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Thank You, Veterans

Happy Veterans Day, everyone.

I thought today you might like to see this video about August “Auggie” Battaglia, who served his country in Vietnam, and the audio letters he sent home to his fiancee, Arlene Siborowski.

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  1. To my fellow veterans of America, especially those of WW II, I’m grateful to have been in your company and thankful to my country for the privilege of serving in uniform.
    To sum up my feelings today, allow me to quote Shakespeare.
    “…we few, we happy few, we band of brother’s; for he today that shed’s his blood with me shall be my brother…”
    Stay safe and take care my brother’s and sister’s.

  2. Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country and protected us especially to the Viet Nam vets and the Korean War vets who were never thanked enough.

  3. My father-in-law was a WWII vet – Battle of the Bulge.
    He could not speak of his war experiences until a few months before he died.
    He called a family meeting to answer his sons’ question, “Daddy, did you ever kill anyone?”
    His sons were boys when they asked – they were “mature” men when he answered – through his tears, “I followed orders.”
    People worldwide may curse The USA – but there was a time – and there were many places – where we were the world’s saving grace through the Grace of God. These were brave men. These were men who understood laying their lives on the line for the freedom of others.
    These were manly men who obeyed a higher calling.
    Father God, have mercy on us. We are a nation of brave men and stalwart women. May God have mercy – and may God bless the USA. In my Savior’s blessed name I pray it. And all the people said, “Amen!”

  4. I am in tears. Thank you for posting this Keith.
    That was a time period all its own. I grew up in that time. I was able to honor the men and woman that went to Vietnam, however I felt for the ones that had chosen not to go. I try to explain to my sons, you had to be there. Meaning everything that was happening during that time period, gave a different insight of how to judge everything.
    I mentioned that my grandfather never spoke of WWII.
    A couple of years ago, my mom gave me two notebooks that had belonged to grandpa. When I opened them up at the time, it seemed to be only notes of what library books he wanted to check, so I tucked them away. Months back I pulled them out and read page by page. Found a note he made: He noted coming home after being shot in the war. He explained in his note that he just happened to be coming home with a friend from home. He wrote how beautiful my grandmother was, and how much he loved her and would be seeing her soon. Priceless periods of times gone by. Thanks to all Vets.

  5. I’m not a fan of Joe Biden.
    But – to give the man credit – he showed up for the Annual Veterans’ Day Observance at Arlington National Cemetery.
    He is old enough to remember the truth about our nation’s sacrifice to make the world a safer, freer place.
    I choose to believe this somber observance holds a special meaning for him, too.
    Thanks Joe.

  6. So while we are so cognizant today of the tremendous gift we have received from our Veterans: continued Freedom, and how much we owe them,
    there’s that fool in Washington decimating the Military, sending them to change diapers, putting them in harm’s way in Ebola-stricken countries, among other things, and then having the colossal nerve to spout off about how America has to lead in humanitarian ventures. This while he’s “importing” 160,00 “children” into our country, and how many Haitians in the future? They are unvetted, illegal, and many of them sick with at least one disease that was eradicated in the US in the 60’s. Now there’s another disease, Chagas.
    And he’s not only sneaking in Ebola victims for “free” treatment, but has apparently forbidden anyone to speak of it publicly.
    So it’s anathema to be “military”, but all right to deliberately import sickness and death into this country, on the backs of thousands of illegals.
    This is our president.

    • Yes. It was like going back in time for me — same age. Many of the same experiences. Knew and know so many Vietnam vets and my Dad went also — as an advisor, after Korea and WWII.

      And Keith, what a terrific selection. Thank you so much.

      I walked away when it was finished. And the one after it about the young man who fought in Anbar — so poignant , so brave these men and women.

      To Susan Rice and Barack Obama and your ilk — men and women like these are the heroes. Not Bergdahl who you chose to honor.

  7. I want to thank all of the guys like Auggie who served our country, those who made it back home and those like Auggie Battaglia, who did not. It is a shame that it took 20 years for Arlene to hear his voice.

    • Things happen for a reason. I am sure, with age and time and wisdom, this was so meaningful to her. And how great that she finally got to hear it.

  8. I know I said this yesterday. I’m always proud of my Italian grandpa who fought with the USA in WWI. He became a U.S. citizen with 9 of his paisanos, worked hard at his blue collar job & raised his family with no government help. He did not read or write & didn’t drive, yet raised 3 children along with my grandma’s extended family. On Armistice Day he wore his suit to the vet hall to celebrate his love for his country. Happy Veterans Day Raphael Ferraro.

  9. Honoring my Family Veterans who served America .
    Dad WWII.. 4 years as a Seabee in the Solomon Islands.Pacific duty.
    His only comment about those 4 years..
    “I came home as a Man”……
    Uncles ..Marine Corps and Air Force after WWII. 1950’s
    My late Husband ..Marine Corps Infantry duty 1963-1966
    Brother ..Navy served on the USS Bennington Pacific duty 1963-1966
    Cousin ..Navy ..Submariner. (he is 6’5” !) Pacific duty 1963-1966
    Cousin.. Marine Corps Infantry 1963-1966
    Last but not least ..My Uncle Dick an Army Sgt. served in Korea and Vietnam received…. Three Purple Hearts.
    God Bless America
    God Bless Our Military

    Hug a Vet today

    • Awesome. A family of heroes.
      I found my dads certificate for crossing the international dateline on a ship on his way to Okinawa during the Korean conflict. It’s a beautiful embossed paper that I never knew about till after his death. He served in the Army, AF, prior to our AF we know today.

        • Thanks. He was awesome& I miss him. I don’t remember him mentioning it when he talked about his war days. He was pretty safe on the island working with RADAR.
          I’m grandma Di too!

  10. Thank you to all who have served. Today I honor my late husband for his service in Vietnam 67-68, 101st Airborne, 5th Special Forces, Green Beret.

  11. Mine must have been one of the last cars to make it through downtown before our Veterans’ Day parade started. Mothers with young kids were sitting on the curbs in very cold weather waiting for it to start, and the high school band was stomping its feet to keep warm. It brought a lump to my throat. For those who wished America was as it was when they were young, it’s still here. It’s not going away. It’s not disappearing.

  12. Does Obama have any friends who aren’t running away from the law, being investigated by a Congressional committee, living in jail, going to jail, lying to the American people, making public fools of themselves by various antics or otherwise a disgrace to humanity? I think not.