As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

174 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 16, 2014

    • Twerkel,

      Not an unreasonable question after the past 6 years with this President. I just hope there is a United States left in January,2017.

      We need the system changed to stop a President from cherry picking what laws he or she will enforce. I also believe we need another way to punish a President who does not do his job other than impeachment. I believe the office that needs changing the most is the Attorney General. This office has become the Presidents Attorney vs. the United States Attorney. Political ideology is NOT a reason for “Prosecuter Discretion” or Blanketed discretion as ordered by the AG. This type of discretion is tearing this country apart. The U.S. laws are against marijuana,yet, Colorado passes a law allowing it. Federal law supersedes State Laws. If the State of XYZ enacted a law to allow slavery during the next administration I can promise ideology would not be an excuse that would be accepted by the Citizens of the U.S. and rightfully so.

      Now that the truth behind how the ACA was constructed to commit a fraud against the “Stupid Peopleof the United States” will our country accept or reject this type of treatment.

      I hope the Attorney General (HopefullyTrey Gowdy) in 2016 will put the any and all people who conspired to defraud the Citizens and if found guilty punish them accordingly including President Obama and all Cabinet Members and Members of Congress that includes any Republicans.

      We have to return to a Nation of Laws and not a Nation of Prosecutorial discretion.

      (Sorry for the long post……..haven’t had my 2nd cup of coffee and I am fed up with this President. Remember his obnoxious comment to Eric Cantor about Elections have consequences? I guess that does not apply for President Obama if he issues an Executive Order for Amnesty. )

      • I like this response a lot. Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. I think we’ve become so reliant on the President…It’s funny. You know, George Washington wasn’t in there until what..1790 or something? I think without one our branches would learn to work together and if we needed someone to go talk to china or something..then just have all of the senators draw from a hat or something.

  1. I just flipped the TV and saw that he was wrapping up a press conference and is now scheduled to depart Australia. It’s currently 5 pm Sunday there. Sunday’s schedule:

    Sunday, November 16, 2014

    8:45AM THE PRESIDENT holds a trilateral meeting with Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan

    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, Brisbane, Australia
    Travel Pool Spray at the Top

    10:00AM THE PRESIDENT participates in a G20 plenary session

    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, Brisbane, Australia
    Closed Press

    11:15AM THE PRESIDENT participates in a G20 plenary session

    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, Brisbane, Australia
    Closed Press

    12:30PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a G20 working lunch

    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, Brisbane, Australia
    Closed Press

    3:30PM THE PRESIDENT holds a Press Conference

    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, Brisbane, Australia
    Open Press

    5:05PM THE PRESIDENT departs Brisbane, Australia en route Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawai’i

    Royal Australian Air Force Base Amberley
    Open Press

    6:10AM THE PRESIDENT arrives Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and Air Force One refuels

    Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Honolulu, Hawai’i
    Travel Pool Coverage

    8:10AM THE PRESIDENT departs Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam en route Washington, DC

    Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Honolulu, Hawai’i
    Travel Pool Coverage

    7:30PM In-Town Travel Pool Call Time

    9:50PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Joint Base Andrews

    Out-of-Town Travel Pool Coverage

    10:05PM THE PRESIDENT arrives the White House

    South Lawn

    Open Press (Final Gather 9:45PM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

  2. When will Obama’s big spending idea end? He wants over $6 Billion for Obola, $3 Billion for giving to poor countries for climate change and $2-3 Trillion (An estimation by Charles Payne of FOX Business News) for giving amnesty to the illegals.

    Answer: Never. It is in his DNA.

    • Isn’t the GOP Congress suppose to handle our purse strings. How can he give away so much, when so much is needed in our country for infrastructure, military and entitlements for Obola’s 47%ers (Romney was right, eh?).

      • I used to say that it took 8 years of Reagan to fix what Jimmy Carter screwed up in four. Well it will now take a half century of Reagan to fix what Obama has screwed up.

