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White House Suggests Obama Will Veto Keystone Bill

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today strongly indicated that President Obama will veto legislation in Congress that would allow construction of the Keystone pipeline.

Asked if Obama would veto the bill, Earnest asserted that the proper venue for deciding on Keystone is within the administration, not in Congress.

“There is a process that’s underway that’s going through it’s regular course.” Earnest said. “The State Department is the proper venue for reaching this determination.”

The legislation has passed the House. It is unclear is the Senate will also approve the measure. A key vote is set for tonight.

15 Responses to White House Suggests Obama Will Veto Keystone Bill

  1. Of course. Little Barry is like the kid who takes his ball and goes home when things don’t go his way. He lost, he is a loser, always has been and always will be. And deep down inside, I think he knows that.

  2. Just a note. The Keystone Pipeline has already been built and has been in use for years. It has an excellent environmental record and is shipping crude from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The issue now is the Keystone XL–an extension, an addition, a rerouting of some of the crude. The extension would take some of the tank car transportation business of the crude away from Warren Buffet’s raiiroad BNSF. That’s what’s going on here, even though Buffett claims he supports the extension. Sure.

    • Yep.Buffett.

      Wthout all the coin from rail transport he probably would not be able to pay his secretary at all. And heck some of his contributions to the progressives and Obama would diminish as well.