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Video || Gruber’s Greatest Hits

A guide to Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber’s awfulest acts of arrogance.

H/T to David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon.

33 thoughts on “Video || Gruber’s Greatest Hits”

  1. The morning crew at MSNBC tried their best to pour calming oil over this outrage by playing a clip of PresReagan’s advisor saying he didn’t know what the numbers on a budget meant. It was a pathetic and painfully obvious ploy meant to change the impact of this guy’s terrible admission.
    They squirmed, twisted and still had to admit that this could be the final word that ends Obamacare.

      1. The Stockman comment was too long ago and weak–but it was one person not the whole crew. Actually–to me anyway–they seemed shocked at Gruber–or maybe that it came out, not sure.

        1. Also–on O’Reilly thre pointed out this twit made $400,000 in consulting fees for this arrogant manipulation. Even on MoJoe–they recalled the Cornhusker thing etc.

          1. May I add one question? Beckel is insisting this law is working–the people who have it love it–etc. Also, he says you don’t hear much about it. Am I wrong–do we not hear about it bec the enrollment period has not started and before this no ins could be sold? Who knows if the website will work–do we know yet?

          2. Plus, according to a story in the last couple of days, the “back end” of ObamaCare is still not up and running properly to handle the business end of ObamaCare. What a complete mess. It’s only going to get worse.

          3. I was so shocked the other day to hear a lib colleague (college in Maryland) say how disappointed he and his wife had been with how Obama had turned out as POTUS. I refrained from saying, “could have told you that 6 years ago”.

    1. Girly, I just finished reading last night’s thread and am bowled over that you knew Van Cliburn. What a different country we were back then. A classical pianist would never be given a ticker tape parade in NYC today.

      1. It was a special time, Julie. So glad I was there to absorb it all.

        I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth noting. During Obama’s first Inaugural, one of the guest soloists was Yo Yo Ma. I was so shocked b/c MO and the kids kept talking animatedly throughout his entire performance. Totally ignored him. Never looked his way. Now if it had been Beyonce….
        Well, come to think of it, didn’t she perform at the second Inaugural? I wasn’t paying attention.

        2016 can’t come soon enough!

  2. As I responded to Marcus’ post in the previous thread:

    He regrets for having been publicly exposed as a fool for having made the remark. SNIP

    As Rhett said to Scarlett: You’re like the thief who isn’t the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he’s going to jail.

  3. Hey Johnboy! Ever hear the expression “stupid is as stupid does?”
    Anyone….ANYONE…who think this jerk is smart or intelligent or even cute…is a moron. And that is way worse than stupid.
    Who let this idiot out of his box?
    And who hired him? That is the next, pertinent question.

    1. He could have at least used the word, ill advised, instead of STUPID! That is an insulting, degrading word. There are people in this world such as my dear cousin, now 39 years old has autism.

  4. Those of us who spoke out against Obamacare were called “teabagging wing nuts” among other things, and dismissed by these arrogant jackasses as ill informed “Fox News” watchers.

    Please let Mr. Gruber know you’re offended by his remarks and pass on his contact info to other “stupid voters” who might like to thank him for his candid comments:

    Jonathan Gruber

    Contact Information

    Phone: (617) 253-8892

    Fax: (617) 253-1330


    MIT Department of Economics
    77 Massachusetts Avenue
    Bldg E17-220
    Cambridge MA 02139

  5. As usual, the Obama administration points out the errors of past Presidents or their administrations when they make a mistake.

    Professor Gruber’s bragging brought out the truth. The Obama Administration,the Democrats leadership and Its’ members in the House and Senate defrauded the American People. Plus, showed the honest feelings of the Obama Administration towards the American People that we are just Stupid People to RULE.

    If a Health Insurance Corporation acted in this manner all its’ Corporate Officers would be in jail and the investors or owners would be bankrupt. The Federal Government commits fraud and there are no consequences except a Presidential Medal of Freedom, a lifelong pension and/or a book deal.

  6. NEVER were truer words spoken when Gruber said how STUPID Obama voters are! Why is everyone so mad at him! PROVE it! Get rid of liberalism and the democrapic party! This is the Liberal and democrapic attitude toward their VOTERS! Obama the Messiah HIMSELF probably STILL can’t figure out why he was elected! He tried so HARD to show how UNQUALIFIED he is!

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