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The Culture of Imminent Danger and the Left

Fear is gripping the land. And it’s a good thing. For the Left, anyway, which has the perfect palliative: the warm, comforting embrace of government.

Did you now, a new threat to students has been identified by school district officials in Eau Claire, Wisconsin? Veterans. Veterans trying to teach kids about patriotism and sacrifice.

As part of a Veterans Day program for the schools, the former service members traditionally fire a 21-gun salute using blanks. The tradition reportedly goes back to the 1930s.

No more.

“It’s getting harder to be able to do our veterans program.” said Kay Wilson of the Eau Claire Patriotic Council. “It’s really hard to tell those veterans they’re not able to bring those rifles in. The only purpose is to honor our flag and our country and to teach the kids, and the schools just don’t want our rifles in anymore.”

I’m sure the 21-gun salute was also the best part of the whole event, one many kids would remember the rest of their lives. But some parents and school district officials felt uneasy about it.

I took the FBI building tour in Washington when I was a kid. What do I remember most clearly? The gun demonstration. I wonder if they still have it for kids. I wonder if they still show children, as they did me, the top ten most wanted criminals. Probably not, because maybe one kid in a thousand’s poor, fragile psyche would be traumatized by the sight of a real, live criminal.

I wonder, how many school shootings have involved veterans staging 21-gun salutes? I guess it could possibly happen. I suppose if the Eau Claire school district continued the practice until the year 3750, one veteran might go berserk and shoot the place up.

The veterans decided the 21-gun salute was too important to be shunted aside, so they weren’t at the school this year.

You see, this is the thinking liberals like President Obama want taking root in this country. That there are dangers everywhere. That some small chance of a mishap is magnified into something imminent just waiting to happen to the next sucker who risks stepping outside their home.

Many people, for example, don’t let their kids play outside anymore because, these days, they might get kidnapped. But kids actually aren’t any more likely to be abducted by strangers than they were 40 years ago. And even amid the current “plague” of school shootings, the chances of one at your local elementary school are infinitesimal.

But as the culture of imminent danger takes hold, the government is there to lend a hand. Afraid of risk? Government can handle that for you. It can drum the risk right out your life and give you the pleasant, floating sensation of a fully lobotomized existence.

Scared your kid is going to get shot? Lets regulate guns out of the reach of average citizens.

Frightened you might lose your job? Your government has got non-sunsetting unemployment insurance and a bountiful picnic basket of eternal welfare benefits for you to choose from.

Scared the warming weather will bring the sea into your kitchen? The man from government has a carbon reduction program that will cool the oceans.

Paralyzed by the thought someone might be insulted? Let’s talk about what you can’t say.

Dreading that a branch might fall on your head? We’ll write a regulation on where people can plant trees.

Worried that capitalism might leave you in the losers column? Well, we’ve got a solution for that too.

The psychology of risk-fearing that is taking hold in this society serves the ends of the Left quite well. It’s reached well beyond the liberal coasts and deep into the heartland. And so this year, the veterans of Eau Claire presented their lesson in duty and honor not at the school, but at the local Burger King.

30 Responses to The Culture of Imminent Danger and the Left

  1. I’m sorry the vets backed off. Words still should be more powerful than an 21 gun salute, but who knows if that is true anymore. Maybe just words would not get their attention. But now the kids will hear nothing, and that’s what the people who want to overthrow the United States want.

    • I am as well Julie. On Veterans day Fox had the military band, and the fine people who perform with the rifle. I was listening to the music. I walked by the TV and stopped short, to see the fine men and woman tossing the gun. (That is the wrong title, I’m sure.)
      I wonder how many parents called the school?
      As this Country is being brain washed, I hope parents are talking to their kids at home about what is right and wrong.

  2. We’re more afraid of our own government than some random bad guy shooting up the Walmart or CVS. They can reduce us to poverty, throw us in jail, remove us from society without a how-de-do and there’s no one to champion our freedoms.

    In a previous thread, the government’s new attempt to place low or no-income housing into what they deem as ‘middle-class’ neighborhoods has little to nothing to do with racial diversity, but rather with the placement of solid Dem voters into what might be a Repub area.
    We’ve heard MrObama complain that all of the solid, 100% Dem votes in urban areas are “wasted” when they should be scattered among other areas where they’re more advantageous to the Dems.
    This is our government attempting to create a Dem majority across the US as our one, and only, ruling class.
    They view the Repub or conservative voter as an enemy of the sitting government and will do all they can to erase our influence, our ability to protect our homes and family, and to be forced to live under the progressive rule they believe is “fair”.
    They take our money, they stole our healthcare, they want to steal our guns and rights to assemble and free speech.
    The government is our enemy and we are theirs.

