want to be sad or mad?
        And what are you going to do about it?
        We need to quit whining and live our beliefs!
        IMHO…ok…IMO – I am sick and tired of being a humble Christian.

  13. Very well written. I wish you didn’t have to write it and I wish I didn’t have to read it.

    And even if he were stopped dead in his tracks before he even utters his dastardly plan tonight, he has already set into motion even lower-info people in other countries who only hear the words they want to hear, that Obama is opening the door. They are packing their bags, regardless of what is said, who it applies to, etc. They just hear the words, Come on in.

  14. This has to be one of the stupidest, least coherent blog post I’ve ever tried to read. It would be one thing if this was a reasonable argument against a much-used process, but it’s not. It’s just a rant against the President, who is not doing anything not done hundreds of times before by sitting presidents. That you people are so willing to believe this blather has merit is what is really sad.

    1. No, what is sad is the democrat liberal inability to accept any idea, thought or opinion that does not conform to their own. This is not a groupthink society….yet. If your delicate sensibilities are offended on this blog…..then feel free to elsewhere and commiserate with like minds.

    1. I remember that oration from third year Latin many moons ago. Maybe I will listen to Cruz instead of Obama tonight. Thank you.

  15. You guys should read some blogs on other sites like the Wapo and the White House facebook page. The bile and vitriol is incredible. Liberals are getting what they want….universal welfare and they are still raging. Be calm…..when they have finished tearing up the country, we will quietly pick up the pieces and put the USA back together again. It is not over, until it is over.

      1. Or until the Latinos and Hispanics start taking jobs and benefits from blacks and union members, start killing innocent blacks and liberals and start taking an even more serious piece of that entitlement / benefits pie. And then there are the terrorists roaming about picking and choosing. And the LGBTG crowd discovers old white people and bakery owners had a good side. Revolutions always eat their young. It is the old first they came for the Jews…

        And truth be known, we did out part too — by not protesting and speaking up enough.

        Evil never prevails. But it has been known to have some long runs.

  16. As Sarah Palin is wont to say, “Buck up or get outta the truck.” We’re all sad, but you don’t “keep” a Republic by feeling sorry for yourself.

  17. Here in West Virginia, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1, the GOP just took control of the state legislature, with majorities in both chambers, for the first time in 83 years. Being sad is not what got us here. Just sayin’ …

    1. I am sad but I’m not giving up. Never. This just strengthens my desire to fight. But it truly saddens me when I think what our Founding Fathers sacrificed – and their families sacrificed, only to have this President in name only trample our Constitution and then flaunt it in our faces.

    2. Barry doesn’t acknowledge those election results. As he said earlier this year regarding the Dems not turning out for midterms (paraphrasing)…”We’re too busy doin’ stuff and workin’ – and sometimes we can’t get off work early enough to vote!”

    3. Anne – In Tennessee where I live, during the 3-4 election cycles under Obama, Democrats have shrunk from majorities in both houses to 5 out of 33 in the Senate and 26 out of 99 in the House. This will probably happen in your state also. I am a Republican, but it is rather sad to see this.

  18. Well stated, it comes under the premise, just because you can doesn’t’ mean you should. We as a country will never recover from this divisiveness & lack of respect of others opinions and rule of law. The dems have broken the system. The next President can do as he/she pleases & so on & so on.

  19. I just saw a headline in the Chicago Tribune ,”Obama to defy Repbulicans with Immigration Annoucement” He is defying all Americans by not working with the system and being selfish. How can we expect illegals that come here to ever respect any of our laws & practices if their first act here is illegal residency & we turn away & say it is OK. No law can be enforced with that as the start of their living here. If living here illegally is such a burden on them, & we let it go with a pat on the head & free giveaways, what law can be enforced? Lawyers have a new argument. Get out of jail free card!!

        1. He’s flipping the bird to all of America. The Dems love to talk about “disenfranchisement”…well, what the hell is Obastard doing? He is negating the votes of the people, their rights to have the people they choose to send to Washington DC represent them and their interests. King Obastard thinks the only votes that matter are the ones for him. He was elected twice, he’s king and can do whatever the hell he wants.

  20. I hope tonight’s “executive action” is as meaningless as his action to raise the minimum wage for government contractors. Since almost all government contractor pay is regulated by the prevailing wage Service Contract Act and the Davis-Bacon Act, there are very, very few government contractors who aren’t making substantially more than $10.10/hr.

