As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:50 am || Meets with the Ebola team; Roosevelt Room
2:15 pm || Participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony

All times Eastern
Live Stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

29 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 18, 2014

  1. What you don’t see on his schedule is that he’ll spend most of his day strategizing about the Gruber scandal and what to do about the immigration reform mess that he’s created.

    • And what’s brewing in Ferguson. All the media hype is generating a riot storm, no matter what the verdict is.
      He’s just hanging out waiting for the storm to break across the nation. Then who knows what he will do…

    • Probably an attempt to do so, but it will fail. I hope they’ve stirred up the “sleeping giant” of American people. No one likes to be called stupid, or worse, to be treated as stupid by having the wool pulled over one’s eyes.

      There are so many crises and scandals, and the old ones like Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, Veterans seem to be driven off the page by Ebola, ISIS, amnesty, Ferguson and now Grubergate. Maybe in the end it will truly be Cloward and Piven and there will be so many scandals, no one will know where to begin in dealing with them and just give up on all.

      • His silhouette on Drudge looks so creepy which it is ..regarding his new favorite ram down America’s throat… The a word(amnesty).
        Such a desperate fool.

      • 3 weeks before the shooting in Missouri a black police officer shot and killed a white 20 year old kid no news on that no President on TV speaking about that why can you say RACIST President


    Gruber: ‘Seniors do a terrible job choosing’ health care plans

    ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber said “seniors do a terrible job choosing” their own public health care plans, according to presentation slides Gruber wrote that were obtained by The Daily Caller.

    With ObamaCare limiting patients’ ability to choose their own insurance plans, doctors and medications, we might now know why: the law’s designers don’t think people know how to choose.

    “We have experimented with choice in public insurance: Medicare Part D,” Gruber stated on a presentation slide dated Jan. 22, 2013. “Typical senior has 50 PDPs [Prescription Drug Plans] to choose from.”

    But what’s wrong with seniors being able to choose their own plan?

    “Seniors do a terrible job choosing,” Gruber said.

    Gruber’s slide then claimed that 12 percent of seniors allegedly picked the lowest-cost Medicare Part D plan and could on average save up to 30 percent more, without noting that some seniors pick prescription drug plans that work for them that are not necessarily the cheapest possible plan.

    • Those plans are devilishly hard to compare–by design, I now assume. You can look at the formulary, see if your drugs are on there, see what tier, see what cost and say OK, this one is best copaywise–but what is the premium? And what if something else goes kerflooey in your body–you could get nailed with some hideously expensive thing if you decide to reat it. There are few side by side comparisons–even the brokers are confused sometimes. Also–drug plans come with a “fine”–if you don’t sign up when you get Medicare, you get gigged a percentage increase in premium for each yr you did not sign up–when you do sign up. Yeah, Grub Man, we are all stupid. And by the way, don’t YOU feel stupid now that your cronies are disavowing even knowing you?

      • I’m sure there are many seniors who do as my husband I do. We use the service of a benefits coordinator to assist us in selecting the best plans for our specific needs. She compares what’s available and presents us with the best options.

        • Lindy: Part D has to be addressed annually. The formularies change from year to year.
          Like all insurance, always best to get a second and third quote before renewal.

      • I think at one time, there was a flat fee of $5.00 per month forever of course. If I am not mistaken, it is now the mid-cost between the lowest and highest prices.

  3. Another brutal day at the office for Barry. In “around” 10 a.m. done by 3PM. Obama hates it that it gets dark so early. No chance for a late afternoon of nine holes. ESPN college and pro basketball is starting; that should help. Never to early to strategize over your NCAA Picks…

  4. It is so freaking hard. To believe that this useless piece of garbage of a POTUS who has broken so many laws has not been impeached we are ready to return America to greatness once again

  5. This is a schedule??? Without the fundraisers Obama is a fish out of water. More time to undermine the Constitution and write EO’s. And when the weather turns bad and he cannot play golf, he will be downright dangerous.