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Obamacare a Lie Targeting “Stupidity” of Americans

In case you were wondering about the contempt your rulers have for you . . .

MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber, who served as an advisor to Obama’s campaign and the Obama White House and is known as the “architect” of Obamacare, said on a panel discussion that Obamacare was crafted in an intentionally deceptive manner to take advantage of the “stupidity of the American voter,” who wouldn’t get what geniuses like Gruber were up to and would therefor allow it to pass.

From his remarks:

This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay, so it’s written to do that. In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in – you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed.

Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass. Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.

You see, Gruber knows what’s good for you. And so if you have to be deceived in order to accept what’s good for you, so be it.

Note he’s not even talking about the “you can keep your doctor” or “you can keep your insurance” deceptions. Those were just the most obvious lies.

Think of this statement: Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. Let’s not be so fancy about it. He’s simply saying, It’s good to lie in order to get your way politically.

This is right out of the playbook of Vladimir Lenin, who said “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” The Left, including those now in power, is not chiefly concerned with the democratic principles that underly our system. It’s concerned with winning and getting its way.

The Left wants to help you, and it will help you, even if it has to lock you in Lubyanka and shove your help down your throat.

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  1. The clip should be on a loop on the obamacare sign-in/sign-up site. I believe they open for ‘business’ on the 15th of November. If you type in GRUBER shipping and handling is free along with the lobotomy.

    • Actually this loop should be on Republican ads addressing Obamacare. It should be part of every Republican comment on Obamacare. It should be a part of the discussion on every news site. Enrollment is coming up — and this shoud be used. Will it scare people , disappoint them. make the angry — yep — all things they should have been since Day One.

      And, of by the way, Juan Williams. Sycophant. He’s on right now. I must go before I have to change the channel.

  2. How can you be considered ‘stupid’ if you do not know the facts ?
    In my recollection, over 70% of the people rejected Obamacare, yet it was passed anyway.
    Being forced to conform to a mandate in order to provide health care for you and yours is not stupidity, it is survival.

      • Most Presidents can be judged, based on their achievements or lack thereof, on a incompetentcompetent scale. Carter=incompetent, and Reagan=competent, for example. There are at least two Presidents who must be judged on an evilgood scale. Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama. Obama is by far the most evil President in our history.

    • So true. All the public had was hear-say, whispers, and no one knew exactly what the bill said – including the Dems who voted for it.
      Even without insiders knowlege of the particulars, the public said NO in 2010 to Obamacare. We didn’t like it, it was shoved around too fast and no Repub had any input.
      Who is this guy, and why is he telling now?
      The curious thing is this man’s bragging about his deceit, and not having the least regret for his part in it. Why now, why say anything at all at this point?

        • Can’t even guess at the timing but the scary part is that he is immensely proud of himself. I think he just couldn’t hold his “accomplishment” in any longer. A s a counterpoint, my 95 year old neighbor Frank is an MIT grad. Had his destroyer shot out from under him in WWII, runs the local computer club, WORKS OUT EVERY DAY, and god only knows (’cause God is the only one older than Frank) what else. Of the 2 MIT grads, which one is worthy of our respect?

    • I know, right? We knew all along there was no debate at all, then Fancy-Nancy said “we’ll have to pass it to know what’s in it”. How many red flags did we need?

      The truly stupids are who keep voting for these DIM policy makers.

      • Did you see that independent senator from Maine on Fox and Friends last segment?
        He plans to caucus with the Democrats and actually defended Obamacare. He sounded like an idiot when discussing this man that called us stupid. I don’t know why he could call himself independent when he thinks like Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.
        Kimberly Guilfoyle made him look stupid! She obviously could think circles around him.
        They were all calling him out.

    • An irony of the stupidity remark is that it was aimed at the Democrats. The Republicans (and anyone who can think) already knew that it was sham by Obama to control Americans.
      The Democratic base is stupid. That is how Obama & Co. control them.

  3. Too bad this didn’t come out before last Tuesday. If the GOP had known about this discussion, they might’ve thoroughly trounced the Commies in the Senate.

          • Use it when it comes to repeal Obamacare and if not repeal it — decimate it cut by cut. Unless I misunderstand this is big on so many levels when it comes to outright lying to the American public. And you could probably ride this as part of the 2016 election campaigns … remember Hillary Care – -nationalized health care.

            As for SCOTUS and the challenge before it — I have no faith there.

            Sotomayor just over rode a judges decision on gay marriage.

          • Let’s complete the ensemble with a bracelet commemorating her dodging hostile fire in Bosnia and a ring engraved with the image of Buddy the dog she had to have run over TWICE before she was rid of him. Oops! Is my hatred showing again? I try an try to keep it at bay, but these stinkers won’t let me be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I assume the bracelet is made from the melted Bosnia bullets.

