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Video || Obama Address on Immigration

The live event has concluded. Here is the video.

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  1. The short version is probably going to look something like:

    “Good evening. Let me be clear.

    For those of you folks who voted in the mid-terms to voice your disapproval of me and my policies, I’ve got only one thing to say.

    Not only am I ordering a halt to millions of deportations, I hereby order all of you ignorant hicks who voted for those evil Republicans to go commit an act of autocoitus.

    God damn America, and good night.”

    1. I can’t say much about voodoo dolls, but for what it’s worth: in candle magic, black candles are used to represent endings.

      And no, black candles are not evil: there are several good things you can do with them. To wit: an amicable divorce, stopping bad habits, letting go of a toxic friendship or situation, that sort of thing.

      So, in theory, you COULD use black candles if you wanted to put a “stop” signal up for the universe on Obamnesty.

        1. I made one for my younger son when he was in third grade. He had horrid teacher (eventually shuttled off to another school). Anyhoo…I sewed one up, gave him the pins and for the grand finale – handed him a lit match to burn her, too. It was absolutely cathartic.

          1. Me too — I love this conversation about Voo Doo dolls because nothing else stops him, no one or nothing stops this Zombie looking creature that is punishing us because he’s a communist. Maybe the voo doo dolls will, we have to do something.

    2. I couldn’t watch him. First I turned off the sound, then I turned something else on. I am very unhappy tonight because no one stands up to him, EVER! No one stops him. No one will impeach him and they should and they can? He gets away with stuff all the time, almost every day.

    1. What the hell does self-funded mean in any government entity? I don’t believe this. If it is self-funded, which I doubt, it does not have enough money to produce SS cards, photo IDs, welfare etc. If self-funded, where does the money come from? I don’t believe Jeff Sessions has been leading us down a primrose path when he talks about defunding this amnesty.

        1. Correct, and there is no way they can monitor, enforce or otherwise implement this “Executive Order” successfully. It will be like chasing squirrels in the back yard. As soon as you catch one, 50 more show up.

        2. @Snark You have violent tendencies. It’s an inflated number to get conservatives talking smack about mexican americans for the next election. Of course 5 million people aren’t going to get amnesty

          1. That’s an absurd statement. Most likely the real number will be upwards of 5 million and it’s an open invitation for others.

            The people who got screwed here big time are those waiting to enter legally.

    2. From Ace

      Earlier a staffer with the House Appropriations committee said that they couldn’t defund amnesty because Customs and Immigration Services isn’t funded by the annual appropriations bill.

      Sean Davis of the Federalist and former congressional staffer tweeted to me this was wrong. He’s now written a post calling BS on the claim that Congress doesn’t actually have “the power of the purse” over amnesty.

      They’re correct that USCIS spending is funded primarily by fees collected by the agency, and that the spending is mandatory, rather than discretionary. That means that USCIS does not need annual authorizations to use those fees to offset expenses. This is actually written into the 1882 law establishing the fees and the authority of the federal government to spend them:

      The only thing that differentiates mandatory and discretionary spending is how often each must be re-authorized. Every single dollar spent by the federal government must be first appropriated by Congress. Just because some spending is not subject to annual appropriation doesn’t mean it’s not subject to appropriation at all. Congress can’t block Obama’s executive order by shutting down the government, but it most certainly can defund it by law.

  2. This is all about the 2016 election. After the midterms we just had, the Dems fear that Republicans will take back the WH. Now, they’ve set it up so that the main issue during the entire 2016 race will be this executive order. It will start in the primaries – every single Republican candidate will be asked again and again whether they plan to scrap Obastard’s exec order and oh my, what will all these poor families do? They’ve been living here for years, they’ve been working and paying taxes, OMG, how can you be a big ‘ol meanie and cancel this?

    How can any Republican run on that, especially with how the MSM will frame it?

    Hes setting then up for THREE years:

    “The actions I’m taking are not only lawful, they’re the kinds of actions taken by every single Republican president and every Democratic president for the past half century,” Obama intends to say. “And to those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill.”

    The plan for three years of relief is a year longer than under the 2012 program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and would mean that the newly processed applicants would be protected from deportations through the first year of Obama’s successor in 2017, leaving it up to the new administration to determine whether to continue the program or abruptly eliminate it.

        1. Will everyone in Congress all give a group speech tomorrow, telling us how they have been ignored?
          Than explain to everyone that if o continues to run the show all by himself, overlooking the House and Senate that they can be replaced with statues.
          The big question of the night, Did he start his speech by saying my fellow stupid Americans?
          Than at the end of the speech, Did he say, Gottcha!

      1. Believe me, Girly1, I am well aware of that. As Keith said earlier, it’s a sad day for this country. And it’s not just about Congress, it’s about us. King Obastard is flipping all Americans the bird and saying it matters not that we vote for people to represent us and our interests in Congress. That is all negated because he is king and can do whatever he wants, and he thinks no one can stop him.

    1. : – D I am not even watching Fox’s analysis afterwards. They’ll probably have Geraldo Rivera on the panels and pro Chamber of Congress Republicans like Brit Hume. BTW, I saw a picture of one Democrat, Schumer it looked like, who will be accusing the Republicans of ethnic cleansing.

      1. Oh it was awful, Geraldo was so happy, kept saying Obama did the right thing, talked about how good the illegals are, just families mowing their lawns? Geraldo is another one who doesn’t care about the law or the United States of America and Americans, he just cares about his own kind. It was painful to listen to him, he couldn’t be contradicted either, he kept going on how good it is that Obama did it? What a stupid fool. But he has always had a stupid side to him, if I may use the word stupid and I will. Geraldo has no conception of how the country is supposed to work, his streak of selfishness was showing tonight when he spoke.