    Remember that the SCA and DBA specify not only hourly pay but an aggregated benefits cost as well. If most cases the aggregated benefits cost is 30-60% of the total wage and is paid either via benefits or as additional funds to the payee.

    A government contractor dishwasher in Alabama makes $7.88/hr wage PLUS $4.02 “Health & Welfare Benefit” per the SCA.

    In my case, the Service Contract Act requires that I pay my crew over 3x their normal hourly pay of $20 even though I pay ALL travel, lodging, etc expenses.

    I hate government contracts but my boys love ’em… It often takes magnitudes more time and expense to get the work than it takes to do the work.

  21. Sorry, but I do not agree totally with you. President Obama did the right thing. Five previous Republican presidents have done the same thing. Where was the uproar? None because it was necessary. The constitution gives the president this power using executive orders and had been used since it’s inemption. The Senate passed the immigration reform bill but the house with unload Republicans denied it. That left Obama to di the right thing and get this reform going. Obama did not do anything wrong. Treatment he is a constitutional scholar work a PhD and and teaches constitutional law at Harvard. He loves the country and done everything he can that the constitution allies and tried working with the houses first. Didn’t work so he did what was necessary and it required strength and bravery to do so. Today’s House and Senate is full of racists and bigots and more so because Obama is a black president. Never in history has their been many instances of lack of respect to the presidency since the start. Stop being racists and conspiracists and bemoaning this country. The Democrats had the answers but the Republicans refused to work and compromise. They are the worst bunch in history. In conclusion, Obama has all done great things in spite of the incredible obstruction getting things done.

    1. Gary, Gary, Gary. You are completely out of touch with history, the US Constitution, the biography of Obama and, well, everything else. Did you have your Ovaltine today? Your vitamin B? Are you feeling ok? It would take too much time to unscramble your thought process and understanding of what is going on, so we’ll leave you in your misery. k?

      1. Feeling great because I know he did the right thing. And yes I know my facts as I read everything in the UNBIASED areas. In fact I sleep well at night even though there are challenges here and there. ONLY here in the united states are people so ignorant of their own people and the president that they have gone down to lower than the dust in respect for the presidency. We have 4 year terms and we’ve had good presidents and not so good presidents. Bush if you remember him was terrible! He got our country broke and supported the rich and ignored the poor. No other country does this in ignoring the poor like we are seeing here. Obama changed direction for a better country giving us some more years of hope. That’s what I see. Change how hard your heart is and be humbled and look at the good things that have been accomplished if you can find them. There are many that can be found. Google accomplishments of President Obama and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the many good that’s been done. He’s also saved this country economically from destruction. There’s more to do and he’d have done much more good if the republicans hadn’t been so obstructive. And yes I am a proud devout Mormon. I believe in the entire chapter of Mosiah. Do you?

  22. What a load of horseshit. Every single president I can think of, D or R, since at least FDR and Hoover if not before, has regularly taken executive action to get this or that done. Sometimes it was because executive action was the most appropriate way to take the action; sometimes it was because Congress was being obstructionist (although no earlier Congresses can match the 112th and 113th in this matter). Reagan did it. Both Bushes did it. Nixon and Ford did it. And sure, so have Obama and Clinton and Carter. I strongly suggest you all pull your heads out of your collective asses, stop watching Faux Noise, and Get A Clue. No, I don’t like the Democratic party, I don’t like Obama, I have almost as much dislike for them as I do for the GOP. I’ll have more respect for American conservatives if y’all actually debate REAL issues and REAL facts, rather than just shovelling liquid organic fertilizer every time Obama says “boo”. Grow up.

    1. Oh man, another one. Gary tried to make the same points and fell on his head. Is this a class assignment you two have? Do you get graded by your mind control master for repeating the talking points he gives you? Do you get paid by the word, the post? And no POTUS has EVER done what Obama is planning to do tonight. Ever. EVERY Executive Order is grounded in a law. This one tonight ain’t. Someone is leading you by the nose. Wake up!

