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Krauthammer Goes There

Columnist Charles Krauthammer Thursday said if President Obama issues an executive order allowing amnesty for millions without the concurrence of Congress, he will have committed an impeachable offense.

This is significant because Krauthammer is viewed with respect on both sides of the aisle and seen as a commentator who makes considered judgments.

His statement will get some Republicans who have not seriously considered impeachment thinking about it. And it will help provide other Republicans who have thought about it with the intellectual cover they need to begin pushing for impeachment proceedings.

Krauthammer spoke on Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s show. In his remarks, his comment about “prosecutorial discretion” refers to the mechanism by which Obama will achieve the amnesty – simply not prosecuting those who are here illegally.

I would note also that Krauthammer is a little careful here. He doesn’t exactly say Obama should be impeached. But he does say it would be “an impeachable offense.”

From his remarks:

I believe it is an impeachable offense. This idea of prosecutorial discretion is really a travesty. It is intended for extreme cases. for a case where you want to show mercy for individual or two where it’s unusual incident unusual circumstances and you say, okay, we’re going to give this person a pass. it was never intended to abolish a whole class of people subject to a law and to essentially abolish whole sections of a law.

That’s the way the system is in Venezuela. If the the caudillo isn’t able to get stuff done through congress, he issues a decree and that’s it, and he’ll arrest anybody who gets in the way,” Krauthammer said. The whole American system is designed that it has to be a collaboration between the Congress and the president. Congress has to pass it, he has to sign it. That’s the way the damn thing works.

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  1. Obama is begging for impeachment, only the Democrats were talking about impeachment during the election. He could play victim, again, and call out the mean Republicans who are raciest. There is no doubt in my mind he wants this, badly all for political reasons. Clinton was no worse for the wear in the end, and Obama seeks the same fate.

  2. He actually went on to give a very good example. He used the example of Republican President that did not like the capital gains tax. How would people respond if that President unilaterally suspended the capital gains tax, and said people who owed it in the past would not have to pay it, nor would they be prosecuted for tax evasion. I think we all know what people’s reaction to that would be,

  3. Andrew McCarthy and Judge Napolitano also said this will be an impeachable offense. This unilateral amnesty will be irreversible. Obama knows it’s illegal – he said so – often. De-funding is not the answer – Obama will rob Peter to pay Paul.

    I believe justice should be swift and hard. Impeachment will be his legacy. There may not be enough votes for a conviction, but this narcissist will never recover from the “I” word that will follow him in history books for eternity. First Black President Impeached! Such a nice ring to it. IMO, Obama is terrified at the prospect.

      • I wonder if he thinks impeachment would (1) establish racism on part of Republicans and Congress and (2) help excuse why he is such a failure at the job. Impeachment might help him in the history books.

        • No doubt he is lashing out at the Republican win. I hope the brightest minds in that party prevail, and yes, I think they do have some bright minds. Jeff Sessions is one, and no matter if you like Ted Cruz or not, he is a real Constitutional scholar, more so than some on the Supreme Court. And I think they ought to enlist the help of some Constitutional scholars who are not Republicans, Alan Dershowitz, Professor Turley.

          • Profs Turley and Dershowitz both furiously lashed out against Obama and the ‘Big Lie” when it was exposed. As I recall, both men thought THAT was an impeachable offense. Dershowitz also praised Ted Cruz to the high heavens – saying he was the smartest student he ever had.
            Now that Congress has the votes to impeach, I hope and pray they go forth! It’s not a one-way street anymore – more and more Dems are joining the bandwagon.

      • I think you’re right. He WOULD welcome it…initially.

        But the trail of his offenses is so long and so crooked that his agitation for impeachment could well backfire on him.

    • There would be riots across the country like we never saw in the 60s or in Missouri. Remember how the government stockpiled all the ammunition?

      Worst case, Mr.0 would call off the 2016 election while he and his administration restores order.

      • Declaring martial law, establishing curfews for the U.S., calling off the election…all things to continue his “rule”. I guess anything is possible, and dire consequences feeds his hatred for us.

