As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || November 20, 2014

Obama to shield 5 million from deportation . . . The executive actions will cover 4 million undocumented immigrants who would qualify for deferred deportations by using criteria such as longevity in the United States and family ties, according to sources briefed on the discussions. An additional 1 million would receive protection through other means, two sources said.

There will be no special protections for farm workers or parents of Dreamers because there were concerns about those pieces clearing the legal bars, sources said. But, administration officials said in their calls, many people who fall into those categories would qualify if they have children who are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents. Politico

Half oppose Obama action . . . Forty-eight percent oppose Obama taking executive action on immigration — which could come as soon as later this week — while 38 percent support it; another 14 percent have no opinion or are unsure. NBC News

Conservatives Demand strong response . . . Conservatives say that Republican leaders, including House Speaker John Boehner and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will be “complicit” in President Barack Obama’s planned executive amnesty if they don’t pull out all the stops to block him. They warn that chaos is around the corner if that’s how it goes down, even though they’d much rather have Republican leaders fight the president alongside them. Breitbart

Shutdown might not be so bad for GOP . . . “We went down the government-shutdown route before, and the results didn’t hurt the Republicans at all,” says Rick Tyler, a onetime spokesman for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. “Republicans got reelected to the majority.” National Journal

Networks refuse to air the speech . . . The White House is exasperated with the major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS and NBC — for skipping out on President Barack Obama’s Thursday primetime address on his executive actions on immigration. Politico

White House might negotiate . . . White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today did not rule out negotiating with the GOP if Republicans move to bar funding for the implementation of President Obama’s upcoming executive order on immigration. White House Dossier

Texas to sue Obama . . . Texas Attorney General and Gov.-elect Greg Abbott says he will sue President Barack Obama on behalf of his state as soon as Obama announces that he is taking executive action and granting legal status to millions of illegal immigrants. Newsmax

Taxpayers pay $300K for Obama to attend wedding . . . Obama’s decision to return home from a trip instead of staying in Westchester, NY, where the wedding of MSNBC host Alex Wagner was to take place, cost taxpayers an extra $300,000. Judicial Watch.

Obama would have stayed local if he was able to arrange golf, but he couldn’t so he flew back to Washington to relax and then returned to Westchester.

Will: Obama best GOP recruitment tool since Reagan . . . “Barack Obama once said that he wanted to be as consequential in his own way as Ronald Reagan was. He is in this sense: he is the greatest builder of the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan,” Will said. Daily Caller

Gruber loses Vermont contract . . . A spokesman for Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin said Wednesday that the state would no longer pay the ObamaCare architect. “As the Governor and I have said, the comments by Mr. Gruber are offensive, inappropriate and do not reflect the thinking of this administration or how we do things in Vermont,” Lawrence Miller, said Wednesday in a statement. Fox News

Christie: Shutdown talk “hysteria” . . . At the opening of the annual Republican Governors Association meeting here on Wednesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said talk of a potential shutdown amounts to “hysteria” and “people looking to make news.” The outgoing RGA chairman said it is “incumbent upon everyone in Washington, D.C., to do their job.” Politico

50 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 20, 2014

  1. Possible headlines, Presidents performance tonight.

    Constitutional republic on the ropes. Public raping of lady liberty. Hard working citizen taxpayers to get the finger tonight. Supreme arrogant to star in one man show. Narcissist Chef cooks up toxic dish for all to eat. Slick sick snake speaks with fork tongue. Other headlines to follow…

  2. Obama should have to reimburse that extra $300,000 cost to the taxpayers. Going home to pout because he couldn’t play golf where he wanted shows how thin skinned and selfish he really is.

  3. The so called 38% that support, and the 14% that had no opinion, or were not sure. The same people should have been asked:
    What exactly could he do to upset you as an American citizen?

  4. From previous — we need to stay on top of the coordinated establishment challenge to Sessions on Budget by Enzi. I informed Mitch of my opinion as well as a comment that per usual his conservatism lasts up until the announcement that he won.

    • Yes. I don’t know if we commented at the same time last night, but I too am upset by these stories about Enzi replacing Sessions.

      • The Establishment Republicans have learned from Obama — slight of hand — behind the scenes — behind closed doors. We need to bring this into the light.

  5. I listened to Gregg Abbott last night on Fox. The issue of other states doing the same was discussed.
    How many people here at WHD, think that their state will sue as well?

    • It won’t happen here in OR because we have a Democratic governor and state legislature, but if it were up to the people, it would.