            Did she really run over Buddy? That is so wrong run over your dog, but continue to humiliate yourself by hanging on to a serial philanderer.

            Keep the dog. Run over the philanderer.

            Kind of explains Benghazi.

          • Begin drawing up Articles of Impeachment. There’s a long list of actions to be included in the list. Will the impeachment process go through to the end? Probably not. But it’s time to take on the insane, deceptive, unconstitutional behavior of Barack Obama. This will be a powerful incentive for future Presidents to toe the line, or else. We need to get Obama so tangled up in his legal underwear that he is frozen in place.

          • I was thinking about this overnight.

            There are still a good number of Democrat senators for whom this will be new in their next re-elect (2016/2018).

            All it will take, in each state, is for a concerned citizen to mention this clip, and then frame the question this way:

            “So, Senator, when you voted for this, were you deliberately lying to us, or did you fail to do your due diligence to protect us from this dishonest and tyrannical Beltway power grab?”

            Cue the squirming by a sitting senator, right in front of the voters.

    • uh, they DID “thoroughly trounce the Commies in the Senate.” the GOP will probably end up with a net 9 seats.

      did you mean something else?

    • Rush Limbaugh said that the remarks were made over a year ago. They were made at a conference of economists on health spending, and the MSM never covered or revealed them if they knew about them. They were only released now by someone who attended that conference and have appeared on youtube.

  4. This is deceiving. This Country has turned into blind sheep. People voted on this without reading it. I will ask everyone here. Will this get resolved? How is the Supreme Court going to rule on this?

  5. Well, they’re not taking any chances this year. They’re already promising problems. Easy-peasy stuff we all know they can live up to. Not mentioned, is the fact that the sign-up period is half the time it was last year.

    Once again, The Glitch that Stole Christmas …

    “We will have things that won’t go right. We will have outages, we will have downtime,” Burwell said Monday in a discussion hosted by the Center for American Progress.
    “Something will happen. What we need to do is be transparent, be fast and get it fixed,” Burwell said in one of her many public appearances ahead of open enrollment on Nov. 15.

  6. How can this man live with himself knowing that he has no character. He is worse because he knows what he is doing is wrong and does it anyway.

    How sad that he has any input into anything affecting the human race.

  7. This is so bizarre! On the face of it, it sounds like Gruber is confessing to a crime spree. But…why now? Is he bragging or confessing?

    One interesting sideline: Gruber was also one of the architects of RomneyCare. Could politics be behind all of this? Hmmm.

  8. Whenever we drive over the Cascades as we did today, we listen to Rush on the radio. How ironic that he devoted much of his program to this twit’s comments about the stupidity of Americans. He has a really high pitched voice which was hard to understand, but the word stupidity rang out loud and clear. Glad to see it on WHD tonight. It needs to go viral.

  9. Gruber definitely trapped Supreme Court … They fell to his trap. How can Roberts and his colleagues be that dumb. My mother always told me that you can be educated at Harvard, but still you can be dumb.

  10. Mr Gruber has just admitted that the planners and sponsors of the ACA have committed Fraud against the people of the United States. The question I have is whether the Supreme Court could strike down a law because of Fraud.

    There are five major lawsuits currently challenging the ACA. I hope this opens the door to more. SCOTUS has recently agreed to hear a case about Federal subsidies and State Exchanges. The law clearly states that you can only receive a subsidy if get the policy from a,state exchange. Currently, there are 34 states who do not have an exchange so how can get they get a federal subsidy.

    The other case that has legs is the “Sissell” case. An artist brought a case against the Government stating that the ACA did start in the House of Reprentatives. The Constitution states all Tax revenues must start in the House. Charlie Rangel passed a bill that the House passed unanimously giving first time homeowners of the military a tax credit. Harry Reid took this billl and gutted it completely. He then put the ACA legislation into this bill and sent it to the House then the Democrats in the House passed it. A DC circuit court struck down this case because if you did not get insurance the law was written the Gov would charge you a Fee. Justice Roberts in his opinion that SCOTUS based their decisions that the ACA was legal. In that opinion, they called these fees taxes.. So, now this case is alive again because all Tax Revenue bills must be started in the house.

    I hope some good attorneys figure this out………..This election has shown the WH and Democrats left in Congress that the Citizens are not pleased at how things are going. If they become the obatruction and the President plays the Executive Order game the Democratic Party is finished.

    • Probably m any such things not seeing the light right now. Message control.

      They are now (even acc to Axelrod) lowballing the number they expect to sign up for Obamacare–so the total will look better. I also read people won’t don’t pay are not dropped for 4 mos. I see a free operation in there someplace.

  11. This is so unacceptable — for Obama and his administration to treat the American people so dishonestly and deceitfully.
    Can’t he be impeached for this? We need to do something. He does not deserve to remain in Office.
    Obama is so egotistical and arrogant. His ignorance has really hurt the U.S.