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Obamacare Bait and Switch

If you like your Obamacare plan, you can keep it. But you’ll have to pay up to 20 percent more.

That was the news dumped out by the White House on a Friday, so hopefully few would see it, just hours before the 2015 marketplace opened.

According to the New York Times, those who bought plans last year face stiff price increases unless they shop around and switch. And even some who shop for better deals won’t help their situation much:

An analysis of the data by The New York Times suggests that although consumers will often be able to find new health plans with prices comparable to those they now pay, the situation varies greatly from state to state and even among counties in the same state.

“Consumers should shop around,” said Marilyn B. Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs the federal insurance exchange serving three dozen states. “With new options available this year, they’re likely to find a better deal.” She asserted that the data showed that “the Affordable Care Act is working.”

Only an elitist denizen of Washington’s ruling class could blithely assert that consumers should simply “shop around.” Changing health insurance after just a year is a serious inconvenience, and even a danger as patients lose good doctors they’ve learned to trust.

The Times outlines the obvious problem:

The new data means that many of the seven million people who have bought insurance through federal and state exchanges will have to change to different health plans if they want to avoid paying more — an inconvenience for consumers just becoming accustomed to their coverage

In employer-sponsored health plans, employees tend to stay with the same insurer from year to year. But for consumers in the public insurance exchanges, that will often be a mistake, experts said.

Different health plans often have different networks of doctors and hospitals and cover different drugs, meaning that consumers who change plans may have to pay more for the same medicines.

Another problem for consumers is that if the price for a low-cost benchmark plan in the area has dropped, the amount of federal subsidies provided by the law could be less, meaning that consumers may have to pay more unless they switch plans.

The Affordable Care Act seems to become less affordable for people every year. But then, when it comes to Obamacare, we’re used to false promises, delivered by leaders who figured we were stupid.

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  1. Incredibly sad for the people forced into this situation by their “leaders” who are nothing but power brokers. We got our renewal info yesterday and I am thrilled it’s with the same companies and with only a 5-8% increase. I thought this was the year ACA would bite those of us in the large company market, but it’s not so bad.

    For them to say “shop around” as though it’s as easy as changing where you buy your bananas is just ridiculous. Not much is harder than having to find a new plan, a new doctor that will take the plan, get new Rxs for all your meds, get all that paperwork to the pharmacy, and do all that before the old Rx runs out at the end of January. We need to fire the lot of these fools.

    • You are falling in line as they expect you to. Satisfied with ONLY a 5-8% increase when the “fact” that we were sold was that our premiums would drop $2,500. Stop being satisfied with being lied to. Preexisting conditions were covered for those insured since the 1990’s and when changing plans a person was issued a HIPAA certificate to take to the new insurer to cover a preexisting condition. What we are paying for is the few that didn’t WANT to pay for insurance by purchasing it and just got covered in an emergency room when they needed it (wanted to feed off the rest of us and still are doing so). States had catastrophic plans for the terminally/seriously ill. But the point of this entire healthcare “plan” is that previously there was no government control to reduce coverage for the masses and to limit what doctors decision could be. That is why the IRS was put as overseer of healthcare industry.

  2. You are SO right on how switching plans or docs is a challenge–like that word?–I cleaned it up. These people must have people for this stuff. My trusted provider (this is Medicare Advantage not Obamacare) dropped out of my plan. I got the provider book–half as thick as 2014–so lots of docs left or were kicked out (I heard if they had fewer than 20 patients in the plan they were let go). There was a whole new network–yet most of the docs I had gone to or fired. I called my broker…he sort of stalled…in the meantime, I got someone at my plan who said oh, just get another doc in your doc’s group who is in the plan and you can still go to the PA. This is what I did. Then I got a letter saying your new doctor is…some other dude. I called AGAIN–and i was a crossing in the mail thing. Do I get paid for this time? Nope. These snoots have no idea what they have done to us. Cutting Medicare to pay for O-care squeezed these plans.

