In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Said he took the Constitution Seriously. Over and Over.

With President Obama about to order an amnesty for illegal immigrants via edict, I thought it would be nice to remember that once there was a time when President Obama believed the Constitution came first, before his parochial political concerns.

Okay, there was no such time. But at least there was a time when he pretended. Here are a few snapshots from that earlier, more innocent era.

Here’s Edith and Archie Bunker, expressing their nostalgia for days gone past.

58 thoughts on “Obama Said he took the Constitution Seriously. Over and Over.”

      1. “Barack Hussein Obama” = Where the Hell are his ‘college’ & ‘law school’ records?!

        -I am a US Navy Vet and I wish I could get a job to clean toilets at the Pentagon… But I have to go thru a ‘background check/security clearance’… When did “Barack Hussein Obama” ever go thru a US Govt ‘background check/security clearance’ like a SF-86 form…???

    1. Shame on him! Just keep embarrassing US. He still thinks he’s king of the world, & every single person loves to hear him. Spoiled little kid. I keep wondering if he will take over a swanky Australian golf course.

    2. Good grief. There he is, out there winning more friends. /s/
      What is wrong with this guy, can’t he just be polite to our allies for a little while?

      1. I mentioned earlier on a different thread, what the world must think of us, and the issue of the American citizens being consired and called STUPID!

          1. It’s really confusing since we had 25-30 ft waves here this week in Barry’s favorite vacation spot. At least he could check the surf report before he speaks nonsense.

      1. It seems like Barry has it in for all the Commonwealth countries , including Australia and Canada. He probably considers them to be the last bastions of British imperial rule.

    1. I’m not a TV watcher, especially sitcoms, but All in the Family was one my parents, my husband and I never missed watching together.

  1. Columbia Law Professor, Philip Hambergar, wrote in an article for ‘Imprimis’ (10/14) in which he warns, AGAIN, of the dangers of ‘Administrative Laws’ (aka ExecDep’t/Prez/Edits) which bi-pass the Congressional elected leaders of the citizens and our Constitution!

    (Edited passages below.)
    He wrote, ‘Americans established the Constitution to be the source of all government power to bar any absolute power…the danger {of Adm Law} is it leads to extra-legal, supra-legal, and consolidated power…’

    IMO: The WH Adm advisers, dep’t chairs, EPA, HHS, IRS, and bho are writing their own laws/regulations and deliberately/continuously ignoring fed and state laws in order to gain ‘Absolute Power’!

    The DOJ and Courts are completely complicit in their decisions which are leading to more and more consolidated POWER in the Executive Branch – BHO Dictates/Edits!

    This MUST STOP: 1st Do Not Allow confirmation of Loretta Lynch as the DOJ Attorney General. Write/Call your legislators and leave messages with their office aides – over and over – until you know your message has been read – ask for confirmation!

    These coming weeks will have several critical issues within the USA and in strategic places overseas. The chaos will demand attention on every level, so do not be distracted nor deceived nor lose sight of what is absolutely endangered: ‘First Amendment Rights’! jb

      1. As we are speaking of his supreme disrepect for the Constitution.
        If any of my fellow readers had his position, and did as he is doing. What do you think your kids would be asking you?
        I imagine that most kids would say: I would really like this to remain a Country as it is. Why are you doing everything that you are doing?

  2. He certainly “executed” the office – he murdered it!

    Article Two, Section One, Clause Eight:
    Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:— “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

  3. He’s lied about everything else. Why would he tell the truth about this?

    Or maybe he was talking about Indonesia’s constitution under Suharto.

  4. I find Peggy Noonan’s latest, “The Loneliest President Since Nixon”, very irritating. It’s a title just perfect for making people feel sorry for Obama, and, what’s more, he is not all that lonely. He has a whole nation of idiots who still believe in him, including, Ms. Noonan, the media.

    1. That’s interesting Noonan.
      You are obviously still ensconced in the web of WDC.
      You need to get out more often..
      I do not feel sorry for Obama.
      He created the situation he exists in.
      He created the situation we exist in.
      America has seen their mistake, and are working to rectify it.
      The next two years are going to be interesting.

      Let’s see if the congress has the balls to confront the mighty Obama.

      1. I don’t know Noonan’s views on amnesty. If anyone does, I’d be interested to hear them. She may be one of those big business, Wall St. Republicans who want the cheap labor. This article did appear in the WSJ.

        1. If that is Peggy Noonan,…she wrote speeches for Reagan.
          Someone said up the thread that she is a fence sitter, I agree.
          Chameleon would be more precise.

  5. ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ = “Constitutional Scholar” MY ASS.

    I am a Paralegal student and I know more about the “US Constitution” and US Law & Government than Obama…

    1. If I may ask, Do you and your fellow students discuss things that we discuss here at WHD? One more:
      Does your teacher discuss any of these matters as well?

  6. Would love to see a portrait of Rep. Joe Wilson hanging in the Capital bldg. His two words should be emblazoned on Obama’s tombstone.

    Obama speaks with fork-tongue. He never had any intention of passing amnesty before his last two years in office. He could have done it when he had complete control of Congress for two years. He tried to pacify the simple-minded Hispanics with all of that Constitution BS b/c he didn’t want to risk losing any elections. He knew the voters would punish him at the polls. Now that there are no more elections, he is full of bravado. What a two-faced coward!

    Ironically, he spent his first two years orchestrating the greatest illegal, anti-Constitutional fraud in this history of this country – ObamaCare.

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  8. That Senate bill would not pass today in the aftermath of this Summer’s Surge and the realization it was actively encouraged by Obama policies and in the realization of the disease it brings and the corrupt way he hid these people and dispersed them across the country. Note that 90% of them have not shown up for their Hearing dates.

    If Obama wants to force a policy disliked by a vast majority of the people, and in a manner actively disliked by a majority of people who want the system to work as your video shows Obama knows it should, then he will rue the day he does it.

    1. I hope he will rue the day but the Republicans won’t impeach him. I believe they should be shouting from the rooftops to Obama that if he signs that exec order, he will be impeached! Why won’t the Republicans protect us like that? Does it always have to be about politics, especially when this exec order can ruin our lives? C’mon, you have both the senate now and the house big time, so STOP HIM, IMPEACH HIM, SUE HIM, DON’T GIVE HIM ANY MONEY! HE TELLS THE WORLD THAT AMERICAL IS GOING TO GIVE BILLIONS OF OUR MONEY, NOT HIS MONEY, TO PEOPLE ON HIS OWN? STOP HIM ALREADY. HE WANTS TO BREAK THE REPUBLICANS, ITS TRUE, HE’S ALL BRAVADO NOW, BECAUSE HE CAN’T RUN AGAIN WHICH PROVES HE IS A LIAR AND A TWO-FACED MANIAC. Excuse my caps, sorry.

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