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The Obama Morning News || November 11, 2014

AG Nominee will face GOP Senate . . . President Obama will have to get his nominee for attorney general past a Republican-controlled Senate, Democratic and Republican aides say. A packed schedule after the election is almost certain to push the vetting process for Loretta Lynch into January, when Republicans are set to take power in the upper chamber. The Hill

The GOP plan for Lynch . . . Senate Republicans plan to turn the battle over attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch into a larger debate over immigration, using the confirmation hearings as a proxy war over presidential power rather than a debate over Lynch’s qualifications. Politico

Obama seeks to regulate Internet providers . . . President Obama threw down the gauntlet Monday with cable companies and Internet providers by declaring they shouldn’t be allowed to cut deals with online services like YouTube to move their content faster. Fox News

Obama gum chewing enrages Chinese . . . President Obama’s behaviour at an important summit in Beijing has enraged Chinese internet users – because he was seen chewing gum. The U.S. President, a known user of Nicorette, a gum used to stop smoking cravings, was seen chomping away at the APEC summit after emerging from his limousine at the at the Water Cube, the Olympic swimming venue, while traditional dancers performed. around him. Chinese Internet users, used to far greater levels of formality from their leaders, branded him an ‘idler’ and a ‘rapper’. Daily Mail

Chinese greet Obama with disrespect . . . “Obama always utters ‘Yes we can,’ which led to the high expectations people have for him. But he has done an insipid job offering nearly nothing to his supporters. U.S. society has grown tired of his banality,” says government-backed newspaper. White House Dossier

White House keeps an enemies list . . . In a profile in the New Republic of Valerie Jarrett, who is considered Obama’s most influential White House adviser, Noam Scheiber writes of the existence of an enemies list — or as he termed it, “a shit list.” Daily Caller

ICE official claims pressure to release criminals . . . An award-winning, career prosecutor at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) alleged in a blistering new lawsuit she was punished for resisting orders to release convicted criminal illegal aliens from custody. Breitbart

New VA Secretary McDonald under fire . . .  Barely three months after the former Procter & Gamble CEO was unanimously confirmed, he has come under fire for not moving fast enough to solve its myriad problems. Veteran advocates and lawmakers—particularly Republicans—say they remain concerned about the department’s ability to implement a reform bill and discipline employees involved in a widespread data-manipulation scandal. National Journal

“Secretary McDonald has spent the last few days talking to news outlets about his plans to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs, but so far that’s all it has been—a lot of talk,” says Concerned Veterans of America chief Pete Hegseth.

White House lowballs Obamacare numbers . . . The Obama administration is playing the expectations game when it comes to enrollment numbers for Obamacare’s second season. In its first projection Monday, the administration lowballed the number of Americans who it predicts will sign up for the exchanges that form the foundation of the health care law — estimating that 9 million to 9.9 million people would enroll by the end of 2015. Politico

Penn pulls Gruber video . . . Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said at a University of Pennsylvania conference that it was a good thing that Americans never realized what was in the Affordable Care Act, because “the stupidity of the American voter” would have otherwise killed the law. But for unexplained reasons, the University of Pennsylvania has pulled its video of the event, which took place in October of 2013. Daily Caller

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  1. I just read about the Internet issue, that he announced wants he was already on his trip.
    “Net Neutrality” is Obamacare for the internet.
    “The Internet should not operate at the speed of government”

      • Well, when you get back, Grace, take a looksee at the NRO Cartoon of the Day. It’s Uncle Sam saluting the vets, but to me that face looks an awful lot like Jean Kerree. I’m sure it was unintentional. Unfortunately, Jean does look a bit like Uncle Sam. Their Photoshop of the Day was great though: a long line of statues representing the veterans of all our wars and conflicts from WWI to the present.

        • I checked it out. You are right. It does look like Jean FK. (I can do something with that.)

          But we both now it’ll be a cold day in hell before Jean Francois Kerree salutes or thanks the USA.

          I choose to see it as mockery — the long Vietnam era hair a give away.

    • Thank you for the post.
      If I may, another thing about most of our fine Vets like my grandfather of WWII. They did not speak of the service for attention. They kept their experience to themselves, to keep the family from the horror. Wonderful post AFVet. Thanks again.

      • During WWII, bomber crews were limited to 25 missions.
        Anymore that that was considered too much, too hard on them.
        PTSD has existed for as long as combat troops have been deployed to war zones.
        One of the reasons they never talk about it is that they do not want to relive the experiences.

    • Thank you, AFVet…for your service and for your powerful message. I will just quote Charlton Heston: “I will give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

      Happy Veteran’s Day to all of our vets here on WHD, and every corner of the world. Thank you for your sacrifices!

    • Thank you for these fine words. Thank you for your service. And thank you AmVet for your continuing defense of the United States of America and all who want her back.

      AmVet — Would have left it on the blog, but I blanked on a password. But it was good stuff and I wanted to acknowledge you.

  2. They may push the vetting process for Lyn. to January. I am afraid that is not a good idea. I am terrified that this person would even be considered. I was just making a comment about our fine Vets. I would rather someone with solid devotion to our Constitution and well being of America to take that position, such as a Vet.

      • O’Reilly and Megyn brought up a case Ms Lynch intervened in in NY–to stop a child molester from getting out of jail–she filed federal charges when a judge was about to let this guy skate. Of all the nominees on his list, they said this was the least objectionable. No nominee of this president will chase after Holder–you can forget that, I think.

    • I am afraid Obama and Reid have a devious reason for postponing her confirmation. Something like an amnesty announcement before her hearings or to make the Republican majority look bad, aka racist, if they turn her down in January.

      • Oh they are so totally going to try to put the Republicans in a trick bag over immigration. A lose-lose. Did you see on Face the Nation where he solemnly agreed with Schieffer that he did not like politics–OMG, what a total lie…the man does not have an unpolitical, non-scheming bone in his bod!

        • I didn’t see, Star, but I read that he made a distinction between campaigning which is political and governing which shouldn’t be. And he definitely said that he loves the campaigning component.

          • I saw an outtake–not the whole thing. Schieffer said Nixon, Clinton, Johnson, Reagan etc all relished politics but he didn’t seem to and he solemnly agreed. Everything he DOES is for politics–governing (IRS) or campaigning (those evil Republicans hate you). I did hear what you said–that he was saying he loved campaigning (meaning adoring crowds) so much. But that might have been separate.

  3. I saw the video of o “strolling in”, “chomping on gum”.
    When I was a child I was taught not to “chomp” on gum.
    When I chewed in near people, my mouth was closed.
    I also knew certain places that gum chewing was uncalled for, such as church, school, special places I may have been.
    He looked like a teenager strolling onto the lakefront, concert, of years past.

  4. This pushing the date of confirmation to January seems to be an indication that Obama will indeed act alone on amnesty before the end of the year. He will not allow the Republicans to make an issue of her views before he has acted.