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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 12, 2014

President Obama is traveling in Asia this week. He is currently in China

8:15 pm || Begins meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping; Great Hall of the People, Beijing
10:40 pm || Delivers statements with President Xi
11:30 am || Attends a State Banquet; Great Hall of the People
3:05 am || Departs Beijing
8:25 am || Arrives Naypyitaw, Burma
8:50 am || Arrives at an East Asia Summit Gala Dinner; Myanmar International Convention Center, Naypyitaw, Burma

All times U.S. Eastern
The time in Beijing is 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern. Time in Burma is 11 hours ahead.

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        • Julie, my high school students used to do that. Gum chewing back then was one of the major discipline problems in school…..LOL…yesterday I saw a teacher on the floor knocked out by student. Times have changed.
          Chewing gum in church was even worse.

          • annie, the teacher was in Philly. The third teacher to be attacked in the same “inner city school” in a month. The first two incidents neither student was expelled.

          • I read that at some school in Minneapolis I think, all students of “color” would no longer be suspended for certain actions in an attempt to help them better understand why what they did was wrong — the white students would, however, continue to be suspended.

            Hope none of those teachers spending time with the misunderstood yutes of color find themselves on the floor, knocked out, or worse.

  1. Speaking of schedules, I saw on another blog that public school lunches are under fire again (more photos of gruel and other unappetizing items) and blaming Michelle, of course. So I took a peek at the girls’ lunch menu for tomorrow ….

    November 12, 2014

    Chicken Noodle Soup
    South Beach Salad
    Antipasto Salad
    Grab & Go Sandwich Bar
    Meat & Cheese Ziti
    Cheesy Ziti Bake
    Sauteed Local Chard
    Garlic Bread

    Do remember, the Obamas’ tuition is almost 75k/yr for both girls. So let’s review, who are the haves and the have nots? And who was rallying for candidates against the “rich folks” (and lost) these past couple of months ? Hypocrites !!!!!!!

    • “Grab and Go Sandwich Bar” for the privileged, elite kiddies. Yet, in public schools across the country, they got rid of their always popular sandwich bars which used to use hoagie/sub/hero rolls but now must use tiny, round whole wheat rolls and the kids said, “No thanks”.

      • And they’re starving. MOST kids are active & need their nutrition.
        Mine did. Two active boys who had whole milk, lots of pasta & Big Macs & Taco Bell… They had to eat their veggies (which I did put into various concoctions I made.) & they got their favorites, be it green beans or salad with ranch dressing.
        Thankfully they’re adults who are healthy & fit. I would be persona non grata if they were subjected to this bs now! I worry about our future kids, grand kids included.

    • If we saw the same article, one meal was a small chicken patty and about 1/3 cup mashed potato and the other marinara sauce and a bread stick.

  2. “Arrives at an East Asia Summit Gala Dinner; Myanmar International Convention Center”. Let me see if I have this right. Myanmar, one of the WORST Human Rights violators on, and let me be clear, THE PLANET, is hosting an “East Asia Summit GALA Dinner”. Catered, no doubt by slave labor. And WHY DOES Myanmar HAVE an “International Convention Center”? They shouldn’t NEED one because the International Community (whoever in the hell THEY are) should shun this despotic regime!! ‘course maybe Obie wants to try out a nice Asian “belly-warmer before returning to Reggie.

    • Myanmar (more commonly used as reference to the past military dictatorship) as opposed to Burma (all touchy feely now since the “democratic” elections in 2010.

      I do think at one point Burma switched to Myanmar but is now Burma again — it’s conveniently muddled. Words – kind of like “terrorism” versus “workplace violence”. Nuance you understand. And perhaps a smattering of history put to good use.

      Keep up Man. And further be advised that according to State:

      The Obama Administration has employed a calibrated engagement strategy to recognize the positive steps undertaken to date and to incentivize further reform.

      So, it’s all “calibrated” and big word stuff. No need for a discussion of “human rights” you Racist.

          • I think they are working with some lib legal organization. Perhaps there was a Reconstructed Business Roof Raising Fundraiser in Ferguson that helped the Browns on their way. But for sure no selling of trinkets and tees to help with expenses as Mrs. Brown seems to frown on that by others.

  3. Even with a thirteen hour time difference and a busy schedule, Obummer just had to find time to call the lying Ebola doc in NYC to thank him for his “service” to his country:–politics.html

    Obama calls Ebola doctor, commends him for service

    BEIJING (AP) — President Barack Obama is commending a physician who recovered from Ebola for his selflessness in going to West Africa to fight the virus.

    The White House says Obama called Dr. Craig Spencer from Beijing, where Obama is traveling this week. Spencer was declared free of Ebola Tuesday after being treated in a New York hospital. He contracted Ebola while working for Doctors Without Borders in Guinea.

    Obama is thanking Spencer for serving his country and West Africans. He says his administration will keep supporting people like Spencer who want to serve others. Obama says the best way to stop Ebola in the U.S. is to fight it in West Africa.

    The Obama administration has pushed back against states that have imposed strict limitations on health workers returning from West Africa.

    Only three comments so far, but you just have to love them, especially the last one:

    JJS 12 minutes ago
    Obama should extend his trip and go to Liberia and help out with the Ebola patients.

    Terry 5 minutes ago
    Maybe they can go bowling together.

    Kabar99 9 minutes ago
    Nice touch, jerkball. How many VETERANS did you call today?

