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Obama Discovers Final Believers in Hope and Change

Here they are. The last group of worshipers of The One. He had to go to China to find them.

children cheer

Yes, a group of Chinese children still believe, offering Obama a rapturous reception as he entered The Great Hall of the People in Beijing with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Oh no. Wait a second. It looks like these children have been pre-brainwashed to love Obama. Kind of like some of our Millennials.

From the White House pool reporter who apparently took the photo:

Finally, Obama and Xi walked over to a group of young schoolchildren who held US and Chinese flags and flowers. On cue, the kids jumped up and down and cheered.

On cue. Oh well, nothing like a little Totalitarianism to stir some adulation. Still better than what he’s getting in the States.

30 Responses to Obama Discovers Final Believers in Hope and Change

  1. Of course it was on ‘cue’, and it was a charming thing to do for the US President.
    What these darling children did is no different than the constant stream of worshipful children the Dems parade through the WhiteHouse, into the Garden of Good and Evil, and every photo op for the Obamas.
    Good children do as they’re told, and don’t know the difference between Dems, Repubs, or Commies.

  2. These kids are dressed so nicely. I love the red outfit on the little girl in front. Are these kids from Xi’s ‘servants’? Have they been chosen from birth to ascribe to their pre chosen career? Athletes? I just get an odd feeling about them…

    • I got an odd feeling about the number of girls in the photo–at least equal to the number of boys. As we know, the story out of one-child-per-family China has been that fetuses of girls were aborted in greater numbers than those of boys. Well, it’s only one snap so I shouldn’t really draw any conclusion, but it seems to me that the Chinese made an effort here to make the population look more balanced.

  3. The Mooch was conspicuously absent. Guess she has lost interest in her good will tours and all the little children waiting for a hug. I wonder if the WH has filed a missing person’s report on her yet. Oh well, who cares!

  4. OT-
    Lately when I open comments from the main WD page, I get roving ads flipping around, opening a new page, that I close, & an ad on the original page. I have to ‘go back’ to the original page. Anyone else seeing those?

  5. Way, way, way off topic.
    The European Space Agency just announced that they were successful in placing a probe on a comet.
    The ship that caught up with the comet took ten years to complete this mission.
    That is an amazing accomplishment.
    BTW,….the comet stinks.
    According to reports, it emits sulfur fumes and also methane.
    I’ll leave that to you guys to determine what it smells like.

    • Nixon was setting a precedent of future communications & relations. I had a journalism professor who was proudly retired from The Chicago Tribune & accompanied Nixon on that trip. He was a bit off, but had interesting stories. 0 would have to travel way up the chain to come close to Nixon’s intellect, & the Chinese know it.
      (Not saying Nixon was perfect, but he did have drive & intelligence, & we knew where he came from.)