    • As I recall, that African delegation made off with about $33 Billion in commitments from US corporations during the phony African summit last August. Plus, Obama slipped them a few more Billion.
      He’s building his legacy in Africa with our taxpayer $$$. No one wants to do business with them – they are so corrupt!

    • It’s in the Brit papers too. I imagine it’s it’s in retaliation for the successful strike on ISIS leadership which wounded al Baghdadi and Jihadi John.

      • He is somewhere in between Austrilia and Hawaii. Instead of sleeping, he should have taken the time to make a comment regarding the maniac’s who took Mr. Peter Kassig’s life. He should skip the Hawaii playtime.

      • Enough already.

        We have enough nukes to erase all of Muslim “civilization” from the face of the Earth. And it’s PAST time for us to do that.

        Their trump card has always been oil, and thanks to fracking, they can’t hold that over us any more.

        Their only products have been oil, and violence. We’ve got the oil now. Is there any reason we should permit the continuance of an ideology whose only product, is violence?

        Exterminate them. ALL of them. If it’s us or them, then let’s make sure it’s them.

        • Why is gas cheap now? OPEC is trying to force the frackers out of business by making it too expensive to produce.

          I think FCMABBHO’s blaming AGW as the reason he doesn’t want Keystone is merely a cover for his allegiance to Abdullah ibn Abdilazīz and the rest of the oil ticks.

          • Yes, people “living” (surviving?) in a hellhole of stonings, torture, genital mutilation, and beheadings. I’d rather have a bomb dropped on me if I were unfortunate enough to be stuck there.

          • Well, that’s you (and I don’t believe it)–but you are talking about making a decision for someone else. Oh, why do I bother? Sometimes the hatred on this list scares me.

          • Well, there’s a thought. You could save yourself the trouble and stop constantly and repeatedly complaining about what other people post about it. For some reason, you seem to think that every post here must meet with your approval.

          • I’m not so sure you can argue about “families,” at least, as we understand them in the West.

            Honor killings? Children being used as homicide bombers? Anti-Semitism as part of official school curricula?

            Oh, what “family values” they have!

            The only function children serve in that barbarian part of the world, is preservation and continuation, if not perpetuation, of the ceaseless cycle of savagery.

          • Disgusting? Disgusting is killing and holding someone’s head in their hands. How dare you? How could you even say the word disgusting about doing to them what they are doing to us? Families? F them and their families after what THEY DO TO FAMILIES RIGHT HERE. These are subhumans who can cut off head after head. They should be exterminated for what they do day after day after day.

        • So awful, no one from the west should travel to the middle east except to Israel. As long as we have this nut “President ” in the White House this murdering of Americans will go on and on until we all wise up and elect a real President who has some brains or care about Americans, he could care less, a true sociopath, Barack Obama.

  3. The article on Fox states Peter Kassig, is an aid worker and former Army Ranger.The Natl. Security Council said that intelligence officials were working as quickly as possible to determine its authenticity.
    The video show what appeared to be the mass beheading of more than a dozen captured Syrian soldiers, but did not show the beheading of the person identified as Peter Kassig, 26.

  4. Morning…Weighing in on the Gruber goober-fest. First of all Gruber is just a MacGruber wannabe with extra hubris sans the sensitivity. Tacky and an excess conceit of stupidity. I forget the rest of it. But remember, there is a big difference between “winging it and seeing what happens”. Oh the vagaries of the liberal mind.

  5. O denied Sunday that HIS signature of o-care was deceptively marketed, REJECTING statements by a consultant on the plan who said aspects of o-care were designed to take advantage of the “stupidity” of voters.
    “The fact that an advisor who was never on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters is not a reflection on the actual process that was run,” o declared at a press conference, speaking for the first time about comments form Gruber.

    • So what was Gruber doing at the White House all those times if he wasn’t on staff? And what was he being paid for? Does nobody care that O just lies at will?

      • I could not believe it Friday night when CBS Evening News had a piece about Gruber. Yet there was not a lot of meat on the bone about their reporting. I’ll watch the old time networks time from time to see what they are not reporting.