      • Exactly, Star. My husband’s former employer dropped all its retirees from the employer-sponsored Medicare supplement plan. My husband has spent hours and hours on the phone, the Internet, talking with other retirees, etc., to find the plan that works best for him and we can afford. It’s been a tough road, and he is 65. How do older retirees, e.g., those in their 80s, deal with this situation?

        Same with Obamacare. How do some folks deal with this?

      • My mom will be 87 in February. She has Medicare & a supplement from my dads retirement. Last year she had to switch plans, docs & some meds. Thankfully the Medicare helpers were kind & patient with her, & she likes her doc. One bad problem, her RX wasn’t filled on time, it was weekend, so they ‘fronted’ her till the doc called back. We’ll see how this year goes.

    • Yes, just do this and poof! you have a better plan. What insanity they have foisted upon ordinary citizens.
      It’s so hard to do for those of us who live in big urban areas, so it must be next to impossible for those living in small communities or farm areas where there might only be one or two medical people within miles.

      • Obamacare is indeed responsible for cutting down healthcare to rural communities including not only doctors but also hospitals and emergency services like ambulances. There are counties in Indiana which have nothing. It seems to tie in with his social engineering forcing people to abandon fly-over country and live in huge megalopolises, Democratic strongholds.

          • My wife works for a company that is essentially the middle man between medical device manufacturers and doctors, hospitals etc.
            Anything from artificial limbs, replacement hips,……
            I am watching the medical device tax issue carefully.

          • My daughter has a friend who works for one of those companies too. I’ve read that that tax is one of the first things the Republicans will overturn.

          • No.
            They would have to pay more for the devices and probably either eat the cost increase or pass it on to the ‘consumer’.
            Either way,….the bottom line suffers.

          • Wow! They’re billing way more…both Medicare, Medicaid & private insuo have a set reimbursement for each bit of hardware they ‘install’. I think they get write offs, tax wise, on the amount over their billed amount.
            I spent my working years in both private & medicaid insurance. All those $10.00 each pain pills cost them just cents, its a scam getting the non-insured & privately insured to pay the ‘write off’ amounts, as they don’t understand the billing situations. More “stupid” voter/patients to mess with.

      • And are we supposed to believe that in one year so many people needed lactation advice and bc pills that the rates just had to shoot up 20%? They do it bec they can! Oh, I am sorry, Jonathan–was that stupid?

      • My aunt and uncle live in northern Arkansas. My uncle passed 4 months ago. My aunt is disabled and still has to travel to a different town. to see the docter.

    • Star, I think they know exactly what they have done to you and millions of others. They are evil and purposely, deliberately created exactly what you are going through right now. (See Gruber, et al). There will be a special room in Hell for them when their time comes.

        • LOL. This reminds me of watching that film The Doctor sort of by accident while surfing. I hate Wm Hurt. But I got into it again–the offhand cold way some doctors have–and how he saw the error of his ways in this life…I don’t wish an awful ailment on anyone, but these people are probably not dealing with insurance or disease on anything like a daily basis. But what goes around comes around…

      • That “Money Grubber” guy probably has some cushy plan at MIT and never saw an EOB in his life! He made a snide remark I heard this AM about his adolescent children–so I guess they are on his plan until age 26.

        • Yes, and once again we see the implementation of–

          “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”

          These people need to spend some time in a Federal prison.

    • Star, we are also in Medicare Advantage, and our provider pesters my husband and me with all kinds of telephone questionnaires about our doctors and our satisfaction with them and also with offers of bringing their own doctors into our house to do evaluations. We praise our physicians and refuse their offers, but it’s a very disturbing pattern. We are paying them for a service but they are trying to undermine what we have and replace it with something I imagine will not be significantly better than plain Medicare.

      • Julie? Docs want to come to your house? THAT has lots of scary underlying consequences. Do they want to know if you have guns, how much stuff you have that you can be relieved of, when the time comes? That is just too odd & scary for me.

