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Top Democrat Suggests GOP to Impeach Obama out of Racism

This is just so ugly. This man, Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, ought to be relieved of his position as the third-ranking member of the House Democratic caucus.

He won’t, of course, because the House Democratic caucus shares his viewpoint.

ClyburnOne of my greatest disappointments with President Obama is that he has failed to lead on race issues. Instead, he’s thrown in with the racial grievance crowd – Al Sharpton, etc. – who dominate the Democratic Party.

I will tell you that, whatever Obama’s political views, I was deeply moved on Election Night 2008 that America had elected a black president.

I remember talking about it with an African American woman who used to watch the door at the building where I worked. She was skeptical it would happen. I had the pleasure of giving her the news that it did in fact happen, and I saw the look of pride and joyful surprise in her eyes.

I know, I’m idiot, but I believed Obama’s suggestions that he was the vanguard of a post-racial society. I even felt, after his election, that there was a subtle difference in the way blacks and whites interacted, less of a consciousness of the difference of race.

If such a thing did exist, I don’t recognize anymore.

So here, five years later, we have Clyburn, the Assistant Democratic Leader, saying Republicans will impeach Obama just because they can’t stand the fact that a black man was elected president. And saying it with complete impunity.

From his appearance on Ed Shultz’s show on MSNBC: 

These Republicans have decided that this president must have an asterisk by his name when he leaves office. Irrespective of whether or not he gets convicted, it is their plan to introduce an impeachment resolution, and they do have the 218 votes to pass it . . .

You know full well you will not get two thirds votes in the Senate to convict. So why are we going through this whole charade? It is to put and asterisk next to this first African American president in the history of this country – put an asterisk next to his name when the history books are written.

Instead of ushering in more of the colorblindness Martin Luther King spoke of, Obama has allowed the fact of his presidency to be used as a tool by those who see racism lurking everywhere.

If anything, we are more racially polarized than ever. And so people like Clyburn can get away with this garbage on national TV and still be taken seriously.

Such a missed opportunity. The asterisk next to the name of the first African American president will not be that he was impeached, because Republicans aren’t planning to impeach him. It will be that he didn’t discredit people like Clyburn.

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  1. Keith, I love you Sir (don’t take that the wrong way), but I have to call out a few things:

    Most of the people paying attention to detail in 2007-2008 knew what this guys’ past was, or was not, depending on the subterfuge involved. His track record as Senator, and prior to that. The reporting pool ignored it and does so, for the most part, even to this day.

    When the Republicans put forth a black candidate (Herman Cain in the past, and soon to be Ben Carson), the liberal establishment will reject them because they are not liberal, not out of skin color.

    The fact that they are contradicting themselves on race is apparently oblivious to them.

    • After the trouncing they got in the last election, I feel that it is only going to get worse.
      Anything that the congress opposes as far as Obama’s EO’s is going to construed as racist.
      The congressional black caucus is going to make as much noise as they can, but nothing they say makes any sense.
      That however makes no difference to them.
      They are out to destroy anybody that opposes them and their ideology.
      That is how Obama got to where he is.

    • Rick, one thing I would say, I think liberals will in fact more aggressively oppose a black conservative because of race. Because I think they can’t imagine how a black could be a conservative and it angers them. I think black conservatives have to suffer a particular animus from black liberals, who view them as turncoats, or worse, Uncle Toms.

  2. Clyburn–this stuff is his bread and butter. I ignore it. I do think electing the first black president has put more emphasis on racial divides and one person did it–the first black president.

  3. Racist RACIST. How many times have we been called ‘racist’ for objecting to Obamacare, upping the national debt, opposing all the regulations, or just anything that the Os do that costs us tons of money?
    The true racists are those who assign skin color to every statement, every thought, and find a way to blame ‘others’ for their failures.

    It doesn’t bother me anymore, it’s just something Dems do and say when they run out of excuses for their leader’s failures.

  4. I don’t expect the Republicans to impeach him, but I think every policy of Obama’s they manage to defeat or overturn will be called racism.

  5. Clyburn is of the same ilk as Al Sharpton. Common race baiters. Only difference is Clyburn is in the Legislative Branch and Sharpton is sanctioned by the Executive Branch. Race hustling — the last resort of the desperate. And Obama and the Democrats are desperate. And now they all stand naked before the American people for what they are.

    Beggars on horseback.

  6. With a heavy heart, I gave up on the racial divide for two reasons. One was when Jeremiah Wright was in the news, and all the videos of his awful statements were out, especially the way he talked about other races. Some black leaders justified it by saying that people talk like that all the time in black churches, it’s just that white people never hear it. That made me very, very sad, both the things Wright said, and that people stuck up for him.

    The second incident was a few years before that, when a very dear black friend told me that all white people are racist, some just don’t show it. That hurt me to the core, to be assumed I was a racist. Then this presidency has turned us all into racists because we think differently. Very sad.

    • I would have told that “dear friend”: “You have just revealed that you harbor a prejudicial judgment against every single white person merely on account of race, and that no amount of evidence will change your judgment. That is the purest definition of racism. I sincerely hope that you can rid yourself of your racial prejudice someday.”

      • I would also have asked: “If a person has one white parent and one black parent, will that person inevitably carry some ‘white racism’ against black people? What if a person has three white grandparents and one black grandparent? How many drops of black blood are needed to rid a person of ‘white racism’?”

  7. His underlying assumption seems to be that all AfAms succeed and only racism says otherwise. He does not say this in words, but the drumbeat of his ilk is that criticism of AfAms in never justified, always motivated by racism.

    It is as if he believes that AfAms CANNOT fail at anything.

  8. MSLSD and Ed Schultz. Say no more – it speaks for itself. His show was cancelled and relegated to a weekend spot insuring a position next to the comic strips.

    The series should bring you insight into the mind/less morons running the network. They’ve more than earned the MSLSD tag.
    “Pot Barons of Colorado,” a 6-part series debuting Sunday, Nov. 30.

  9. The problem with throwing down the race card willy-nilly is that when a real racist incident happens, people might not see it and justice might be denied.

  10. Keith, I hope the asterisk after Obama’s name will be to indicate that he is currently serving a lifetime sentence in Federal prison for treason.

  11. I don’t think most people are buying this BS anymore. we’re not all as stupid as Gruber thinks we are–even if we DID reelect Obama.

    you’re always going to have that hardcore 20-25% of the population who are True Obama Believers. if they could but touch the hem of His garment, they would be healed.

    but they are the minority (in the Senate now too! haha!). the rest of us are fairly rational, and can see what the race-baiters are doing.

    • What we need to watch closely is the lame duck session that has just commenced.
      I feel that the dems are going to retaliate by shoving through as many liberal appointees and possibly judges that they can.

  12. Because I’m a Canadian, I will never be able to fully understand or feel the effects slavery has had upon the USA, even though I’ve been observing race relations there all my life. When Barry was elected, I felt so hopeful that all races might finally come together at last. Among his many, many failures, I think the greatest tragedy of Obama’s presidency is the rise in racial tensions and the hatred it creates. He had such an opportunity for real change, and he squandered it.