As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Grubermania!

Grubergate, so far.

14 Responses to Video || Grubermania!

  1. Brilliant, just plain brilliant. And these radical creeps did it to themselves.

    You know, every parent should have a framed photo of Gruber nearby. When your kid begins to act out, just show him/her that picture of Gruber and say, “You’d better straighten out or you’ll turn into THIS guy.”

  2. If he would have made all that money inventing something, or had a successful company, I could appreciate that he may not want to talk to the press. However the other day they had a video of him walking and NOT wanting to answer one darn Gruber question. He was a part of conniving American Citizens, so he should own up, and answer the questions.