        • When I was reading his latest comment on Gruber, I was thinking of Nixon. I also think of the Nixon family. What do they think of o, every time he opens his mouth.

          • Once again (I repeat this as much as the Religion of Peace riff with which we are all familiar) MoJoe reported Gruber every single day. Yes, they tried to relate it to a crack from David Stockman donkey’s years ago, but that quickly flushed.

      • Obama, a complete liar,Gruber in the White House 7 times, Gruber paid $400,000 to dream up the false statements to sell Obamacare to the “stupid” public. But the “stupid” public didn’t want the Obamacare from the beginning but Obama forced it down our throats without consulting any one else, he decided we should have Obamacare, because that made him feel good. So, we aren’t stupid because all of us didn’t want Obamacare but we were FORCED to have it and we are still FORCED TO HAVE IT. Obama is the “stupid” one.

    • To set the record straight, this is an archive of what was posted on ‘’, the President’s own website:

      Jon Gruber Who Helped Write Obamacare And The Massachusetts Health Care Law: “The Federal Reform Is Simply A More Ambitious Version Of The Massachusetts Reform.” “‘The federal reform is simply a more ambitious version of the Massachusetts reform,’ said Jon Gruber, a professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge who helped policy makers write both laws. . .

  6. Obama looks like a preening peacock in Australia! He proudly stated that “it has been a good week for American leadership”!

    He followed up with another blockbuster revelation at a presser when asked about troops on the ground in Iraq:

    “Yes, there are always circumstances in which the US might need to deploy US ground troops. If we discover that ISIL got possession of a nuclear weapon and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands…then yes, you can anticipate that not only would Chairman Dempsey recommend me sending US ground troops to get it out of their hands, but I WOULD ORDER IT!”

    Since Dempsey was in Iraq this week-end, it looks like he has already decided we need ground troops in Iraq. We can add one more ‘big lie’ to his repertory: No ground troops in Iraq – never!
    Volumes could be written about the Obama lies. A good working title would be: “If you like your doctor….”

    Will he be hailed as the conquering hero when he returns to the US today? He is so full of hot air after his re-incarnation, he can probably make it back without AF1.

  7. Others who forgot to read the memo about Islam being the Religion of Peace:

    The situation in the gang-controlled no-go zones of Sweden is deteriorating rapidly. Following the police report conceding the areas to the primarily Muslim immigrant gangs, the Swedish ambulance union is now demanding military grade protection gear to enter the no-go zones. SNIP

  8. On November 14, federal prosecutors made it clear that Attorney General Eric Holder has “taken the death penalty off the table” for four men charged in the gang-related murder of Waynesboro, Virginia, police officer, Captain Kevin Quick. SNIP

    Siblings Daniel Mathis, Shantai Shelton, and Mersadies Shelton have been charged in the death. A fourth person, Kweli Uhuru, has also been charged. All four men “belong to the Bloods gang set 99 Goon Syndikate,” and their trial begins on May 4.SNIP

  9. Russian President Vladimir Putin made an early exit on Sunday from a two-day summit of world leaders where he was roundly criticized over Russia’s escalating aggression in Ukraine, but brushed off suggestions that he had felt pressured.

    Putin was the first leader to fly out of Brisbane on Sunday afternoon as his fellow leaders in the G-20 club of wealthy and developing nations shared a lunch and before they released the communique to cap off their annual summit.

    He also departed Australia shortly before President Barack Obama and European leaders opened their talks on Ukraine, where Russia is backing separatist rebels in the east of the country after annexing Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula in March. SNIP

  10. I was reading a couple of articles on Weasel Zippers. I came across one that states:
    In this time where there is so much evil, let us remind ourselves of the beauty if even the briefest life and the love it can bring.
    Video of father singing to dying newborn son, after wife dies at childbirth.
    I pulled it up on Fox. It stated baby lennon died in his father’s arms on day after the video was filmed.