As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 20, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:30 am || Awards the National Medals of Science and the National Medals of Technology and Innovation; East Room
8:01:30 pm || Delivers and address to the nation on immigration; East Room

All times Eastern

84 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 20, 2014

  1. I just can’t take this anymore.

    I am watching the destruction of my nation.

    That low-life Commie bastard is well on his way to meeting his goal of transforming this nation.

    Socialized medicine? Check.

    Destruction of our energy sector? Check.

    Flooding our nation with millions of criminals (if you come here illegally, you have committed a crime)? Check.

    Don’t get me started on his appeasement of Muslims.

  2. Socialized medicine? Check.

    Destruction of our energy sector? Check.

    Flooding our nation with millions of criminals (if you come here illegally, you have committed a crime)? Check.

  3. People who post here are not accustomed to some bullshit “Moderation” function.

    Why not get rid of it??

    Why not make this site more open to comments at this time?

  4. Can someone explain something that I am confused about? A few months Harry Reid invoked the Nuclear Option by passing bills by simple majority, correct? If that is the case then why did the Keystone Pipeline bill take 60 votes?

    Regarding Amnesty………..this will be the end of the Obama Presidency completely. The question is will this be the start of the end of the Presidency? Perhaps, a hybrid parliamentary system is better for the country then this mess. I don’t believe Madison envisioned a President would act this dishonorably in direct conflict with the actual Citizens and voters.

    • I have that same question and hope someone can answer us. I thought maybe the 60 votes needed were to prevent a filibuster, but then again, as you say, some things only need a simple majority of 51 to pass now thanks to Dingy Harry.

    • As to the second part of your comment, I was upset when after the election the NYT started braying about doing away with midterms. Of course that’s only because they lost, but to me the midterms are the closest thing we have to a parliamentary system where we can make changes and not have to wait for a presidential election every four years. If we did have a parliamentary system, Obama and the Democrats would certainly have a vote of no confidence.

  5. Interestingly enough…

    He’s going to be going right up against some big-screen “Hunger Games” marathons. “Mockingjay Part 1” premieres this weekend, and early showings start Thursday at 8.

    I seriously doubt that was planned: “The Hunger Games” isn’t anywhere on Obama’s radar.

    So art is intersecting strangely with life, as the “1984” of the 21st Century is premiering directly opposite what could be the most provocative power grab in American history.

  6. I’ve read in a couple of spots today that WY Senator Mike Enzi is going to challenge MS Senator Jeff Sessions for the Senate Budget Committee. A person just can’t relax for a few days in the hope that now that the Republicans have won the midterm, things will get better. Jeff Sessions is one of the few heroes I have in politics and has been steadfast in opposition to amnesty and steadfast in his support of American workers. Is this the Republican leadership already betraying us a week later?

  7. I despise this lawless bastard more than I ever thought possible. He’s an evil SOB who has been hell bent on destroying this country, and doing a damn good job at it. Back in 2008, I said it was obvious that he hated this country, but I never thought he would be able to do this much damage. Right now, I’d like to punch in the face every single person who voted for him again in 2012, along with the a-holes who sat home rather than voting for Romney. So freaking stupid! This lawless, raging, out of control narcissist thinks no one can stop him. It’s truly outrageous. Honestly, I hope he…

  8. I remember when I and my husband immigrated to the US. We had to provide endless documentations, proof of financial means, proof of good health etc etc. Authorities wanted to make sure that we were to “benefit” the society and not be burdens. Well, I guess the rules are still strict for Europeans, maybe they are not so much wanted in the US any more.
    I have read about Obamas plans on immigration and I can understand your reactions. A transformation of society, directed from the top without the consent of the citizens. As you know we have a similar situation in Europe. You need an American Neil Farage over there. Get Ron Paul out of retirement .

  9. The ‘end’ of aka Obama will commence once the MEDIA [White House Press Corps – are you still alive?] starts to vigorously investigate; and Congress utilizes its inherent powers to prosecute, convict, evict, and punish him.

    There is no shortage of Crimes Against America committed.

    The shame felt by the Media that they were conned must be tossed aside. Get over it, you fools. Get to work!