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Obama’s Immigration Flip Flop Explained: He Ordered up a Study!

It seems like there are a couple of ways you can legitimately flip flop if you are the president of the United States.

First, your position can slowly evolve. That is, you think on it until political circumstances change or your vice president gets out ahead of you on  the issue. At that point, your evolution is complete, and you can suddenly decide that you are, say, pro-gay marriage, or whatever else it is you are evolving on at the moment.

The other way is, you formally charge your aides with studying the issue by conducting a review of the issue. Not that they would have any idea what conclusions they need to come to after they have conducted said review, of course. I mean, we wouldn’t want it to be any kind of rigged review, now would we? This is the transparency administration, after all, despite what that Gruber said.

So when President Obama was, to use a technical term, pretty damn clear in September 2013 that he couldn’t expand his “Temporary Dreamer Amnesty” to their parents and others my simply not enforcing the law for them either, it seemed like he was in a box.

Here’s what he said.

If we start broadening that, then essentially I would be ignoring the law – in a way that I think it would be very difficult to defend legally. So that’s not an option.

Well, that was that, it seemed. I mean, Obama is an attorney – or he was until he inactivated his law license – and a Constitutional scholar to boot.

So how could he change his statement when it turned out a year later that BROADENING THAT  and IGNORING THE LAW is exactly what he wanted to do.

Go get a review!!

And that’s exactly what he did. According to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, Obama “ordered a broader, in depth review of existing law,” broader than whatever review he’d done to come to his previous, now inoperative, conclusion.

Earnest said Tuesday:

Since this interview aired, the president did direct the attorney general and the Secretary of Homeland Security to conduct a review of the law to determine what, if any, authority he could use to try to fix some of the problems that House Republicans have refused to address. So this is something that has been under consideration for some time.

Presto! Now we’re going to be able to exert power via executive order, granting temporary amnesty to Dreamers’ parents and lots of other lawbreakers, and Congress can seriously go stick its head in a toilet!

This is an exciting new era in presidential leadership, I have to admit. You may be aghast, but I am an adventurer by nature, and I’m looking forward to the next review, and the next wholesale change in policy.

I mean, anything could happen!

23 thoughts on “Obama’s Immigration Flip Flop Explained: He Ordered up a Study!”

  1. What an exciting novel approach to law enforcement and governing!
    Using the ‘evolve’ method, even I, a former ‘send-them-back’ person can come up with some new ideas:
    1. Examine each and every individual, in person,to determine their real intent to living in the US.
    2. Have them read a selected section of their state’s MVD instruction booklet, both in English and Spanish. Then have them describe what it means.
    3. Ask the wanna-be new legal resident to name the Mayor of the city in which they live.
    4. They must swear allegience to the NFL, and forgo favoritism to any form of Soccer.
    5. They must provide a DNA sample, their current height and weight, hair color, eye color, fingerprints, and shoe size.
    Evolution is a human condition.

    1. Re: #4 I like where you’re going with the soccer thing. What REAL American is interested in soccer, where a TIE is exciting. They even had to come up with their own term, nil, for “nuthin’. I think soccer may be a metaphor for liberal thinking.

  2. Is this the place in time when the republicans start passing individual spending bills for only the specific department they want to fund?

      1. Yup. Talk about transperancy in the administration. I would love to hear the double talk when a pet department goes unfunded. Certainly is one way to get a line item veto.

  3. Keith, I was unable to note the whole thing earlier as Josh rambled.
    I as so sick and tired of them treating us like idiots. Oh yeah, I forgot the word is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He must laugh is ever living tail off at us!

  4. Weren’t review done for the Keystone pipeline that said it would have no environmental effort. I guess that some studies are to be ignored and some to be canonized

    1. He knows he still has the mainstream media on his side…this week they’re fanning the Ferguson flames, ignoring Gruber, and no doubt agreeing with his “evolving” view on immigration and executive orders. They are still doing his bidding.

        1. Oh he definitely has nothing to lose. He knows even when they come in, the Republicans won’t go, “Oh, you can be deported again…sorry…” That bugs me about this, by the way–he is not stopping deportations–he is singlehandedly giving peace of mind (but they SAY no entitlements) without Congressional approval. He is setting in stone selective enforcement…

  5. Most people understand that this is the usual Obama pile of garbage, but all that really matters is that he’ll get the cover that he needs from the media.

    And Eanest’s dig at the Republicans is a nice touch.

  6. Did he have any ‘broad reviews’ in 2011 when he amnestized millions of Dreamers? Or when he orchestrated the C.A. invasion this summer? Or arbitrarily releasing thousands of incarcerated illegal alien criminals onto the streets?

    He seems to be under the delusion that he can ignore our laws, write his own laws, and then the next administration can simply repeal his handiwork if they so desire. And why not? Not a single wimp in Congress has tried to stop him!

      1. So Josh, how can you look in the mirror every day?
        Who do you think lies more, you or your boss?
        What do you really hope to accomplish with this immigration thing?
        How stupid do you think we are????

  7. GOP is making a huge mistake and playing into the Dems pocket on this one. I can’t believe I just said that, but hey it seems to be the talk of the town lately..this politics. Such a dumb game. If the GOP was smart they would had put together an amnesty bill immediately after winning the election. Lazy bums. They are all Lazy Bums.

    1. The only Amnesty Bill that should be passed is one authorizing the immediate deportation of all persons in this country illegally and the sealing of the borders. A very simple bill indeed.

  8. The evil that permeates this dictatorship is astounding to say the least. Everyone in Dictator Obama’s circle of henchmen including himself appears to be incapable of telling the truth about anyone or anything. Truly we are ruled, not governed, by a cabal of warped, totally twisted people who are totally removed from what constitutes being a loyal American citizen.

    This is what it feels like to live not in a free and liberty loving country but in an increasingly brutal totalitarian dictatorship.

    Here’s a question to ponder: When Dictator Obama’s time is up as “president” will he willingly give up power and go into retirement?

  9. Which is just another way of saying that truth, to a Godless liberal, is like Swiss cheese. They can choose as needed to point at the cheese or the holes and call both cheese.

  10. I agree! If Obama can cherrypick laws, ignore some, remake others, cut them into a string of paperdolls, roll them in breadcrumbs, then we can do whatever we want–beat people up, steal, talk dirty, hook school, covet all the wives and husbands, overeat, run with scissors–it’s open season! Got for it!

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