          • And I actually think most Americans–even Watters Worlders–are pretty street smart. Even on that show, they may not know the VP, but there they are, dressed, walking around, maybe to a job, maybe to look for one, they don’t seem homeless, they know they can’t afford health ins and so don’t spend any time thinking about it, if they have heard of a fine for not having it, they will just see what happens, they will never go to DC, meet the president or that other guy, so they don’t spend time on that either, They have a phone, often a friend or sig other there so they are not social pariahs…I also see a sense of humor and some charm sometimes–these are the people everyone wants to disdain…but they are part of the Am landscape and usually look out for Number One pretty well. And if Gruber and one of those “stupids” went on Survivor, my money would be on the guy who doesn’t know the name of the VP.

  3. But it’s such a great learning opportunity:

    Since only seven guns are actually used, students can have a lasting lesson on multiplication tables — and the power of “threes”.

    They can also learn the national tradition of firing blanks.

    And if a real armed shooter happens to show up, they’ll learn the value of symbolism over real action.

  4. “The scariest words in the English language; I’m from the government & I’m here to help.”
    Ronald Reagan. I had that quote at my desk in a very liberal company I worked for. If I hadn’t left before, I would now, as they demand all employees have the annual flu shot.

  5. The 21 gun salute is a long held tradition and I see nothing wrong with having it at a Veteran’s Day presentation at school. I wonder if they allow police officers to enter the school wearing their weapons or whether they require them to lock them in their cars.

  6. While serving in the Air Force, in Texas, I had the privilege of being on the honor guard while waiting for my security clearance to come through.
    This was not a demonstration at a school.
    This was the 21 gun salute for veterans that had passed.
    A casket draped with Old Glory and a grieving family saying good-bye to the deceased warrior.
    It was a moving experience, one that I will never forget.
    7 of us, shooting 3 times, Springfield M-1’s.
    Dress uniforms, and chromed rifles.
    I participated in three funerals before I was transferred to New York for my next assignment.

    I recently spoke to an Army recruiter, 101st Airborne that was tasked to try and promote service in the armed forces within the local school system.
    He told me that some wouldn’t let him in the door.

    • I believe the thinking of the left is if you both shame and homosexualize the military, not many people will sign up. With a small military, wars could not be fought and the power and influence of the U.S. would end, which is what they really want to happen.

    • I believe the thinking of the left is if you make military service shameful or without much merit, not many people will sign up. With a small military, wars could not be fought and the power and influence of the U.S. would end, which is what they really want to happen.

      • Wow, you post knocked me out! You are probably right, these democrat/socialists/communists live in a drug-fueled, unrealistic dream world, like a fairy tale, without wars and they are just devious enough. How can Americans trust these liars who are trying to take America down for their own twisted version of how our country should be, one that is less strong and similar to a third world country. That is their vision and we better stand up to them or we are finished.

  7. The reality is that anything that makes sense, uses common sense, or does not meet the criteria of the contradictory “educational” system is being incrementally disposed of.

    Most parents today have absolutely no fear about their kids getting STD’s or ovarian, oral or anal cancer because their teen is having sex, no problems with provocative clothing, or little clothing for girls, no problems with their kids listening to music, going to movies and watching TV shows that embrace promiscuity, infidelity, divorce, homosexual relationships, people jumping in and out of bed in most of them, filthy language, hatred of cops and all authority, or the indoctrination of their kids at school into becoming mindless, robotic slaves to the state or big business but those little darlings cannot hear the word gun let alone see one. They also have to be bundled up, wear helmets, seatbelts, and be protected from the possibility of catching a cold, skinning their knee, or having any fun if by doing so they might, God forbid, not be following some government rule or regulation.

  8. The ever present Boogeyman waiting to tear your head off is one of the most used tactics by lefty propagandists to demoralize and infantalize the citizenry into the stranglehold of the “we’ll save you” lie Central government goons use to get their way.

    In “1984” Orwell writes about a mysterious enemy whom only Big Brother can conquer and thus save people from harm and death. There are lots of examples in history. False flags events are used all the time by political leaders. Hell, prominent leftist and author Stephen King became a multimillionaire writing about monsters chasing you around the house trying to kill you.

    Obama uses the idea of people (Republicans) trying to destroy your life every day. The idea is, be afraid, people, be very afraid. Only I, the Great and Magnificent Obama, can save you.

  9. Great column Keith, love this one, so true. And the way Veterans are being treated brings tears to my eyes. I miss the old days like a lot of people. I swear its all because of that viscious, mentally challenged leftist Obama being the “President”. I do hope we return to normal with a Republican American president next time and not Hillary Clinton. I am afraid of voter fraud and that she will be the next one. I really want a patriotic president again, one who will help AMERICANS, and the coal people, they are really having a terrible time with their industry. one who doesn’t advocate for constant abortion of human life, one who doesn’t encourage abortion, a President who has empathy for human life. A genuine human being who cares, not a spitefull, get-even President.