    • I’m not so sure that the votes aren’t there in the Senate.

      Look at the Senate map for 2018. Not 16–that’s GOP-heavy. But a lot of Democrats who coattailed off Obama in 2012 will be facing the voters for the first time since Obama got re-elected, with the full scope of his lawlessness a matter of record.

      More, if the GOP wins the White House in 2016–and at this point, I contend that the Democrats do not have a single electable candidate announced yet for ’16–then the GOP president is going to say, “Get these roadblock senators out of here. After all, they acquitted Obama,” etc.

      Here are the senators up in 2018, listed by their vote percentages from 2012. An asterisk (*) indicates a freshman senator who’s facing their first re-election. I’m going to draw a line across the list at 55%, which is about where you can call it a competitive race.

      Gillibrand, NY, 71.6
      Sanders, VT, 71.0
      Carper, DE, 66.4
      Klobuchar, MN, 65.2
      Whitehouse, RI, 64.8
      Hirono*, HI, 62.6
      Feinstein, CA, 62.5
      Manchin, WV, 60.6
      Cantwell, WA, 60.5
      Menendez, NJ, 58.9
      Stabenow, MI, 58.8
      Cardin, MD, 56.0
      Nelson, FL, 55.2
      ——55 PERCENT LINE——-
      McCaskill, MO, 54.8
      Murphy*, CT, 54.8
      Casey Jr., PA, 53.7
      Warren*, MA, 53.7
      Kaine, VA, 52.9
      King*, ME, 52.9
      Baldwin*, WI, 51.4
      Heinrich*, NM, 51.0
      Brown, OH, 50.7
      Heitkamp*, ND, 50.2
      Donnelly*, 50.0
      Tester, MT, 48.6

      Note that there are a dozen Democrats below the line, half of them freshmen. Joe Manchin knows what side his bread is buttered on, so now you’re at 13.

      Remember, if Landdrieu loses next month, the GOP will have 54 seats.

      Remind me: what’s 54 plus 13? Oh, that’s right. 67. Which would be a two-thirds vote in the Senate.

      So, by my count at least, the votes for conviction and removal really are there.

      Tell me I’m wrong.

  4. It’s almost as if Obama is asking for it. I think he would be happy to have it destroy our country, and frankly it’s a win win for him in his own eyes. If he is impeached and prosecuted, it would produce great civil unrest, not like the Clinton case at all. If he is not impeached, he will have destroyed the Congress and the Constitution.

    There will come a point when the only way to save the country would be for the Democrats and the courts to side with those who would impeach.

  5. This needs to be addressed and taken care of by Congress, now!
    I am fearing what o has up his sleeve, however on top of that I fear what the next person in office may get away with.
    The List is getting longer and longer.
    It is Friday, we usually have a big surprise from o slid under, before he escapes to the course.
    By the way, I typed in Best golf courses in Austrilia. I believe 5 came up.
    Which one will he pick?

  6. I listen to Krautie but he is not my north star. Impeachment would gain nothing—huge timewaster–devastate the country–probably fail–could cause a race confrontation–and would end us up with Biden, best case. Talk about lose lose. Yes, it’s frustrating to find a way to sputter around and get back at him for this fiat stuff–but we need some sound thinking here.

  7. He’s been saying this is an impeachable offense for the past several weeks (mostly on Special Report)…and always adds the caveat that the Republicans should not pursue it because it’s political suicide. Last night’s comments were no different.

    • All the more reason to throw Obama out.

      Remember the chaos from the GOP primaries in 2012? Imagine the same scenario playing out in the Democratic primaries in 2016.

      Hello, Republican president!

  8. Go to You Tube and see “Watch Obama Make the Case Against Executive Amnesty”. In 2008 he was complaining about Bush abusing executive power. He promised he won’t. The video is a minute and half. FOX should run it instead of commercials. The other networks sure won’t.

    The purpose of executive power is to give guidance for those in charge of enforcing the law instead of making law.