As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, November 21, 2014

10:25 am ET || Departs White House
12:20 pm PT || Arrives Las Vegas
12:55 pm PT || delivers remarks on his executive action on immigration; Del Sol High School; Las Vegas

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    • Exactly what I was thinking after seeing there’s no return flight on the schedule.

      A long weekend before he takes it easy for Thanksgiving next week, and then only weeks later heads to Hawaii.

      It’s good to be king.

    • The radio news bit this morning mentioned Las Vegas as the first stop in his “tour” to sell his “offer” to the illegals. Anybody know what his schedule is next week?

      Also, the news bit talked about Obama’s plan to fix the “broken” immigration system. It’s not broken – it’s NOT ENFORCED. I hate when reporters don’t stick to the facts and slip in opinions like this – happens all the time and it’s very deceptive. (for example, they could have qualified with “an immigration system that many in congress describe as broken” or something like that)


    Illegal tells CNN Obama’s immigration reform inspired her to cross the border now

    One illegal immigrant told CNN in Texas that she was inspired to come here because of Obama’s immigration reform plans:

    NATIONAL REVIEW – An illegal immigrant woman at a border bus stop in Mission, Texas told CNN that she was inspired to cross into the United States now because of the impending amnesty being offered by President Obama.

    “Did the possibility of immigration reform inspire you to come now?” CNN’s Alina Machado asked the Central American migrant waiting for a bus ticket on Thursday.

    “Yes, that’s right,” the woman said. “That inspired us.”

    “Now?” the reporter pressed.

    “Yes, now,” the woman replied.

  2. So we are paying for to fly Il Presidente across country to speak at a high school and have some fun in the sun.

    Banana Republic — good times, good times.

    • Yep, speaking at a high school.

      How times have changed. When Obama began his journey of destruction, he was speaking in Berlin before thousands, then Denver, then before huge audiences all over the world. Styrofoam columns, elephant handlers, Nubian slaves at his beck and call. Oh, those were the days. People were fainting before his very feet. And Obama, telling those who had fainted to RISE AND BE HEALED

      But the crowds began to thin. People started walking out of his speeches. And now he speaks in a smelly gym between scheduled physical education classes. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. They will continue to fall.

    • Good one, Grace. Don’t know if this one works or not: ‘Obamalantes’ (not to be confused with ‘Obamalattes’). Or how about a take off on grubered’ – ‘Obamatized’?
      This is kinda fun! Who knows, we could end up in the urban dictionary!

      • Fun is where we find it — especially when things are down.

        Obama! Ole! Ole! Obama!

        Obamalattes is good. As in the famous Obamalatte salute.

        Illegal Obamaliens?

  3. I witness news. Watched Lady Liberty raped on TV last night. On the other hand, possible Obama does not want to be deported after he leaves office? Kinda like a selfie-pardon procedure.

  4. Obama, a man who rarely attends church (but plays golf almost every Saturday) has the audacity to quote scripture….Once again, the democrats will used anything or anybody to further their own purpose – this is about securing the latino vote for the democratic party and to strengthen unions so the democrats can continue to skim taxpayer money for themselves and their cronies.

  5. Did any of you read on Drudge this morning that Mexico is starting a pilot program to charge Americans a fee of $28 for stays of over 7 days?

  6. Wonder if all the drunk drivers, rapists, criminals, drug dealers are going to come out of the shadows?

    Maybe Josh Earnest — so proud — could hire one of the recent Obama CA illegal aliens as a nanny and he could provide her and her children room and board. His new family could benefit building their own little multicultural family unit. And his family could learn spanish as well.

    Of course, the new nanny’s family from afar would be welcome.

    And no I do not feel badly dragging Josh and his family into this — you listen to him and you would think he is living in the “best of times”.

    Listening to Josh extol Il Presidentes fiat on immigration is as bad
    as listening to Il Presidente spout scripture.

    • Arg–the shadows! The shadows! No one is in the shadows in AZ when they drive up to cut my grass…. I know illegals who go back to Mexico to see family, vacay, and return…They are pretty nornalized, believe me. They take checks, have bank accts.

