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Turley: Obama presidency becoming “very, very dangerous”

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, whose independent views lead him to be championed by conservatives and liberals alike, says President Obama’s upcoming executive action on immigration presents and “unprecedented threat” to the Constitutional order.

From an appearance with Megan Kelly on Fox News:

It’s becoming a particularly dangerous moment if the president is going to go forward – particularly after this election – to defy the will of Congress yet again . . . we have a Congress that is coming in with the full voice of the American people behind them . . .

What I tell a lot of my friends on the Democratic side is that we will rue the day that you help create this uber-presidency . . . This will not be our last president, and you may not agree with the next one.

What the Democrats are creating is something very, very dangerous. They’re creating a president who can go it alone. And to go it alone is something that is the very danger that the Framers sought to avoid in our Constitution.

This (executive action) would be unprecedented, and I think it would be an unprecedented threat to the balance of powers in our system.

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  1. I suggested a long time ago, for everyone to start a journal, especially the Dems. Than hide it somewhere for their kids, grandkids, everyone to read. That way they will know who was a apart of the downfall of this Country. This space that the Dems NOW want to place, is now to late. I would have appreciated that space several years ago.

    • Lee, that’s exactly what I have been thinking about for the last six years. Unfortunately, it’s very time consuming, so I have opted to keep every pertinent article ever printed over the last 6yrs. I have volumes of good stuff for posterity. The present-day historians will go to great lengths to white-wash him.. He won’t be recognizable when they are finished.

  2. What Turley said, imho, is why I think if it comes to a budget crisis this time, the country will not blame the Republicans. They “have the full voice of the American people behind them”.

    • The R’s can avoid a shut down if they can get a CR extending to, say, Feb 2015. The D’s will fight that, of course, because they want an omnibudget, peddle to the metal budget. So who knows how that will go.

      Once the Senate becomes officially Republican, we can get some business done. Here’s hoping. I do agree that the R’s are in a better place as far as the mood of the citizenry these days. If they handle this well, they will be supported.

      • Did you hear Rand Paul suggesting we take take an Obama executive order on amnesty to the Supreme Court? There is at lease one precedent case that an overreaching ex. or. was slapped down. The only thing is, a decision would need to be fast-tracked and/or the ex. or. put on hold until a decision came down.

        The WaPo has an editorial and an op ed this morning against an executive order. I was very surprised.

          • I must disagree Star.
            The last shutdown affected 17% of the government.
            The first thing they did was to shut down the access to the public parks, and the memorials, directly affecting the American People.
            In Your Face America.

            KOD to the republicans,……nope.
            We put them in there to get a grip on this Country.
            McConnell has already stated that the government will not be shutdown.
            Bye Bye Mitch !!!!!
            Hope you like the peanut gallery.

          • It may not come to that, Star, and I’m not going to go back and forth on this with you. But the Republicans have to do something: they cannot just cave.

          • Back and forth with her ?
            I will.
            Instead of shutting down the parks, why didn’t they cut back on the EPA ?
            IRS ?
            NEA, both of them ?
            They threatened that social security would be delayed, wrong !
            They threatened that Medicaid would not be paid,
            wrong !
            LIARS !!!

            In January, Harry Reid is gone and Pelosi is a has been.
            Thank Goodness.
            Now we have to work to get true conservative leaders installed in both chambers, not RINOS.

          • The congress should just refuse to fund it.
            Whether they will is yet to be determined.
            The impeachment rantings will not play out as a solution.
            Rather, I would like to see the new congress make the last two years of his presidency be stymied at every turn.
            Even the liberal media are beginning to question the authority that he has vs.what he is determined to use to further his agenda.

          • The thing is, Obama would not sign the budget if there is no funding. He is the one who would precipitate a government shutdown and try to blame it on the Republicans. But history does not always repeat itself, and if this would come to pass, it won’t work this time.

          • I fear he has been hanging on to one plan real tight. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this matter. With what this person has done already, I can’t think of a usual legal path that would be best advised.

