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Journalist: CNBC Told me to Stop Questioning Obamacare Math

Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis says she was told while a reporter at CNBC to put on a lid on it when she questioned how the Obamacare numbers could possibly add up to a free lunch. Stop disrespecting the presidency, was the message.

That doesn’t surprise me. I always felt as an MSM reporter, in the early days of Obamaphoria, that too much skeptical reporting would raise questions about whether I was “one of them,” i.e., some kind of right winger.

I don’t think it tempered my reporting. But the feeling was there.

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  1. Sharyl Attkisson’s new book, “Stonewalled”, has plenty of similar details.

    (And the book begins urging independence in reporting, while describing issues on both sides of the aisle.)

    1. I remember Paul Ryan’s comments at a meeting with Obama early on that Obamacare was using double counting. Once the new term starts in January I would like to see Ryan go after Obamacare again on the numbers.

  2. How do you think he pulled off his IDENTITY FRAUD? Exact same m.o. – shaming, conning, intimidating, silencing, ridiculing. And worse.

    Nearly everything you’ve been told about his family of origin, and his years before law school, is FRAUDULENT.

    There is no such actual birth identity as “Barack Hussein Obama II”.

    The ‘narrative’ – as even the “Obama” Campaign termed it – was created to hide his actual family.

    His mother is NOT dead. She is often in his presence. She’s one of the original Weather Underground.

    I am no nut. I’ve been 20,000 hours into this research.

    1. His named was changed from Barack Obama to Barry Soetoro when his mother’s husband Lolo Soetoro adopted Barack.
      Never hear much about this anywhere. We do know Barry attended school in Indonesia as a child.

  3. Can’t remember who said it this a.m. on MoJoe, but the conclusion was that the MSM is not bias – they just don’t feel the Repubs are interesting enough. I wouldn’t exactly call George W. Bush boring or uninteresting, so that sorta blows their theory.

    Melissa Francis also mentioned that her bosses at CNBC told her they were ‘looking at actresses and comedy writers’. Since she was a child actress on Little House on the Prairie, I wonder what they were talking about. Terminating her? She did not elaborate.

    1. Girly1, I saw Melissa Francis on Media Buzz and just watched the video online to double check what I thought she was referring to with the actress and comedy writer comment. She wasn’t talking about something her bosses said back then. She was referring to NBC’s initial response o the NY Post when this story came out:

      A CNBC rep said, “That’s laughable, but we take notice, because as the fastest-growing network in prime time, we’re always on the lookout for high quality comedy writers and actresses.”

  4. I bet FCMABBHO is hoping for extensive violence after the grand jury releases its findings in the Brown case in order to take the heat off of him and Gruber.

  5. What the lady said isn’t as interesting and compelling as what MrK admitted; intimidation, bullying, and a call to patriotism to keep silent about anything that might harm a DEM president.
    No such restrictive herding was done to ‘respect’ PresBush, so it’s not the office, but the man or the message.

    A lot of us have wondered why almost all of the MSM press could be toeing the line for the progressive agenda as if it were a requirement for legitimacy in journalism. The members of the press are not all the same, have different backgrounds, lead different lives, so what was it that kept them all in line, all parroting the same thing over and over?

    The first public indication that the MSM press wasn’t the ‘free press’ that we believed it to be was the instant, constant, and unrelenting ridicule, shaming, and deep investigation of Sarah Palin. While ignoring the red flags and blinking red lights of Barack Obama’s background and credentiials, they tore into a female candidate for VP with teeth bared and left no stone or rumor unturned.

    Now, when it’s too late, too little, and brings suspicious intents, some of the MSM press allows that they were afraid, intimidated, bullied even, so chose to follow the company line.
    Well, boo hoo. Thanks for nothing.

    1. The MSM has essentially been as discredited as the POTUS.
      The new congress will be convened in January, and they had better do what we elected them to do, STOP Obama.

  6. “Stop disrespecting the presidency, was the message.”

