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Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 13, 2014

President Obama is traveling in Asia this week. He is currently in Burma.

10:05 pm || Holds meetings at the East Asia Summit; Myanmar International Convention Center, Naypyitaw, Burma
2:15 am || Meets with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung of Vietnam; Myanmar International Convention Center
8:15 am || Meets with President Thein Sein of Burma; Kempinski Hotel, Naypyitaw, Burma

All times U.S. Eastern

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 13, 2014

  1. Am I missing something?
    Are the Bilateral talks over?
    Exactly, why is he in Myanmar/Burma?
    Is he going to make more promises to another crappy country that’s going to cost us money and more rules and regs?
    Have any of the three countries offered him a visa for an extended stay?
    Can the electorate offer any of the three an incentive to keep him?

    • I cannot take it …the picture on Drudge right now is just enough to make me want to turn in my newly updated passport. Except I need it to fly away from this wacko place. Pathetic!

      • Good grief! He looks like one of ‘them’….not one of us. There is nothing ‘American’ about him…in his words, actions or deeds!
        Never could understand how a guy with that moniker, Barack Hussein Obama, could ever, ever get elected. Wonder what would have happened if he had used his legal name, Barry Soetoro.

      • You remind me–when I finally caught on that Obama was pretty much of a mysterious fraud prior to the election (little info on him available), I renewed my passport so I could leave. Of course, I was still taking care of Mom and could not leave and now am stuck for health reasons…It’s all in the timing. Would I give up my citizenship. Nah. But something about this guy made me foretell disaster,

  2. What will he do today? Play with a yo-yo during meetings?

    Though I think the Chinese wanted to be offended. It plays into the story that they are trying to build in order to justify something.

    Wonder if they are working toward suddenly cutting us off as trade partners — what would we do now that buying cheaply from them has replaced our factory manufacturing abilities?