          • I was reading an article by an expert who says that someone who started smoking pot at an early age that it can cause permanent damage to the brain and the emotions of an individual. Sound familiar? This expert was trying to figure out why Obama is always so angry and uncooperative with others. I believe that Obama just wants to get rid of the Republicans and have a one party democrat/communist/socialist government that is not the United States anymore but a third world country. It is really dangerous to have such a devious person as “President”, someone with no loyalty to the country, no integrity and lies and cheats to have his own way. This guy has got to go. The Republicans better impeach him NOW before he does that illegal exec. order??? Why aren’t they? Are they in the end going to accept his executive order for millions and millions of illegal people coming here with diseases, no idea of how to live in the United States, or support themselves, take our jobs too when we need more jobs more than ever? Somebody better do something to stop this jerk NOW NOT LATER. Get some loyalty for the American people GOP. Don’t even bargain with him, its not fair to us.

        • I had not heard that. It’s an interesting idea. Right now, I’m all for the House not funding any Executive Order relating to amnesty. Period. They certainly have the COnstitutional power to do that. The impeachment idea is an interesting one–arguments on both sides–but all it would do is screw up Obama’s agenda, which is not a bad idea, of course.

          I’ve been studying the 25th Amendment lately. It’s another way to de-fang Obama, but explosive and wrought with minefields.

          The “cause” for applying the 25th would be Obama’s growing psychological inability to perform his duties. He certainly has demonstrated that of late. He is socially isolated, depressed, angry, consistently making irrational decisions, detached from the reality around him, denying obvious problems right in front of his eyes, pathological lying, high level of paranoid toward all who oppose him, low level of functioning, exaggerated belief in his powers, bizarre reaction to events (post-Benghazi behavior et al), Lots of pathology clinicians could evaluate. It makes Biden the President, but I think that with an all Republican Congress, Biden could be managed.

  3. The questions and issues that have been brought up by this REAL Constitutional Professor needs to be asked of the nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. Let’s get her on record. Of course, she could just lie to Congress like AG Holder. Especially since Contempt of Congress is not a big deal and holds no penalties.

  4. As I said in the previous thread, I hope that Obama will be arrested and hauled off to FED prison as soon as the ink is dry on Executive Amnesty!
    The will be given IMMEDIATE benefits reserved for citizens, even though they are still ILLEGAL. Obama had the audacity to say that the next admihistration can undo his amnesty, but it will remain in effect for the next two years! He is insane!

  5. Why doesn’t Congress pass their own policy with their “Congressional Authority” that conflicts with what the President does. Granted, it can’t be enforced because the Executive branch controls enforcement, but Obama will be left trying to explain why Executive Power trumps Congressional Power in the land of three equal branches and checks and balances.

  6. The dems must be stopped. Here in Mexico north as proclaim by our crazy Governor Jerry Brown, Mexifornia is a disaster. Warning to the rest of the country, we have been over run here by the invading illegals. Our schools have been destroyed by the sheer number of non English speaking students. Now they are getting drivers licenses even tho they are not citizens. Fully 10 % of the Mexican population is already here and more are coming all the time.
    Stop amnesty or the rest of the country will be just like this place!

    • Right, Boehner does nothing but talk and a lawsuit? Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and we all be infected with Ebola, diseases, jobs will be taken by cheap labor, oh, and also lots of crime, drunken hit and runs, robberies, I mean, we don’t know who the hell they will let in here, Could be Islamic terrorists. Obama would never close the border, HE MIGHT LOSE A VOTE FOR HIS COMMUNIST PARTY. He could care less about the American people, only cares about having all those illegal votes to keep the power. I don’t even think the illegals’ health, mental evaluation, etc. will be checked. Just let ’em all in for the votes for him and his band of thieves. Obama lives in a world where he just stubbornly makes his own laws and is just obsessed with himself. I got news for him, he’s plain crazy.