    Disrespecting the government is a crime in many nations. Sad to see that the folks in the MFM in general, and CNBC in particular, are trying to promote hatred of the First Amendment here.

  7. I have a suggestion: turn off your cable TV, unplug it and go back to newspapers. At least in print it’s you and the written word and no third party. I love how pundits on radio, and local radio stations yak on and on about MSM. They’re promoting this garbage by examining every morsel these overpaid state employees spout.

    Face it: We don’t have a PRESS, NO ACCOUNTABILITY in the media anywhere. Turn off the cable TV!

    1. What? Fox is on cable. Are you actually telling us to get rid of that?

      As for the print media, they are just as guilty of bias as the broadcast media. In fact, on one level, they are more guilty because they purport to appeal to the more “intellectual” crowd yet they stack the deck in favor of whatever slant their corporate owners want. (Here’s a hint: find out which company owns your local daily paper.)

      BTW, “press” typically refers to the print media, especially newspapers. Remember Gutenberg? He’s the one who invented the printing press.

    2. The fledgling One America News (OAN) network clearly reports nothing but news. Their few “opinion” programs are clearly labeled as such so there is no mistake about the content. They have the good sense to occasionally engage Mr. Koffler for his cogent comments. You will learn more about what is going on in the world in 10 minutes on OAN than a full day of CNN-MSNBC and even Fox nonsense. They also broadcast half hour news segments on their excellent sister network AWE daily. They diligently and honestly work at edifying rather than crucifying. I hope you can find both channels on your local outlet and if you don’t find them, contact your cable provider.

  8. Obama MADE THE LAW (OBAMACARE) UNCONSTITUTIONAL ON MARCH 6, 2014 BY THE ADMINISTRATIVE FIX “If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your PLAN till October 1, 2016, but only if the insurance commissioner of your state agrees”

    Three judges from the DC court of Appeals NOW CONTROL THE FATE OF OBAMACARE IN CASE 14-5183. The government responded on 17NOV2014. The judges are HENDERSON, SRINIVASIN & MILLETT.

    Lawyers from the American Freedom Law Center on October 16, 2014 filed a motion for an injunction pending appeal based on “unequal treatment under the law” for Obamacare BASED ON THE STATE YOU LIVE IN.


    FYI…At 6:37 AM on 11/18/2014 the story at King v. Burwell, view the history (top right). The page is now locked!!!!

    Contained the following:

    On January 18, 2012, Jonathan Gruber, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist who was a consultant on the ACA, said, “What’s important to remember politically about this is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits.”[21] On January 10, 2012, Gruber said, “… if your governor doesn’t set up an exchange, you’re losing hundreds of millions of dollars of tax credits to be delivered to your citizens.”[22]

    On November 13, 2014, Comments made by Jonathan Gruber—Obamacare’s architect—in which he stated he and his colleagues that were Democrats had concealed the health law’s true costs from the public in order to take advantage of the “stupidity of the American voter” just to pass the bill. Based on statements made in videos that Gruber’s remarks about the intelligence of the American voter were not spontaneous remarks, but a regular remark “punch line” in his standard speeches to audiences around the country. Three videos have been discovered. The first one made widely public was from the University of Pennsylvania of the 24th Annual Health Economics Conference in October 2013; the second was from a lecture that Mr. Gruber delivered at Washington University in St. Louis in October 2013, called the “Cost of health Care,” and third discovered to date was from the Fall 2012 Honors Colloquium, at the University of Rhode Island on November 1, 2012. The the University of Rhode Island speech was just prior to presidential election. Critics have cited these comments as important to the Supreme Court agreeing to review the case[23][24] [25] [26] [27]

    Gruber has characterized his earlier statements as “a mistake”.[28] Gruber’s statements have been widely quoted by proponents of the plaintiff’s position, and were used in Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s case (Pruitt v. Burwell).[29][30] The quotes were also cited by the plaintiff’s attorney for King v. Burwell in his appeal to the Supreme Court.[31][32]

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