        • Actually, that is one of the questions on my real doctor’s annual health questionnaire. Tied in with the questions, “Are you depressed?” and “Are you the victim of abuse?”, it makes it appear as if that is why they are asking if you have a gun in your home–that is–for your protection.

          • Exactly! I’m sure those questionnaires are accessible to the government if not even handed over to them. I don’t answer the question about depression either. Who knows what that would lead to in the wrong hands?

          • Also, Julie, the laws state that any electronic claim submission is open to the govt & they can then go through all your medical claims. THEN: now with ACA, all claims must be submitted electronically.
            They want to know everything about us…see history, see costs, see age & determine that you are now ‘obsolete’ (see Twilight Zone episode on obsolete) & don’t deserve more costly medical care: death panels.

          • At age 13, my son who loved target shooting, shot down that gun question without a thought. He said no before I could recover. This was about 2003. In AZ !!

      • I NEVER fill in those questionnaires! Never! Yes, they also offer to send over a doctor–stay off my lawn, sonny! No way! While I was on various phone trees (see above), when they came on they started by reading a spiel about how I should stay on my BP meds. Look, people if I need a doctor or want a test, I will go and then you can pay some part of it. Otherwise, butt out.

          • Posted on this a long time ago, but someone wrote me they had one of those dumb “talking physicals” they try to get Medicare people to get–they try to pry out your ailments or whether you can get up from a chair without touching the armrests, etc. According to this woman, the doctor picked up a piece of paper and put it on the floor. Then he asked the woman to put i back on the desk. If she did–it meant not senile yet or something–could follow instructions. If they write ANYTHING in your file it follows you around–some doc said maybe I had congestive heart failure (I don’t ) and I get continual pleas to be in my plan’s special heart failure subprogram. Don’t help me so much! Please!

          • Someone on WHD once wrote–maybe it was you–that the live person he or she was being interviewed by on phone asked suggestive dementia type questions like “Do you know what today’s date is?”

          • Not me, but does not surprise me. If they asked me to do the alphabet backwards or even the day of the week sometimes (I work at home), I would be clapped in a memory unit. Can you say the aphabet backwards?

          • We were flagged by the census. Mr. census guy came to our door wanting more info than ‘2 people live here’, I shut the door & he stayed there writing in his black book for about 10 threatening minutes!

          • PS Never put your SS number on medical clipboards—they never say anything–I never did for yrs. When you are on Medicare, they have it, tho. This is also a good idea in the event of ID theft.

          • They are not a threat to you.
            They want you to think that.
            YOU are a threat to them.
            I had a similar situation during the census.
            The worker asked me some questions and I answered, and then the questions became more personal.
            I stated that it is none of your business.
            After several replies along those lines, she left.

          • Oh, I did not feel threatened. He felt that was his job. Now we have gated, buzz in entry so they can’t get that close again.
            Or anyone else we don’t care to see.

  3. It’s amazing how many MSM stories are being put out blaming the Congress for this but not specifying that it was Democrats alone who passed the Obamanation. To the LIVs the Republicans are equally culpable.

      • I think you’re saying that Congress = House in their eyes and that the Senate is not the other half of Congress. I agree: that is a huge misconception in the country. I’ll have to listen to the media more carefully and see if they foster this misconception themselves.

    • And we know why the Republicans were literally locked out of the conference rooms by Pelosi when ObamaCare was being written—Gruber was in there telling Democrats what words to put in the law.

    • I have also heard with high deductibles–if you need an operation, the surgeon may ask for the $6K or whatever upfront before cutting…They want to make sure they nail it.

        • I received a notice from my provider Blue Shield a couple of weeks ago stating they processed my application “requesting a transfer” to a different plan. I didn’t request any such transfer (made the changeover to one of their new, inferior offerings last December) and am wondering if they simply changed the name of my current plan. Tried to deal with it online, but they said I need to call them. What a nightmare!

  4. Our link MOTUS is dealing with Obamacare today too. One person who comments there mentioned the resemblance between the name Gruber and the name Schicklgruber which led to another Hitler Downfall meme: Hitler Finds Out Field Marshal Gruber Spilled the Beans. Recommended. : – D

  5. Wasn’t there a time, in days gone by, where swindles of this magnitude got the con artists put away for a very, very long time?

