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Video || Chinese Insulted by Obama’s Gum Chewing

Below is the video that really made the Chinese mad.

Weird, it seems some cultures demand a little formality from their leaders, and smacking gum around during official events is considered rude!

Come on. Our president is a relaxed dude. Don’t they realize he puts his feet up on antique, historic furniture at home?


That’s the Resolute desk, in case you’re wondering, a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880 that has been used by various president’s ever since.

So dudes, chill out! Our president can fight a war or even eliminate poverty from a reclining position, no problem!

Chinese critics branded Obama an “idler” and a “careless rapper,” among other names. I suppose it got much worse from there.

Mr. President, when you represent us overseas in cultures that were not infected by the “If it feels good do it” mentality during the 1960s, may I suggest . . .

Nicorette patch.jpg

As long as you don’t wear it on your forehead, this should keep you from harming our image in countries where you are representing us.

Or, you know, just quit your habit.

54 Responses to Video || Chinese Insulted by Obama’s Gum Chewing

  1. I’m not buying the Nicorette gum theory. I bet he still smokes,but chews gum to cover the smell. I mean how many years can one chew Nicorette gum?
    He has absolutely no respect for the office.

    • He’s still so skinny, had he quit, there would be some weigh gain?

      After all these years and travels, you’d think he’d be caught with a ciggy at some point. Or someone would “smell” it on him?

      • If he smokes, he stinks. His handlers and those close to him know all about it, but as with everything else about Barry, it’s a secret kept by his sycophants.

    • Mystery Solved: No photogs are allowed on the golf course. Only loyal grunts play golf with him. Mochelle is elsewhere. Wonder if he manages to burn up a whole pack in one round of golf! Man, he is just a smokin’ president. If six years of Nicorette hasn’t helped him, that just means he is beyond help in so, so many ways.

  2. Its interesting how NO ONE in the US “media” (especially the “WH press corps”) mentions how Obama has no clue how to act as a ‘president’…

  3. The patch! Hope he reads your column, Keith! His constant gum chomping is an insult to everyone. He is sooo ill-bred. How did such an oaf ever make it to the Oval Office? If he is this boorish in public, what must he be like in private?

    My theory on the Nicorette is that he never gave up smoking 5 years ago, as he claims. He wouldn’t need the gum after all this time. He is an addict (in more ways than one) and this is why. in part, he isolates himself from his staff, advisors, etc. He can’t go without a cigarette for 5 minutes, he can’t smoke in public….and so he rides around in the limo, joy rides on AF1, plays golf without any reporters around, and hangs out with Valjar….all because he gets to smoke.
    And Mooch probably keeps him at arms length b/c he is ‘stinky’.

  4. I’m throwing a flag on this: smokers can and do go hours, many hours without sucking up some nicotine and still don’t go into a nasty withdrawal.
    They work in offices, they are in the military, and some even work in our hospitals without chewing the funny gum. Smokers sit through endless hours of dull meetings, overlong wedding ceremonies, and so on. They might dash out the door for a smoke, but still don’t need any nicotine to sustain them.
    This gum chewing is something else, something to ease his, uh, unease at being in close proximity to world leaders who think he’s a loser and a liar. IMO, he’s a mental wreck at these events and needs something to comfort him.

  5. This is a great day and I have spent it without one look or comment on Barack Obama, a sorry CIC who has treated the military shabbily for the sake of his own personal reasons and ideology.

    As for being insulted. I am insulted by Obama’s actions in China. He is alternately insulting and pandering. He is non serious. He is pathetic.

    I am insulted by his sending our C-17 to a China air show against the advice of the Pentagon. I am insulted by his pandering by extending visas way beyond reasonable and way beyond the restrictions and limitations of people from other countries. I am insulted that Obama thinks he can just grant what is American without consultation. I am insulted that he thinks he owns America. That is it his personal property.

    I am insulted by this man under whose command deaths and injuries of Americans fighting in Afghanistan has tripled. I am insulted by his refusal to deal with Iraq and Syria on any serious level, leaving without a SOF Agreement and now a drip drip drip of Americans to Iraq and Syria without goals, guidance and resources. And I am insulted by his casual disregard of needless American troops to an Ebola infested country for political purposes. And I am insulted by this man who will not properly salute and who thinks a Marine is simply an umbrella holder.

    I am insulted by his purge of quality military men and women and by weakening our military with his constant politically correct policies, to say nothing of force reduction to ridiculous levels.

    Our veterans and military today deserve so much more that this.

  6. Is that the name of a dim sum restaurant? I just ask because I went to one in the San Francisco area once called Fuk Yuen. I kid you not.

    • The Chinese smoke like crazy. They probably see the nicotine gum as a weakness. Quit or Smoke. Man up, so to speak.

      Putin, on the other, clearly sees Obama’s smoking and chewing as a weakness of character.

  7. We were in France in June for the 70th D-Day Invasion anniversary. The French were INCENSED when Obama chewed gum when the Queen entered the scene; apparently the Washington Times made mention of it but it was a HUGE deal over there. It was all over the papers, on the news for a couple days. SCANDAL. Apparently not so much over here. Our press isn’t that interested in negative coverage of The Prince.

  8. The Chinese don’t mince words do they? They got Obama’s number. A careless rapper. How true it is. But, of course, if we spoke the truth about Obama in the U.S. we’d be called bigots and rascists. But Obama doesn’t care what the Chinese call him, he’s there having a good vacation on our dime as usual. Obama made sure he wouldn’t be here for Veterans’ Day, that would be too much work for the careless rapper and he wouldn’t want to face the troops now that he sent them to maybe die in Ebola Land. Can’t wait until he’s impeached. We know he works for the United Nations, not us, and they told him to let everyone come in here and dirty up our cities. Sorry,we have enough smelly illegals already. The GOP better stop him like they promised. Anyway, why should the Republicans even discuss doing what he wants?? They are as bad as he is if they do that. Can’t they see that this guy is just a crazy cuckoo? Just say no, we have enough of them and enough big debt. What the hell is wrong with the Republicans to even want to bargain with him? About what? letting more in here when we don’t have jobs and food and meat is almost too expensive to buy for the REGULAR PEOPLE, remember that Republicans, food is sky high for the REGULAR PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT POLITICIANS and no jobs and filthy people all over the place. Stop this madness or we won’t have a country anymore. Send them to the White House to live.

  9. Well, you know for liberals, especially the young’uns…hispter douche is the main quality that they look for in a leader. Obama has it all, the pimp roll, the limp wrist, and the foot drooping leg crossing. He is just too hip to be bothered with any country’s cultural norms, because after all, he is the “one”. Now the question is…the “one” what?