      To the the usual posters here–I know I’m feeding the trolls. But I just felt like smacking them around a bit. It’s just that kind of day. ;+}

        1. Yep, finals aren’t that far away. Next month. And as usual the student trolls have waited to the last minute to gather data. Now they have a paper to write, get all their plagiarized sources carefully camouflaged, and pretend they know what they are writing about. Been there, done that. ;+}

          They better watch out though because……..these little programs can catch them.

      1. Calling me a troll?? LOL I am actually a person that cares about the poor and needy and those that are stuck without jobs because of obstruction and lack of values helping the oppressed land back on their feet to accomplish what they want to accomplish. Did you guys ever read the entire chapter 2 of Mosiah and really dig down to understand it. The rest of the world understands it but here in our country, it’s not even being followed. Shame.

          1. Gary the Troll uses many words I’ve never seen before.

            “The constitution gives the president this power using executive orders and had been used since it’s inemption.

            Where are these trolls coming from?

    2. Have you ever heard of the eighth section of the first article of the Constitution? It gives Congress the authority to set immigration policy.

  23. That was the most depressing thing I’ve read in a while.
    I think there’s still room for optimism, Mr. Obama’s presidency is waning and in 2016 Conservatives will have the chance to turn the ship right again!

          1. I just heard on Fox that he may speak tonight of securing the border. HA!
            Also that he may explain that all the illegals will be expected to check in, fill out paper work and pay taxes.
            If you had someone here illegal would you come out of the woodwork for a 2 year fix? The people they work for must be excited that they will now be known to the govt. sarc
            Does anyone hear have the stomach to watch him tonight?

          2. How are they even going to tell if the Obamagrants been here for 5 years? Anyone could claim to have been here before 2010. Undocumented people tend not to have DOCUMENTS. *FACEPALM*

  24. they only believe might makes right when THEY want to do something. might didn’t make right to the progs when Bush was “overreaching.”

  25. While the day is focused on his speech/remarks whatever…
    November 20, 2014
    Five prisoners have been released from Guantanamo Bay as part of a renewed effort to close the detention center on the U.S. Navy base in Cuba, officials said Thursday.
    Three men were sent to Georgia and two to Slovakia for resettlement.

    … [sarc font follows] Did he think someone wouldn’t notice?!

    1. Obama won’t know about this until someone reads the newspaper to him tomorrow. Boy, he’ll be some ticked off when he learns about the release. “No one is angrier than I am about this……”. We know the drill.

      1. Of course not, Lee. The msm does not multi-task. I found out only because it’s the very same day that the Parole Board turned down Jonathan Pollard. There are no coincidences – it’s all an orchestrated and timed “dirge”.

        1. He never had any intention of working with Congress on immigration. It was his trump card for 2016 – a parting gift for the GOP. Dirty politics at its finest!

  26. I share your grief, Keith. But mine is offset by a white-hot anger. It is possible to experience both at the same time. I learned that today.

  27. Keith, many compliments. Your intellect is only exceeded by your eloquence today. My constant reference is Emerson: “To what avail the plow or sail or land or life if Freedom fail.” But strong men dry their tears and step forth in times like these with the sword of justice clasped firmly in their hands. This usurper must be taken to task for his trampling of the Constitution. My prayer is that men with clear vision and good hearts will undertake whatever tasks are needed with the greatest of dispatch before it is truly too late.

  28. Keith, the trouble is you’ve been ‘too close’, too ‘fair-minded’, too ‘give the guy the benefit of the doubt’, too mired in the old left-right model; and just now are awakening to the horror.


    It is NOT too late. We The People have Constitutional options, starting with impeaching our Congressional Representatives for not upholding their oaths to uphold and defend The Constitution, should they fail to redress this outrage.

    There is no end to aka Obama’s Crimes Against America.

    Here’s what you CAN do: huddle with your WH Press Corps pals; claw the scales off their eyes; have them light the fires they should have been lighting for the past six years. All will be resolved, once they DO THEIR JOB.

  29. I hate to say it but it’s true. Hard right pure blood maniacs are the reason this day is happening. GWB had proposed a much more tolerable immigration reform plan …..and was blown up by the hard right in his own party. Had Congress passed this is in 2006, this wouldn’t be a issue and Republicans would been as the party of immigration, not Democrats. To all my hard core right nuts out there that said I rather have Obama then a RINO..BLEEP YOU VERY FRICKENING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 1. Both Ronald Regan and George H. Bush did the exact same thing
    2. The Senate has passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill that the House refuses to vote on.
    3. This action keeps families together and regardless of birth place or citizenship families should be kept together.
    4. It is the right thing to do.

