As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – November 19, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

20 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – November 19, 2014

  1. Oh What Crap! will Josh “not so” Earnest Spew today as the weak-willed, sycophants in the “WH press corps” take it all in as they nod their heads…

  2. We are watching our country be flushed down the drain. Who needs laws? So much BS and the press just sits there. Your Job is to STAND UP FOR US!!!!

  3. Unwillingness.
    I can’t believe he advertized this himself?
    Has Josh mentioned that these illegals will be living right next to o as well? Will these illegal children be shoved into his kids school as well?
    They can go to the back of the line. That is a joke in itself.
    Has anyone asked Josh, What other law is this man going to shove down our throats?
    I can’t listen anymore!

      • Tell me again how, in your opinion, you demand an answer…Some do followup questions…I agree the inhouse press is not as aggressive as it might be–maybe you miss Helen Thomas. But this constant harping that the press demand answers–I would be glad if they asked the right questions–at least put it out there…

          • I had suggested in the past, that if Josh vears off talking in a circle. The next reporter should ask the same question,
            When I was growing up in school, a teacher would allow the students to raise their hand again and ask for more detail.

          • Spookie says all the time he has better questions–or we would.

            1) Isn’t the reason health care costs are going down in some analyses bec people defer or don’t get care bec of high deductibles?
            2) Why is this now costing a trillion in the next few yrs when it was supposed to cut the deficit?
            3) How about the glitches last weekend in the website–more than hiccups–people could not find their own files from last yr.
            4) Why isn’t Turkey helping us and why do they consider Assad a bigger threat than the headchoppers?
            5) Why did we not get any definite promises from China on emissions–while we pledged definite things that will hurt our companies?
            7) How could the president say he didn’t know Gruber when he had been in meetings with him?
            8) Wouldn’t it be the president’s role as peacemaker to tell everyone who doesn’t live in Ferguson to get out and move along? Yes, a person lost his life, but another may lose his livelihood and life as he knows it –or his physical life–and the process of law will also be destroyed. As president, you need to protect the larger principle. The one that could affect any of us. Be the bigger man, be the leader.
            9) We have another guy who had a neg Ebola test, then had it and died. Since when are these tests the gold standard. Why has this been wiped from the agenda?

            I dunno–what others…?

          • C’mon, these questions are for a good and loyal President, not some crackpot like him. I wish that you were one of the reporters there Star, you questions are right and should get answers.

          • Well, thanks–but my idea is this could be sort of like a push poll–the questions could also be a point of view, if you will…get these ideas out there. But the press does not do it!

  4. MrO: reckless, immature, and unnecessarily confrontational.
    If there are any sane, patriotic Dems left in Congress or around the country, it’s time to visit the WhiteHouse with some straight talk about the damage he will do to them and, by extension, to the whole country.

    What he plans to do might make 5 million Mexican nationals happy, but will test the mettle of 300 million legal citizens. This will not end well for the Dems.

  5. What I got out of it was that Joshy can’t comment until the dictator speaks.
    Many of the reporters posed good questions, but it’s like banging your head against a wall to get a legitimate answer.