    • BTW, Lee, I’m sure you and the others here are not aware that a 20 year old male student at Linfield College in a small town in OR, McMinnville, was stabbed to death by an illegal. We don’t get much attention on the national stage, and I think the Oregonian, a Democratic paper, has done all it could to keep the story down anyway.

  6. I don’t think the networks are refusing the cover the speech since the WH didn’t formally request them to do so. It’s in the Politico article, but the commenters think this was on purpose to keep the lofo’s in the dark.

    If the nets covered it, they’d have to talk about it. Interesting.

  7. “concerns about those pieces clearing the legal bars”

    hahahahaha…since when is this administration concerned about the legality of what they do?

    I don’t think the White House is one bit “exasperated” with the networks. The maladministration knows the public’s feeling and they’re spitting in our faces. Would they really want widespread coverage?

    Your morning REDLINE said “This is not a good day”. You were kind.

    This is a disaster.

  8. I really think Obama ought to be giving this celebratory speech on the Mexican border while passing out green cards to the new arrivals. Great photo-ops for the new library!

  9. I don’t believe NBC. If 70% of voters in a very liberal state like Oregon turned down a ballot measure to give illegals driver’s permits, then the number of voters across the country who are opposed to amnesty has to be higher than 48%. And contrary to the rest of the country, we had a high turnout. Or do a few states with large populations like CA, NY, IL and MN wipe the rest of us out?

    • I don’t buy those numbers either. The mid-term election was all about amnesty, and Obama’s threat to write an EO. I believe it was 68-70% against amnesty.
      Obama’s little game backfired! He must have been reading NBC polls, lol. The turnout for hispanics was only 6% – not exactly what Obama was expecting.
      He could and should have waited until the new Congress is seated to put the squeeze on them. Now, he just looks like a tin-pot dictator. Correction: He IS a tin-pot dictator.

  10. I just listened to the video on
    Morning Joe discussion with Jennifer Palmieri (Director of Communication)
    She said steps well within his authority. Has been 2 years since we proposed bill.
    Joe read what WA Post printed: O’s frustration with Congress doesn’t give him the right to tear up the Constitution.
    o’s crew not concerned with that article.

      • I completely don’t get and reject the idea that if the Congress doesn’t act, well, all’s fair in love and war, you can do what you want. Crazy talk! But now it’s the rationale! I feel like I am at the Mad Hatter’s tea party!

        • It’s like the lawyer who used to take my newspaper from outside my door when I was out of town (DC–Apt). I would ask for it back and he said, well, you weren’t reading it. Still, it does not give you the right to take it! Get how that works?

  11. Hey Chrissy, you the one wit the vagygy. And could use a hysterectomy. Yeah (cept maybe then Barry won’t call again, for another date?).

    Go play on the freeway bridge again. Heck, you might even make the news!

    You’re nothing but a whiny liberal, telling everyone else, what to do.

    Head of the RGA? Orwell’s mighty impressed, yeah (called me on his mobile, from the grave).

  12. What liberal regressives don’s seem to realize is that when the country eventually goes down the toilet, they still have to live here like the rest of us.

  13. P.S.

    Had the flat panel on, for a few minutes, round five a.m. (pst), and there, in the dark. In downtown Vegas. Was the Univision reporter. Already set up shop … “reporting.” I’m not fluent (but I can get by), he was amped. The light was in his eyes.

    This is bigger than any of us feared.

    Yes. It. Is.

      • Hey Jules, I’m in L.A. (though when the check finally gets here …. I’m in the wind. Had enough dis dungheap). I think we’ll all know, if anything is up.

        It’s what Obama wants. He couldn’t be happier if there’s fire, and (blood) rain.


        Telegraph UK/Iran announces intention, to D O U B L E oil production/exports. With specific intent tio drive down prices.

        IF …

        Kerry/Chucklehead, and Rouhani/Khomeini can actually manage to swing a deal. No diff than Europe’s surrender, to Islam, the last couple decades (lesssee …. cheap oil? Or dead Jews?).

        Evil’s here … once again … the world in darkness.

  14. I’m not sure where the GOP got the idea that they should go to Washington “to govern” or why they latched onto that idea like a bulldog… or a lemming. They should go to Washington to honor their oath and uphold the Constitution.

    Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Ghengus Khan, Julius, Augustus and Nero, and Atilla the Hun, et al got a lot of stuff done. Then again so did our Founders and Framers, though theirs was good stuff. So getting stuff done is neither good or bad. The distinction is whether or not the stuff is stupid or not.