    1. 1. No
      2. No
      3. No
      4. No

      5. I do think there should be immigration reform and there is room for a compromise between the “amnesty for all” and “self deportation/”secure the border” crowd. This isn’t it. This is all carrot and no stick. All it does is bring more problems with no solutions. But again hard righters made this happen. I don’t blame Obama. He is a hard leftiest. Always been, always will be.

    2. Um, regarding #2 – First, that happens ALL the time under all presidents. Secondly, do you have any problems with the nearly 800 bills passed by the House and not put up for vote in the Senate because Harry Reid has refused to allow votes?

      Not even going to bother with your other bullshit talking points. I hope they’re paying you at least $10.10/hr for your time and trouble cutting and pasting talking points.

    3. Exactly, why is it the “right thing to do?”
      What, specifically, makes it “right?”
      Illegal immigrant families can stay together – in their home countries.
      My good Lord – people like you are so…tiresome…in your no-fact-based debate points.
      Bush and Regan did the exact same thing? When? Where? Why? How? Fact based details, please.
      I tend to ignore pot head Democrats…just so you know. The “rules” in your dope addled brain don’t exist in the real world where most working, tax paying people live – just so you know.

    4. Glynn, can you not understand that Obama is changing a law–whether YOU like the law or not. Obama has no Constitutional authority whatsoever to change a law, amend a law, refuse to execute a law, or ignore a law.

      Forget Democrat, Republican, Left, Right, Up, Down. Think about your country and your liberty and the precedent a president like Obama creates.

      Do you want your next president, and the one after that to operate outside Constitutional constraints? Do you want a rogue president to willy nilly impose sanctions, rules, demands outside the law just because he/she wants to?

  31. I feel your pain, Keith. I have been in mourning since he was re-elected in 2012. This was all so predictable. Now I am seething! My new motto is ‘don’t get mad – get even’. The new Congress can and should teach him a lesson. Impeach the SOB, and worry about the consequences later. There are a gazillion good reasons beginning with Obamacare.

  32. Pretty words, ugly actions – that’s what Obama’s been about all his political life. It’s not going to change now, except maybe to get worse.

    He’s a liar plain and simple. He says one thing and does another. He can’t be trusted. The Republicans will get rolled if they play his game.

  33. Pingback: My response to all those liberal friends of mine who are thrilled by Obama’s amnesty order

  34. Mr. Koffler,

    A major reason we have witnessed the stealth theft of our constitutional republic is that the traditional media has been obstructionist to the truth and a propaganda machine for the globalists who are focused upon our demise. The media are puppeteer-controlled, and they have shaped much of what has been accepted by the selfish idiots who have pushed this destruction upon us.

    Sadly, also, many of those bellyaching about our puppet president pulling a political Michael Corleone, have not wanted to know the truth. They shrink from the uncomfortable truths that have been front and center for quite some time.

    This isn’t a political war, this is a religious war, with Satan pushing all the right buttons. We need divine intervention to overcome the current ruthlessness and lawlessness, and I suggest people begin praying pronto!

  35. I am sad too after what happened tonight. It’s almost like a dream, not real what he has done. I don’t agree that passing Obamacare in the middle of the night and giving out bribes was right either to pass Obamacare like that without any Republicans. This Obama is so crazy, he doesn’t think about ISIS or Israel (we know he is not on Israel’s side), he is just obsessed with getting rid of the Republicans and making all of us socialists/communists. What I keep saying and I can’t believe is that no one stops him from his unAmerican presidency. He doesn’t care about Americans or the country, he is just obsessed with the power of the democratic party. It is so obvious how un-American and un-presidential he is, no loyalty to the American people, no caring, just loyalty to everyone else, foreigners, illegals, minorities, the American people don’t exist for him. He should be impeached and he could be, if not for the Republicans’ fears. I believe if they would impeach Obama, more people would vote for the Republicans, the people aren’t stupid, no one likes or has faith in Obama anymore. Do it Republicans, impeach the liar and traitor to our homeland and to Israel.

  36. You should have known your country had changed when it murdered the first million unborn children.
    “The United States: worse than Nazi Germany!”

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