    ^^EXACTLY! Great question!

    • I took the day off from news. When I finally caught a few minutes of it … it was of Mayor del Blasio and his bride (she) gushing and (he) hugging Dr. Spencer for entirely too long and too staged.

      • Better hope it doesn’t go dormant and pop up like herpes. They don’t seem to know enough for sure.

        Is anyone still hospitalized–or should I say, did anyone sneak into a US hosp while we were distracted with the election, the guy who says we’re stupid, the various gaffes and racial comments, the trip to China, the darling school children etc.

  4. According to Drudge China “vows” to cap carbon emissions. (I think this is the same “vow” that Iran will make that their nuclear development is peaceful). The boy autocrat will take this as a “deal”.

    Once a “deal” is in hand the natural course of “governing” in Barack Obama’s Amerika is to progress to the Executive Order, aka fiat or decree executed by pen or phone. Relative to China’s “vow” Obama is on deck to proceed with “executive actions” on global warming which I presume has something to do with carbon emissions.

    A flurry of regulations most likely to ensue under the auspices of the all powerful EPA.

    Easy peasy. Nice and tidy. Not even a nod from the subjects or lieges required. Obama should keep that snazzy purplish number he wore in China — kinda’ Maoist. Suitable.

  5. Remember when the Dali Lama departed the WH through the back door by the trash. Well, today Obama said

    “We recognize Tibet as part of the People’s Republic of China. We’re not in favor of independence” (note the use of “We” instead of his Royal “I”)

    Suspect this was part of his “deal” with the Chinese to cut back on carbon emissions sometime soon in the next century or so.Next up. Taiwan. Hong Kong.

  6. Did any of you watch the Veteran’s Day Concert for Valor? Bruce Springsteen, Zack Brown Band and another singer performed “Fortunate Son” an anti-war song. Eminem greeted the crowd with the f-bomb and said it at least a dozen more times. Can you imagine all the families with kids in the crowd? Although cable companies were permitted to open HBO to everyone for the concert our cable company did not. We streamed the concert from the internet but turned it off early. It was full of Hollyweirds who don’t care about our military but just want to rub elbows with Obama because he’s preezy. Rihanna performed and she’s the one that said the best thing about visiting the WH is that her “president is black”. I’m still shocked at this concert, it was so different than the ones shown on PBS, hosted by Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise, who have shown they love our military and our country.

    • I saw that this morning. I think the new number now is 8 new R seats. The ‘chatter’ now is about Reid possibly asking for a vote on the XL pipeline to help Landrieu in La.

      • I doubt whether Harry Reid can remember how to bring a bill to vote…it’s been so long. And will he use the one of those Keystone bills crumpled up in his desk drawer — or will it be all new and shiny — and filled with Democrat restraints?

  7. “Careless rapper” …..hmmmm, I wonder if it is an insinuation. I have heard that the Chinese can be quite openly “racist”.
    By the way, did you see what the courteous gentleman Putin did at a party the other day ? He slipped a shawl over the shoulders of Mrs Xi, the wife of the Chinese leader, and she smilingly accepted it. This little scene was from some incomprehensible Chinese reason promptly censored but has anyhow gotten much attention.
    There is something about Putin, shawls and women because he did the same thing with Mrs Merkel some time ago. Well, say what you will, ( and I know that Grace will object here ) but most women loves chivalry even if it is from Putin. Putin probably has oldfashioned norms on how to behave around women .I find it quite endearing. W Bush was the same kind of a man, but of course much more charming than Putin, and then we have Reagan, ever the gentleman. But Obama ? It´s hard to think about him as a man at all. But the man who almost was President, Mitt Romney, oh dear….what a man. Well, some superficial and shallow reflections about style, not about politics. But style is important.

    • Nothing personal SL, but since you suggested I might disagree. I agree Putin’s gesture was noted worldwide and it appeared to be most kind. He is quite the lady’s man.

      I am sure his ex wife might disagree , but Alina Kabaeva would be willing to attest to his courtly ways. And, as I am sure you know, former KGB agents are well known for their acquired social graces and manners, among other things.

      We agree Obama. But Obama and Putin are both thugs–public gestures notwithstanding. Personally if Putin were to place a shawl on my shoulders I would find it a bit creepy.

    • Excellent points, Swedishlady. Putin has the music of the Russian romantics coursing through his veins – Borodin, Mussorgsky, Riimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky….

      Obama, on the other hand, probably never listened to a single bar of anything other than the non-music of JayZ, Al Green, or Beyonce. He has no knowledge of the classics – either in literature, music or art, I would imagine. He is just plain boorish.

      Both men are dangerous but, of the two, I find Putin an interesting character study. Obama? He bores me to tears.

      • Girly, are you another cultural Russophil like Jule and I ?
        Agree, Obamas taste in culture is disgusting to me too. I am one of those oldfashioned souls who dislike all these artists and anything like rap or whatever it is called. So “careless rapper”, gosh, that is an insult in my ears. But maybe not in Obamas.

  8. OT — If the Republicans go full out on an omnibus spending now then they have learned nothing. Do a three month and then when they aren’t saddled with Democrats do some good work with appropriations for all 12 Departments.

    I’m betting they’ll go full omnibus. Omnibus, Comprehensive, go big or go home I guess.

    • I agree. An Omnibus bill at this time (or ever, really) is a recipe for devious spending, lack of oversight, special favors to the wrong people, and a Grand Canyon full of trouble, problems and corruption.