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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 11, 2014

President Obama is traveling in Asia this week. He is currently in China

8:15 pm || Attends a welcoming ceremony; International Convention Center, Yanqi Lake
8:30 pm || Attends APEC session 1; International Convention Center
11:15 am || Attends a working lunch with leaders
1:00 am || Attends APEC session 2
5:30 am || Participates in a walk and talk photo op with President Xi; Zhong Nan Hai, Beijing
5:45 am || Holds a bilateral meeting with President Xi
6:15 am || Attends a private dinner with President Xi

All times U.S. Eastern
The time in Beijing is 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern.

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    • Pulling our troops out of Iraq has proven to be an intelligence disaster — and now it appears that the assault on the intelligence community continues.

      Pretty soon the CIA and the DIA reports will be short and concise — All is well under your brilliant command Sir. We could not be more secure. The world is at your feet. —

    • grace, Naval Intel is mess nowadays.
      -The head of Naval Intel, an Admiral, had his Security clearance pulled (he’s under investigation…) so he cant see any classified intelligence. If he walks into an office they have to lock everything away.
      -I heard stories about this guy (a Captain who is 7th Fleet Intel officer) who made the China comments got reassigned because he is a terrible officer/leader, guys hate working for him.

  1. Totally OT. I forgot — this is bizarre. I was at the hospital today for some tests — waiting in the hall — not the waiting room where the tv was. Walked into the waiting room to get a mag and on the tv was that show The Drs. and the guest coming up was being promoted — as the doctor who believes in quality of life and that after the age of 75 that’s pretty much a done deal …..ta da! Dr. Death Zeke E.

    Being interviewed on tv in a hospital. Dr. Death.

  2. Moochelle had a busy Monday:

    Back to what she does best! After flopping on the campaign trail, Michelle Obama beams as she returns to her day job as First Lady handing out awards to school children at the White House

    · Following the midterm elections, the first lady has returned to her non-partisan role and attended three separate events on Monday
    · In Arlington, Virginia, she spoke at a career development forum for women veterans transitioning to civilian life and encouraged them to be bold
    · Back at the White House she presented national arts and humanities awards to 12 after-school programs from across the country
    · From September until last Wednesday’s midterm elections she has appeared 40 times with Democratic candidates

    Read more:

    Check out the article for more info and the pics.

  3. Whatever “work” Chelsea Clinton does, she received some dopey award for it:

    Chelsea arrived to collect Glamour Magazine Woman Of The Year award
    She emerged beaming, hand-in-hand with banker husband Marc Mezvinsky, to pick up her accolade for work on the Clinton Foundation at New York’s Carnegie Hall, leaving little Charlotte at home.

    Shrillary was there also; the article has a photo of her with Chelsea.

    • The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a money laundering scheme to keep the Clintons rich. They’ve been investigated about the high lifestyle they live ….. off the foundation. More money is spent on their travels and accomodations than the actual do-gooder stuff they claim to do.

      The only thing I remember Chelsea achieving is announcing her pregnancy at an “event”.

    • Again with the Awards! What’s with the libs? What about all the other Women in Amerika — what about the Women of the World? Where’s their awards! Unfair. And Racist!

  4. In the picture of the pajama-party line-up I noticed that Obama stood. happily grinning, between two women, while Putin, shrewdly smiling like the Cheshire cat, stood between two men, next to the Chinese leader with wife. Well, he had reason to smile after that mega deal with the Chinese. What did Obama get ? Yesterday I heard him announcing that the visa.rules were to be changed, the visas were to be prolonged to benefit business and students. Obama sounded like this was a big achievement but I am sure that the Chinese will have more benefits from that than Americans.
    By the way, The Catalonians voted for independence on Sunday ( 81 % yes ). It is a symbolic referendum as Madrid wants to, tries to, ignore the results. Well, many Europeans want to split up, many want to get away from that behemoth, the EU. Who knows, soon we may have all those little principalities ( without princes ! ) back on this continent. Prussia, Savoyen, Schlesvig-Holstein etc….

    • Business and short-term tourist visas will be extended from one year to 10 years, while student exchange visas will be extended from one year to five years!

      At this rate, will anyone ever go home?? Our home is walking distance from UCLA, and it feels like we are living in China whenever we are in the Village. I suppose it could be worse – at least the Chinese are polite (to your face).

      • I do not agree with the ten year visa agreement as well. They cannot keep track of the people who stay here now.
        As far as the vote Swedishlady, Do you favor the vote?

        • About the vote, I guess it is the usual disagreement. One region, Catalonia, has a better economy than other parts of Spain. But they also have rich cultural heritage and, I believe, another language, well, accent. The Catalonians do not want their tax-money spent on other regions without their saying. And that is one of the reasons for disagreement in the EU as well. EU is really a giant socialist project that wants to be bigger and bigger.

          • Understood. Thanks.
            OT I watched a documentary last night about all the different food in Lisbon, Portugal. It was very entertaining just watching on TV. The food (seafood) looked fantastic.
            I would at least try 1 snail. :)
            The outdoor eating areas looked great as well.
            Would still love to visit Europe.

        • So true, SL. Perhaps the Obamas could re-locate to China to push their globull warming agenda.
          Funnily enough, the last time I was in China in the late 80’s, the natives were still riding bicycles. There was hardly any infrastructure in Beijing and the air was pure as the driven snow. Would love to go back to Kowloon for the bargain shopping, but would probably choke to death.

  5. The wonderful Navy Band just played on Fox, with the wonderful dark uniform. I have my dad’s uniform. To all Veterans, Thanks for your service.