  7. His last two years are going to be a redo of 2009-2011 when he did absolutely nothing except joy ride on AF1 campaigning for O/C. All of those worthless townhalls and parachuting into the backyards of strangers.
    This time it’s going to be especially painful since all we will be looking at are ILLEGALS. His props will be lawbreakers and LaRaza radicals. Instead of white jackets, there will be baggy pants and posters written en espanol.
    One more thing. Last night was one of the rare occasions that he referred to his tv audience as ‘My Fellow Americans’. IMO, he was not talking to ‘us’. It was directed to his legal and illegal hispanic base watching on Telemundo and Univision.

  8. ¡Ay, caramba! Geraldo Rivera, née Gerald Michael Rivera, is on F&F right now. He just said, but for the fact that they’re here illegally, these people are law-abiding people. ¡Basta!

        • I turned off the TV as well.
          I am afraid we will have another brush issue under the rug, and problem forgotten by most people.
          I have not heard one word of the cost issue. Will these people now be eligible for welfare, food stamps, health care?
          On the other hand they are hard working people, hopefully they will not go down the road that the govt. owes me more, living off the govt. for the next 50 years.

          • I understand, I am trying to guess if they will continue to work hard, or will they catch on to the welfare, food stamps, etc. that a lot of people have taken advantage of for years…….Keep in mind the people who have collected all those things for years worked as well.

          • Another issue. People who come to America the legal way, and apply for citizenship need to wait 5 years I believe, than take the test written in English.
            I understand this is a 2 year piss/pass, however what is the plan of testing each and every single person?
            How many are going to remain in the woodwork? They may have good paying jobs as it is, but are afraid to come out because of what may or may not happen.
            All these little but important details I feel o should read and explain in detail, while he is running his mouth today.
            Note: I did hear yesterday on Fox that there would be paperwork done for each, which will take quite some time.

  9. have you ever noticed that his audience is normally high school and college kids. i guess it would be too tough for him to talk to an adult audience!!

  10. I just worked a job for Mobil in Colorado with 415 workers building a 700 million dollar gas plant and more than 60% were Mexican and spoke no English blame the government and big business it was unbelievable

    • We should all report those businesses we suspect of not using EVerify. Sounds puny and maybe mostly will fall into the wastebasket — but gotta start somewhere.

      Obama and is ilk infiltrated inch by inch — time we took back the rule of law for starters.

      • This may not bother anyone else. However we should also report to all companies we are fed up PRESSING 1 for English, and 2 for Spanish. I don’t press anything, I also was state: OPERATOR!
        Most of the time that still works. However in the last couple of years, some companies fixed it where you HAVE to take your time to press one or the other.

  11. I realize we are umpteen scandals down the road, so I am still ,as best as possible, following the original handful.
    In an email dated October 4, 2011, Attorney General Holder’s top press aide, Tracy Schmaler, called Attkisson “out of control.” Schmaler told White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz that he intended to call CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer to get the network to stop Attkisson. Schultz replied, “Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.”

  12. O’Reilly last night said Obama is the most secular president we have had in a long time and he had the nerve to quote scripture. O’Reilly seemed to be disgusted with that little trick.

  13. He has to resort to addressing high school students… his black base is furious about his stance on illegal aliens; all of the people who went through the arduous process of becoming a legitimate U.S. citizen are furious … who is left?

  14. As a Texan, I’ve come to know ‘the illegal’ intimately.
    this may not be a popular view on this site, but the illegals are some of the hardest working, most god fearing, family oriented people you’ll ever meet. in their hearts, Mexicans are good n decent people. Its the ‘mexxican americans’ that are born here who discover welfare and their civil rights that give Mexicans a bad name. the americanized mexicanos usually have welfare ebt and section 8 and their kids steal our car radios…

    • Texan, people in general are hard working, god fearing, and family oriented. Logically, it would follow that most Mexicans are also hard working, god fearing, and family oriented. I will agree with you there.

      But America was founded on the rule of law. You can’t start saying it’s ok to break the law if you’re a nice person. Bad things happen to good people all the time. That’s no excuse to throw away the foundation on which this country was built and has prospered for over 200 years.