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The Obama Morning News || November 19, 2014

Keystone bill fails by one vote . . . A Senate bill aimed at approving the Keystone XL pipeline stalled Tuesday, dealing a blow to Sen. Mary L. Landrieu’s tough re-election bid. Republican leaders plan to bring the pipeline legislation back up next year, when GOP reinforcements appear certain to bring it over the line and to President Barack Obama’s desk. The 59-41 vote fell just one vote short of overcoming a filibuster led by Democrats. The Blaze

Republicans pounce on Landrieu . . . Republicans were quick to argue her primary argument for returning to the Senate has now been demolished and that the outcome could further boost Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.). The Hill

Obamacare official’s brutal leadership . . . A key ObamaCare official engaged in a “cruel and uncaring march” to launch the federal health care website last year and wasn’t open to seeking a delay despite concerns, according to a newly revealed email from her former second-in-command. In the September 2013 email to Todd Park, the former Chief Technology Officer of the U.S., Michelle Snyder characterized her then-boss, CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, as a temper tantrum-throwing, demanding official who vowed the website would launch on time “no matter what.” Fox News

Obama action like Reagan’s and Bush’s? Not . . . What Obama is expected to do would go far beyond his predecessors’ actions. Fox News

Reid to Obama: Go big! . . . “I believe that whatever the president decides to do on his executive order, he should go big — as big as he can — and there’s precedent for him going back to [President Dwight D.] Eisenhower,” Reid said during a press conference. The Hill

White House prepares activists . . . The White House held calls with activist groups on Tuesday to prepare them for President Obama’s executive action on immigration, sources tell The Hill.

White House huddles ahead of Ferguson . . . Obama has been meeting regularly with top officials within his administration — including Attorney General Eric Holder and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett — ahead of the expected announcement. He received a detailed briefing from the Justice Department on Nov. 7. The Hill

GOP may fight Obama without shutdown . . . A senior U.S. House Republican on Tuesday floated a plan to avoid a government shutdown fight in December while also setting a path for undoing sweeping immigration changes President Barack Obama is expected to execute. Reuters

Illegals being released en masse . . . Almost all of the illegal immigrant families traveling from Central America to the U.S. are being released from the special facility meant to hold them in New Mexico, according to the mayor of the town where the special facility is located. Washington Times

12 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 19, 2014

  1. Poor Mary. The US Senate must be populated with racists and sexists, too.

    Go big, MrPresident, – huh. How will illegal aliens trust that this special allowance for them won’t be rescinded in two years?
    What a mess.

  2. They helped stir up this Fer. issue. I would like o to go there today and try to sell a piece of property. This is so unfair to the residents, buisness owner, etc.
    Another thing they have handled this so terribly wrong. Think of this issue when you are being attacked or robbed, and a cop does not help because they do not want to go though this mess.