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White House Refuses to Rule Out Negotiations with Republicans

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today did not rule out negotiating with the GOP if Republicans move to bar funding for the implementation of President Obama’s upcoming executive order on immigration.

Asked about the defunding prospect, which could lead to a government shutdown, Earnest said Obama is “always open to conversations with Republicans,” adding that he is “always open to conversation when they are in pursuit of strengthening polices.”

Earnest’s comments suggest a note of flexibility from the White House as it prepares to face an uproar from Republicans over the order. But Earnest made clear that he was not making any specific forecast of the White House’s approach, noting the suggestion Republicans would defund the action was “hypothetical.

31 Responses to White House Refuses to Rule Out Negotiations with Republicans

  1. “defund the action was “”hypothetical, “”

    Arrogance and the egotistical attitude of this administration is due to be taken to the mat, and taught a lesson.

    Is the next congress up to the task ?
    Wusses need not apply.

  2. Of course he will ‘negiotiate’ with the Repubs next year. They will probably be relieved to finally get something done that will make all those billionaires, Chamber of Congress people, and small businesses so happy to finally get their cheap and compliant laborers.

    This particular E.O. will damage the Dems in Congress, and across the US, more so than it will the Repubs. The solid blue states like Maine, or Virginia, and Michigan are not happy to have thousands of illiterate, illegal, and sometimes lethal Hispanics shoved into their communities. They will vote against the Dems who they believe made this happen.
    There has never been a positve poll that showed the citizens really want to make the illegals, um, legal.
    So, what is driving this sudden need to cover the Hispanics with a Presidential amensty umbrella – IMO, it’s payback from both of the Os aimed at the elected Dems who shunned the President, and refused to support MrsO’s FatKidsBehind program.
    The Dems will pay the price for this, not the Repubs who will be seen as the protectors of our laws, our communities, and our country.

  3. He has no idea what negotiation means–for one thing, the end result is different than either side proposed at first. That is key…he has no idea what this means.

  4. Don’t hold your breath. And how in your face can he be to announce it during prime time? He’ll have a stadium full of screaming, adoring illegals.

    • Exactly what he wants and needs – a crowd of adoring fans his name – even if it is with a Spanish accent.

      All we have to do is imagine how this will look in homes across the country – our President gifting rights to foreigners who broke the law to get some free stuff, or to work in jobs that “Americans won’t do”.
      Thursday night prime time – lol. Thursday night football, the Big Bang series, and all the top TV lineups. He’s going to cut into this to tell Americans that he wants illegal aliens to feel comfortable, and enjoy what we have all worked for.
      Lots of popcorn and Cheetos will hit the screen tomorrow night.

      • Cheetos… ahh the good ole days when Cheetos fell from the sky like manna.

        WRT to your comment on the Spanish accent, he is going to announce this from “Las Vegas”. Which BTW is Spanish for “The Meadows”. Can anybody tell me where the meadows in the middle of the desert called Nevada are located? In other words typical liberal theme: the name is the opposite of the experience…again!

        • I think he should skip Las Vegas, and do this little speech from the poorest city down south, where the most illegals are living. Maybe he can do an action speech with some of the cartel sneaking over the border.
          The first thing that should have been on his mind was securing the border.

      • The good news is that CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox will not cover it. That leaves MSNBC and CNN.

        So, I do wonder now if Ferguson will happen tomorrow also because maybe el Preezo thought he’d be getting two birds with one stone: coverage on all the networks and cables on prime time and if Ferguson happens tomorrow, less coverage for that.

        • Really? That means that he’s backing off some of his E.O. or someone got to talk some sense into him to tone it down..
          No way these networks won’t give him time if he wants it.

          Curious and curious-er.

          • It’s on Drudge, one of those little headlines on the top left. Don’t forget Thursday Night Football is on one of those channels. I’m maybe contradicting myself, but maybe he wants as FEW people as possible watching. Sort of like when the Democrats sneaked Obamacare in on Christmas Eve.

        • It will be aired where it counts. Latino stations.

          No way Ferguson party won’t happen. Tin horn dictators never release the full force of what they unleash until the eating of the young begins.

  5. It is pointless to even nod in the man’s direction. He is a lying megalomaniac bent on destroying this country. A pox on him his ugly ass wife that criminal Eric Holder and every democrat and illegal in this country.

    Burning of the constitution party Friday Ferguson Mo . Be there or be prepared to publicly denounce yourself.

    • A pox on him Grace. He is a complete Hitler, destroys everything in his path on purpose! He better be gone and soon. Smelly pothead.

  6. Keep in mind what Obama considers “negotiations”.

    Typically, it’s do my bidding, and then go out and publicly trash the Republicans.

    And he wonders why that never seems to work.

  7. The Republicans better not fund Obama for this illegal plan of his. Obama is only doing this to get all the illegals to vote for democrats to wipe out the Republican party and control the U.S. like Hitler did in Germany, its all about control and also wiping out the United States of America. He cares for no one, only his agenda to take over, complete control and may I say, by a complete idiot.

  8. Prime time tomorrow night, immigration, while ISIS is murdering another American, third one, I believe, maybe more and Israel was attacked in the most viscious way, so many other more important problems, but Obama is only interested in the votes he can get from the illegals to wipe out the U.S. and the Republicans. What he said about Israel after they were attacked and murdered by knives and hatchets should be enough to have Obama impeached. He has no feeling for Israel and he should be impeached for treason for treating our only friend in the Middle East, Israel, with so much disrespect time after time after time and again. A worthless “President”, did nothing for the American people in six years but caused death and destruction, broke laws, ruined the coal business, ruined many businesses with his rules and regulations, acting more like a moron than a “president”. Every day some other problem with Obama. We don’t need or want him anymore.

  9. Impossible to negotiate with a narcissistic liar…
    O needs the media’s affirmation …hmmmm?
    GOP doesn’t know what to do about the ‘Emperor”..that is a given.
    Legal American’s are too ‘Stupid” (Gruber) for any intelligent
    action or reactions.
    We are “Screwed without a Kiss” least for now.

    Watch Thursday night football…it will be more entertaining and less