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Obama to Announce Immigration Plan Thursday Night

President Obama will address the nation Thursday evening at 8:00 pm ET to detail his plan to order a temporary amnesty that is expected to grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants.

The president announced the event himself in a video that first appeared on the White House website. He said he will travel to Las Vegas Friday to talk more about the plan.

A group of 18 leading Democrats were invited to the White House to for dinner to be briefed on the action. No Republicans were invited.

From Obama’s remarks:

Everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken. Unfortunately, Washington has allowed the problem to fester for too long. And so what I’m going to be laying is the things I can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system better, even as I continue two work with Congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill to solve the entire problem.

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  1. The political and msm bobble heads say its broken but what do they know? What specifically is broken? Short answer: nothing. Just a libtard desire to throw open the border for more multicultural government dependency aka democrat voters.

  2. Aha! J. Earnest just laid out the coyote-in-chief’s hidden agenda:

    “I would certainly not rule out that in the coming weeks the President will take additional trips or host other events on this very important issue!”

    This was all planned six years ago. All of his campaigns are over and now is the time to play his trump card – immigration. He used the illegals for six years to bash Boehner over the head; he used them to ‘punish their enemies’ in 2012 to re-elect him; and now he will commit an illegal act and give 5M illegals a green card for two years – knowing full well that the next administration will not hunt them down, take their green cards, and deport them. This IS de facto amnesty. It’s all they want. Citizenship and voter’s rights do not matter to them. As long as they get the bennies and permanent legal status, they are good to go. In the meantime, the borders will remain wide open until 2016. Barack Hussein Obama – con artist extraordinaire!

  3. Does anyone hear at WHD know someone that became a U.S. citizen, the right and legal way? I do, and the party does not appreciate what o is doing.
    As far as I am concerned o is treating Congress like dogmeat.
    They represent us, so therefore, I feel as well o is treating every entire taxpaying citizen of this Country like dogmeat.
    As far as I am concerned as well all the Dems who invited to dinner with him, should publicly turn down the invention. If they attend they have joined him by abusing their postion, and abusing every citizen.

    • “Does anyone hear at WHD know someone that became a U.S. citizen, the right and legal way?”

      I do. A friend of mine from high school came to the U.S. from the Phillipines when he was five. He eventually went through all the classes and was sworn in as a citizen when we were in college. He said it was the proudest day of his life.

    • My friend (in a paralegal class) who was a doctor in her home country.
      She told me the costs $$$$$ and some b#ll-sh%t she went thru with INS because she was an attractive female marrying a US Citizen.
      Some INS agent accused her of being a ‘mail-order bride’.

        • Twice during her interviews at the INS office.
          First time she was alone.
          Second time she was there with the husband and lawyer. She said it was a good thing the lawyer was there because the husband wanted to rip the head off of the INS agent who was treating her so badly.

        • Langley, It is sad to hear the story of your friend who experienced harassment from and INS worker. Unfortunately, every field has their share of rude unprofessional employees who are miserable persons. They need to be ‘supervised OUT the door’!

          For years, I taught American Citizenship classes to those who had received green cards. The people in my training were sponsored by Industries, Universities, even Seminaries, and by medical/technical research entities.
          Additionally, some studied English if they did not already speak it. The tests are given in English. (Unless that has changed in the past 18 months)

          The Naturalization Ceremony is a very moving and emotional event for those who have worked
          so hard and risked so much to become a legal American citizen as well as for those of us who are/were involved.

          At least I know that the people I worked with (some of whom had IQ’s into the ‘genius’ realms and others just ordinary like me) APPRECIATE what they accomplished legally! Their skills and their work ethics are enormously valuable in the USA and in places around the World.

          LEGAL immigrants do not like their hard-earned monies going to illegals who have broken the laws of our country – America. Native born or naturalized Americans ~ we all have the same goals: to live, speak, worship, to be secure in our homes/public, to move about FREELY! jb

    • I do. I dated a guy from Europe in college. When he was a toddler, his family came here for his dad’s job with a defense contractor. He went through PLC and OCS in college, and now is a full-bird colonel in the USMC.

    • Yes, Lee, I used to prepare Latinos at the local junior college to do the interview and take the test for citizenship. Some of them had to learn better English and one even learned how to read. The path to citizenship cost them c. $3,000 and lots of hard work. They had to be legally sponsored by a family member who was already a citizen or by an employer. I keep in touch, and they, understandably, do not like what is happening.

