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Hope and Change Americans Don’t Want

Isn’t it just something to behold? President Obama will be famous for two “accomplishments.” Both involve wrenching change for Americans. So you would think he’d be reluctant to move ahead if Americans didn’t want it.

Obamacare has never been popular, not from the moment it was passed. Even so, Obama rammed it through Congress without the support of a single Republican. In fact, according to Gallup, it is less popular now than ever, with only 37 percent approving of the law, the lowest level Gallup has detected yet.

And now, a new poll, which hardly gets a mention from the mainstream media, even though the mainstream media conducted it, finds that legalizing illegal immigrants via presidential fiat is also unpopular. Forty eight percent oppose the executive action while only 38 percent support it, with 14 percent undecided. This even though more Americans support the policy than oppose it. They just think Congress should be involved in writing laws.

This gives the lie to the repeated White House insistence that Obama is acting on behalf of the American people. Here’s White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest just yesterday:

And frankly, I think that’s what the American people expect the President of the United States to do — to use every element of their authority that’s available to solve problems . . . 

So the President sits at his desk wondering, should I wait interminably for Republicans to take an action that they say they oppose, or should I use all of the authority that the American people have elected me to exercise to make progress for the American people in a way that would be good for our national security . . . the President often says that as the President of the United States, only the tough decisions actually reach his desk.  This might be the one exception.

What’s really going on is that Obama doesn’t care if it’s popular or not, he knows, just knows, this is the right thing to do, and so he’ll do it. This fits with the Jonathan Gruber model of leftist thinking: We know what’s best for you stupid people.

Actually, stupid Americans have more appreciation for the Constitution than the supposed professor of Constitutional law Barack Obama. They would put aside their own wants in favor of our system of government. Obama would not.

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  1. It is true that Obama has the same view of the American people as his henchman Gruber does, but I also agree with Joe Curl in his latest piece that Obama is now following a scorched earth policy because he was slapped down on November 4. It’s more than an intellectually detached view that the American citizen is stupid. It is furious anger and hatred rather than merely disdain.

  2. Someone the other day said why is he doing this? It is NOT, in my opinion, because it’s “good” for anyone–it’s bec he wants to best the Republicans, get them spun up, get revenge. Why else would he leave these illegals still basically in limbo–with the possibility, however remote, that Congress could undo this? This is ALL about his fine self–as always.

        • “Barack Obama once said that he wanted to be as consequential in his own way as Ronald Reagan was,” (George) Will said. “Well, he is in this sense: He’s the greatest builder of the Republican party since Ronald Reagan.”

          “Today, there are many fewer House Democrats, many fewer Democratic Senators, many fewer governors,” he continued. “The Republican party controls more *state legislative chambers than at any time in its history.”

          Note: *Republicans control 110 of 149.

    • I’ve read that tomorrow night Tea Partiers from all over Nevada are going to gather in Las Vegas and protest. C’mon, America! Why always leave it to the Tea Party whom the Left can then characterize as a small band of kooks who don’t represent mainstream America?

  3. I just heard on FOX that Nancy Pelosi stated that the president has every right to do what he is going to do just like the congress has every right to legislate,……
    WHAT ???
    That woman needs to be in a funny farm.

  4. I wonder if he will slip tonight and say, Good Evening, you Stupid people?
    or Good Evening, We are going to do it my way, or the highway.
    or I don’t give a bleep what everyone thinks, “I” will do this, as “I” please.
    or Yes I am going to do this here in America, not a third world country.

  5. I have said and written much from the very beginning of his coming onto the national stage (and took quite a bit of crap from my liberal inlaws) that Barack Obama was not American. And I don’t mean in the birth certificate category, but in the American experience category.

    His young years abroad, his formative years being tutored by Frank Marshall Davis, his college years being passed through because of the color of his skin, being picked by Jarrett and Co. to groom for Chicago politics and points beyond, all put him on the OUTSIDE of American culture, respect for the rule of law, reverence for the Constitution and the Founders.

    Obama is no more “American” than Khrushchev, Mao or Castro. He’s on record bemoaning the “negative liberties” and constitutional constraints on government he and his “better than you” crowd want so desperately to force upon the populace.

    He always has been and always will be an enemy of individual liberty, the rule of law, and the Republican form of government the founders gave us. He will not compromise, he will not negotiate in good faith, he will do nothing but shove through what he wants, when he wants it.
    He is more than a disgrace, he is a menace to the very essence of what it means to be “American”.

    Harsh words I know, but not nearly as harsh as the damage he is causing now and the pain that will be felt by future generations if he and his ilk are not stopped.

  6. Five million people, added to an already unknown number of millions of illegals. I wish they would not call them “immigrants”, these people are invaders, and Obama is a traitor.

    • In the Old Testament, the people who came from over seas, from Greece, are mentioned. The word used for them in the old Testament is “Plishtim” (in English pronunciation – Palestinians) which means “invaders”.

  7. “What’s really going on is that Obama doesn’t care if it’s popular or not, he knows, just knows, this is the right thing to do, and so he’ll do it. This fits with the Jonathan Gruber model of leftist thinking: We know what’s best for you stupid people.”

    Isn’t this one of the hallmarks of Progressivism? The intellectual elite needs to be the ones “taking care of” the rest of us?

  8. I disagree Keith. Obama knows this is the wrong thing to do for America. And he revels in the fact that he can do it publicly at an event where Latinos and Entertainment liberals gather.

    Any decent or honorable President would make his case to the legal American citizens from the WH. Barack Obama has no honor and is by no means a decent person. He is a diabolical, megalomaniac coward. Josh makes Jay Carney look like a flag waving patriot. Hell of a legacy for his new child.

    • He does know its wrong, thats why he does these things. Somethings wrong with him, always getting even for some slight, angry about the election, in his mind, “I’ll show them whose President”. The timing, breaking the law for immigration right after the failed election? He is turning on the American people, just like he did to Israel, the same evil revenge, he just can’t take any criticism, he always has to hurt. Obama will be taught a lesson, America cannot let him get away with this. He is nothing but a zombie with no human feelings, he acts like he has compassion but he has none. I don’t feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for the aborted babies, Israel and all of us Americans. No one can be that evil and get away with it forever.