    But nooooo, we can’t do that here. This was an act of Congress, don’t you know.

    So even though every last one of those filthy lying greedy scheming power-mad crooks knew DAMN well that they were setting up a fraud racket that would make Charles Ponzi wince, there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Or so they’d like us to think.

    But they may find out too late how wrong they are about that.

    • Another very unsettling aspect of bhocare is that the IRS will not have the POWER to Fund it by eliminating legal deductions on your tax forms without your ability to have legal recourse, and the IRS can force you to pay for audits and assess penalties – against individuals, businesses, corporations, and eventually non-profits!

      The IRS will have absolute dictatorial POWER over every decision that affects your health, jobs, and over the general economic engines that provide stability and security in every American’s life. That is the goal of ‘transform….’ bho aluded to – it is coming far too soon at a time when citizens are just now beginning to realize they have few options left to STOP the power-grab by the Fed Gov’t! jb

    • This correction is for my comment below (if anybody even cares):
      …the IRS will NOW have the POWER…

      (I so need to proofread and try and stop endlessly ranting! Plus, I do enjoy reading all of the ‘conversations’ between all of you!) jb

  6. Since I don’t understand the American healthcare system, I’m not sure if this is relevant…but it can’t be good:

    “Immigrants and their U.S.-born children make up more than 40 percent of new Medicaid recipients at a cost of $4.6 billion, according to an analysis of government data. The Center for Immigration Studies, a low-immigration advocacy group, released a report early Thursday that found both legal and illegal immigrants and their minor children made up 42 percent of Medicaid growth from 2011 to last year”.

    • In other words, four and a half billion taxpayer dollars are being wasted on foreigners who shouldn’t even be here.

      Frankly, what the rule on illegal alien medical care needs to be is, we’ll do the compassionate thing and make sure you’re healthy…but after that, by God, we are going to do the justice thing and airdrop you in the middle of the Atacama desert with just the clothes on your back.

      Adios, and bueno freaking suerte.

    • Gruber has publicly stated (as in the recent videos we’ve seen) that ObamaCare was PURPOSELY written so Americans and the Congress would not understand it. So don’t feel bad because you don’t understand American healthcare policies as ObamaCare defines it. We don’t get it either in terms of what it contains (yet). But we are learning.

  7. I’ve been saying for years that ObummerCare is the biggest fraud perpetuated on the American people ever in our history. We’ve all known from day one that is was nothing but a scam. Thanks to the unethical democrats and the complicit lamestream media, it was difficult to convince others of that, and the scam-artist-in-chief got re-elected.

    My prediction for next January and February: We will hear may stories of people who thought they had cancelled their current ObummerCare plans but found otherwise when the premiums were deducted from their accounts in January. I think many people will choose NOT to renew their plans for next year, either because they feel it’s not worth the price, or the premium increased too much, or both. But, the problem is they will simply not go online to renew it and they’ll believe that’s enough to cancel the plan, while in reality I think that ObummerCare is most likely set up to automatically renew people in the same plan if they don’t renew it themselves or choose another plan. I predict a nightmare early next year when people are fuming that their checking accounts got debited for the premium when they thought they no longer had a plan and they don’t want one. Good luck getting it cancelled and getting the automatic debits to stop.

    • Good point. And when to stop to think this whole mess over–they tried to force people to buy an overpriced item and if they did not, pay a fine…er, tax… Just on its face–a horrible idea. And all this to get payment for services for people too sick to get insurance–have a special plan for them as do many states. Done! But this would not transfer wealth–oh, forgot that.

  8. We wish it was only 20%! Unless we opt for a $7k deductible, our rates as “selected” by our current insurer are up 66%!! Change in nothing in our lives: self-employed, same income as last year, only a year older, no medical problems. But, that doesn’t matter as much as our age, howuch we make, and where we live. Because. IT’S A TAX!