  3. No way am I watching this.

    For the sake of all illegal Hispanics and illegals this better work — because America is going to be a pretty uncomfortable place for you guys.

    1. There is no guarantee that these worker visas and student visas for “technically qualified” foreigners will all be given to Latinos either. There is a good chance many of them will be radical Muslims infiltrating the country with terrorism in mind like the 19 9/11 highjackers. They’ll get free flying lessons.

      1. Exactly! Additionally, not one person at the INS knows the exact number of illegals from ‘around the World’ who have been here 5 years or longer. However, the populations of muslims from Mid-East countries have been growing steadily for more than 25 years across the USA. jb

  4. Broke my rule, and I listened! Can’t wait until millions of the illegal criminal immigrants turn themselves in….Oh, I believe they will be able to STAY in the shadows…Silly me! jk

    1. Some asshole Jose on OReilly. Dropped off here. Here for over ten years, my job, my schools, my church. My home. I am here and I am not leaving.

      Spoken like a true squatter.

  5. I guess it’s over. The Daily Caller said he spoke 15 minutes and referred to himself 31 times. Lee is not here but I made some suggestions for the drinking game to her: I, me, myself, my, mine. It’s a no brainer.

      1. Do you think there will be an announcement about his new title?

        Il Duce. Il Douche. Il Dirtbag. Il Dandy. Il Dildo.

        The possibilities endless. One thing he is not is President

        Il Presidente maybe. But not President of the United States. He should be stripped of that title.

    1. I just came back online. I could not watch him. If anyone can tell us if he noted himself more than the illegals.
      By the way. Has anyone heard from the thousands of people who pay illegals under the table. Who are they going to hire now. Does this mean construction workers, etc. out west and abroad will be paid sufficient salaries once again?

    2. I did not watch him. Can anyone tell us how many times he spoke of himself (I) more than the illegals?
      Did he mention all the people who have hired all the illegals, paying them under the table.

      1. No one should hire the illegals now. Maybe they will get the hell out and go back to their own country. Why is this country everybody’s country? No other country leaves the border open and lets anyone in. But if no one hires the illegals, it will serve Obama and them right! They are nothing but law breakers and Obama goes on T.V. to tell the world he just broke the law? He’s so proud of it, typical low-life, he wanted everyone to watch him break the law, talk about criminal behavior advertised to the world.

  6. let’s leave aside the fact that he’s trying to change America in a very fundamental way. even if if he was signing executive orders to give me and all my friends a million dollars each, I would STILL be against it.

    the president simply does not have the power to do this stuff all by himself. and “I got tired of waiting” isn’t a valid excuse even if it was true–which it isn’t. what was stopping him from 2009 to 2011, when he had both houses of Congress? or at any time during the past 6 wonderful Obama-filled years?

    thank goodness we “stupid American voters” were smart enough a couple weeks ago to make sure the GOP puts the brakes on this lawless president.

  7. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

    1. That is a fear that a great deal of citizens do not fear.
      They did not study their history well enough.
      They may have not had older relatives that told them of WWII, etc.
      You don’t fear, what you don’t know.

    2. You probably know that Ted Cruz read one of Cicero’s orations against the tyrant Cataline in the Senate today, substituting Obama’s name for Cataline’s. I think Denise linked it. Cruz did a few other modernizing tweaks like mentioning his pen and his phone.

    3. fantastic post! I read it three times, love it because that is what is happening with this creature, I won’t even say human or man, definitely not a “president”, more like a snake with bushy eyebrows and ears sticking out of his skinny head.

  8. When he goes to Vegas tomorrow, he should hire the entire string section of the N.Y. Phil for background music as the young students relate their tales of woe….and their undying gratitude to Obama.

    To be fair and balanced, why doesn’t he bring along the grieving relatives of those who have been brutally murdered by illegal aliens who are now free to roam this country without fear of deportation.

    Would love to see a list of every criminal illegal alien he has deported, including the MS13 gang members who came across with the unaccompanied minors. As I recall, they cannot be deported b/c their crimes were not committed in the US.

    1. Just last week here in MD a 12 year old girl was kidnapped, taken to NC and raped by an illegal who had already been deported once and came back to the US. The girl has been found, the illegal is still at large, I think. Does he get to stay?

    2. I didn’t listen but someone said he got very melodramatic and talked about children being ripped or torn from their parents’ arms.

      1. Or set off on their own with coyotes across multiple borders — landing in the US unaccompanied and left to the “kindness of strangers”– or predators or pedophiles or sex slave marketeers.

        Ripped from their arms my ass.

  9. A funny comment I heard about the emperor —

    I hope I don’t live long enough to see him appoint his horse to the Senate.

    Which reminds me — where’s Mooch?


        Obama goes out for lunch

        President Obama warmed up for his immigration speech Thursday night by having lunch out with some visitors from North Dakota.

        The president and first lady Michelle Obama dined on Capitol Hill with 18 members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Youth, including some the First Couple met during a June visit to the North Dakota tribe.

        After a brief meeting in the Oval Office, the group met at the We The Pizza/Good Stuff Eatery, some three blocks from the U.S. Capitol building.

        One item on the Good Stuff Eatery menu: The “Prez Obama Burger,” which includes applewood bacon, onion marmalade, roquefort cheese, and “deluxe horseradish and mayo sauce.”

  10. He looks like a Zombie. Get him Congress and Republicans, don’t be afraid, stand up for your people or else we have no country anymore.

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