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Video || Behind the Scenes with Obama in Asia

Okay, yeah, this is White House-produced propaganda. But I thought you might enjoy sharing some of the access given White House videographers and get a look at some intimate shots not afforded the press.

Note, unfortunately, the nauseatingly fast cuts from scene to scene. This is of course consistent with the style expected of music videos and TV reality shows, which are done with the assumption of a declining attention span of the average American whose senses are assaulted daily by television and video games.

So we’re treated to the same quick blast per scene, whether the content is interesting or not. Do they think we’re too stupid to hold onto a thought for more than three seconds?

Okay, don’t answer that.

37 Responses to Video || Behind the Scenes with Obama in Asia

  1. OK, a minute and a half is too long to watch this misleading and spun vision of what really happened on this trip.
    He was snubbed, lied to, avoided, and dismissed by other world leaders and will come home with accomplishing nothing except showing us how the world treats a weak American President.

  2. Is it just me, or does Obama somehow manage to get himself in the middle of every table setting and assembled picture? Can’t just be a coincidence.

    BTW: “Meetings with Xi 6:30 – 11:15”. Looks like Mr. Obama’s endurance and attention span are increasing. Maybe his overseas scheduler can arrange his busy days over here.

    Also: Drudge has a piece on the father of someone killed by an illegal alien who shouldn’t have been here — asking for an Executive Order to bring back his son. Crickets expected (again)

        • Agreements (?) between bho and China on carbon emissions reductions are meaningless for the Chinese Gov’t and must be SCRAPED immediately by the USA! Why? When the USA became more fully developed economically, the citizens over the past five decades embraced the necessity of implementing Clean Air & Clean Water programs that contribute to the improved overall HEALTH of Americans now and into the future. (I am not talking about the extreme ‘eco-nuts’ hysterical agenda..)

          The Chinese citizens have NO input into how their repressive Chinese Gov’t operates. They have no vote/voice about issues. Therefore, the bho/Chinese ‘talks’ on CO2 reductions are NOT binding on their Gov’t! They will continue to pollute because they CAN!

          Innovation by American energy producers has resulted in the successful ‘clean coal’ and natural gas technology that provides jobs, revenues, and a clean environment!

          The UN Mandate for Controlling CO2 as an answer to ‘GW hysteria’ means controlling a nations’ resources and people. Greed is the motivator for suppressing any under developed poor country from protecting their natural resources and developing industries to improve the life expectancies and ways of life for their citizens! jk
          (Sorry for preaching to the CHOIR on WHD with my ‘much too long essays’ for a blog site!)

  3. Oh my, in the background I saw beautiful architecture, wonderful massive arched doors and windows, lovely patterned carpets, a beautiful skyline of the city, table settings that you can’t even describe, beautiful marble flooring, and a wonderful American Flag.

    Then the scenery got ruined when I saw Obama and his teleprompter.

    • Agree. I could not listen to the whole gig. Had to mute.
      Do you think they will add the word MUTE, when teaching about o years from now?
      During that time period, many citizens had to MUTE, the computer, TV, radio while o spoke. sarc