  4. Reckless, lawless, full of deceit, Imposter, Saboteur, Identity Fraudster, Election Thief, Con Man “Obama” invokes “my lawful authority’.

    You’ve got to gag on this one.

    Had he stuck to his ‘true calling’ – acting – he wouldn’t be in such peril.

    Dang fool.

  5. The crux of this is he has nothing to lose, gets his yas-yas bugging Republicans and knows they won’t rescind the peace of mind he is giving people he never would have deported anyway. So he can defy and break the law and be as big a twit as he wants–and who is going to do what…well, we shall see…


  6. He’s giving this speech Thursday because on Friday the Ferguson non-indictment of the police officer is coming down Friday. He KNOWS once the Ferguson riots begin, no one will pay attention to a word Obama has to say.

  7. “No Republicans were invited.”

    Hahaaaaaaaaa! Mr. Negotiator!

    I think it’s funny that he’s going to make legal the parents of “dreamers.” Smuggle in your child, get amnesty because your child was smuggled in. Mexican baby waving works!

    Obama’s legacy — he was a lousy President, the Dems will say, but he gave us millions of Democrat voters.

  8. He needs to be arrested by our military. No man is above the law. The military is the last institution with the ability to stop his lawlessness. He is commander-in-chief of the armed forces. If a top general broke the law, he would be arrested and removed. There is no constitutional bar (or precedent) to arresting the president when he violates the law. The harm he would impose might be irreversible, another reason to act with resolve and alacrity. Note that Biden also shares this lawlessness, actively soliciting violation of U.S. law in South America.

  9. While in Vegas, Obama will give all legal immigrants and the rest of us, his middle finger. Afterwards, he will play golf on some ritzy course.

  10. Wtf? La’s Vegas? Will Guitierrez deliver the speech in Spanish?

    Barrack Obama and every democrat should be escorted from office.

    This is criminal.

  11. Every idiot that praises this amnesty should immediately lose their job and be immediately replaced with one of the illegals this decree legalizes. Doesn’t matter what the job is, praise this action, and you’re replaced. Hell, I think they should have to take in a family of illegals and support them too, since they think it’s so great. And don’t kid yourselves, there is nothing temporary about this. I believe that this will only cover 5 millions illegals about as much as I believe there are only 12 million illegals in the country now.

  12. Sanctifying illegal aliens with amnesty is going to rile up his black supporters like nothing else – Ferguson residents, tighten your seatbelts on a flight to Anywhere Else.

  13. Hi Bama, if you want to go big on Immigration reform, why not get 50,000 Palestians kids, who are living in a terroists area are of their elder making, to enter USA? Democrats can pick more votes in 2016 and your legacy will be Democrat Presidents for ever. Country will reman divided with Republican Congress too.

  14. MSM keep on preaching Obama DOJ has deported 2 million illegals. So why the number still stays the same 11.5 million illegals for ever. We had over 50,000 illegal kids enter last summer, did the same number of illegals were deported.

  15. One of my friend’s son was denied Student Visa to study in USA. Reason given was his uncle is US citizen and he may be sponsored to live here. So the story ends. I suggested that he can come to USA by crossing Mexican border illegally and he will be granted Green Card without any questions

  16. He will play golf in Las Vegas, thats why he’s going there. With all the problems in the world, this con man plays golf while Americans are getting beheaded and Israel is mopping up the blood caused by Obama’s friend and supporter, Hamas. Don’t forget to send Hamas , the murdering religious fanatics, racist terrorists more money this week Obama. You gave Israel the finger after it was attacked the other day. Shame on you!

  17. One thing we can do to fight amnesty, refuse to speak Spanish! Immigrants will demand the whole USA go Spanish as First Language! I know first hand since I’m married to one, and his relatives have fits because I refuse to speak Spanish or even learn it (what, and please my hot-tempered vicious husband?)

    Adios suckers!

  18. I agree in part with one thing he says….our system is broken. Yes, it is broken, Mr. President. The border is not secure. That is what is broken and needs to be immediately fixed. Not this other nonsense. As a former Foreign Service Officer who saw the aftereffects of the 1986 amnesty law, I can say with 100% certainty that what his action will do (unless Republicans block it by refusing to fund those operations) is to INCREASE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Not to mention, there will be many cases of illegals getting amnesty via fraud because they will present false documentation showing they “qualify”. I will not watch him tonight; I’ll read the transcript of his remarks later.

  19. Why not take a cue from Egypt: untold millions of Americans surround the White House and isolate the imperial “president” like antibodies surrounding a disease. Isolate and remove.