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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11:05 am || Hosts “ConnectED” conference with school officials who are focused on the transition to digital learning
11:45 am || Signs the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014

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40 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 19, 2014

  1. “Connected” – transition to digital learning. What in hell is this all about? Sounds like a communist brainwashing vehicle for our children held captive in the dysfunctional public schools. This sounds like something Kim Jung Un of North Korea would be attending as part of a propaganda photo op.

    Judging from the very light “work” schedule for Dear Leader today he must still be really jet lagged from his magical mystery tour across Asia last week.

    • I mentioned months ago, I had looked up an simple early grammer school addition CC math problem. It was very complicated.
      Instead of carrying the 1, the problem went on and on with the teaching method of doing the problem.
      Yesterday I had to pick up my newphew from school, he had a tutoring class after school. He has been on the honor roll in math, for the last several years He had to stay to learn the NEW method of fractions.

    • It’s a project to get public schools equipped for wireless education.

      My son’s private school has been set up for this for about three years. All the students have to buy iPads, and textbooks are (almost) a thing of the past. On one level, I hate it because I like dead trees–there’s no sight like a blank piece of paper, there’s no smell like the ink when you crack open a new book. On the other hand, kids need to learn how to learn and operate in the digital age.

      • No they don’t. They don’t need to learn at school. They’ll pick it up. They are pretty adept at it. This is all silly and expensive. There is no educational value for doing anything on a computer, and it encourages laziness.

        ga. All our kids are going to be stupid. A friend has a kindergartener – rural town – and they all use iPads.

        • Yeah–as a parent you haven’t lived until you see your kid look at a calculator all puzzled–battery dead–now what should she do? What about the vulnerable grid–all electricity–how will people calculate how long they can survive on their bags of rice–or how many bullets to buy?

    • It cost our school around $750,000.00, and my son is on his third iPad (preteen boys can be rough on electronics), so I wonder how expensive this will be for taxpayers.

    • We parents pay for our kids’ iPads. Will parents at these schools have to pay for them? Also, parents at our school must have computers at home or at work. It’s no problem for us, but I wonder if all parents of students in public schools have access to computers and high-speed Internet. If not, how will they afford it? Is this another way for FCMABBHO to establish the Internet as another public utility, thereby ensuring governmental regulation?

      • That crossed my mind as well. Instead of them leasing “very expensive” cars, they are going to have to lease a cheaper one to pay for needed things for their kids. However as you stated o trying to get his claws into the internet.

    • Thats what I never understand;
      Why wont the “WH press corps” (I still think the “WH press corps” knows his real schedule & how dysfunctional the Obama family really is) or “media” (like FNC on their shows; The Five, O’Reilley, Hannity etc.) ever mention his ‘daily schedule’…?

      Someone said on here Obama’s ‘schedule’ should be posted on DrudgeReport everyday for the world to see what a lazy, useless bastard Dear Leader Obama truly is.

  2. Now his buddy just took the death sentence away for 4 black murderers who killed a veteren police officer most RACIST men in America Holder And Obama

  3. I remember reading in former first ladies bios, they were the ones involved with education related “meetings”. This just seems weird, with the world burning with bad guys, our “Leader” involves himself with these type of foo-foo events (though important, of course).

    Where’s MO ?

  4. He must be going stir crazy. It has been three days since he boarded AF1. Can’t remember him ever going this long without a fix. Guess it’s taking longer than expected to clean up after his escape to China/Australia.