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Obama Attends Star Trek Convention with Other World Leaders

At every Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, the host country gets to dress the world leaders up in some kind of costume.

This year, China seems determined to have made everyone look utterly ridiculous, even its own leader. Excuse my cultural insensitivity, but they cannot possibly have serious discussions in these outfits.

APEC family photo

Here’s a closeup of Sulu and Mr. Spock.

Obama APEC

Some video for you, as Captain Kirk welcomes everyone aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Here’s some video of the real Kirk, furious that Chinese President Xi Jinping is pretending that HE is Captain Kirk.

71 thoughts on “Obama Attends Star Trek Convention with Other World Leaders”

  1. The fact that the Chinese are Trekkies who have enough sense of humor to dress up in Star Trek costumes actually speaks well of them. I would have dressed Obama up as one of the traitorous villains from THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY who betrayed the Federation by provoking a war with the Klingons.

    1. Memories. Back in the dark ages of black&white TV when it referred to the lack of color, not racial differences; Star Trek was a breath of fresh air, a new concept, something marvelous to ponder – imagine – meeting new life forms, working with people of all colors and places of birth in harmony.
      It was sheer genius.
      Gene Rodenberry and his writers were visionairies who opened our eyes
      and minds to what could be, what might be, more so than even the minds of NASA.

        1. 3-D copiers – beam me a new part
          Space stations – space stations
          Who remembers the episode of “V-ger”? It’s still going I hear.

      1. I’m sure he experienced a good bit of rejection until he formed his
        “choom gang” and joined other pot heads like him to worship the bong. Dont ya love his phony smile? He’s not truly comfortable unless he’s the center of attention in lecturing mode. What a loser.

  2. Really does look like the captions. Good work. But the fool we have in the Oval Office makes this possible. More worried about wearing a Star Trek communist uniform than representing the United States in a gray flannel suit. It just goes on.

  3. You see Star Trek, I see pajama party.
    The first thought is why, oh why, did he go along with this costume farce, but after some thought, why not do this. Why not indeed, show Americans how nice it could be if we were all the same, wore the same clothes, marched in unison – behind the dear leader of course.

    If I were the POTUS, I would have respectfully declined to wear their clothes in public. I consider it a means of demeaning our President, and of showing how they can manipulate him.
    It’s not cute, it’s improper protocol, and an insult to all of us.
    imo, of course.

      1. Exactly. Can you even imagine what world leaders would do if we gave them certain clothes to wear while visiting our country?
        Unimaginable. Rude.

          1. Shocker. I am not one to defend Obama on his inappropriate, constant, nicotine gum chewing. And I won’t here either. But for the Chinese to be oh so put out over his lack of decorum…… I will bet that a million chinese were dispatched to clean up all the globs of spit that are everywhere on the streets and sidewalks and pathways and stairways in China. Gum chewing vs. public spitting.

            I get that the spitting is cultural, l’ve lived among the spitters. And those “blow your nose on your handers” as well. So, no approval on gum chewing, spitting and nose blowing — but a big hypocrisy call out to the Chinese on this one.

    1. Something about the Asian-Pacific (APEC) conference requires world leaders to dress like Anime convention groupies for some reason or other. Earlier, I did a Bing image search of APEC Presidents, Clinton, Bush2 were also quite festive ;)

  4. Where is MO? Did she refuse to go because she couldn’t wear her own tasteless outfit?

    I have always enjoyed Star Trek, especially The Next Generation. Mr0 is no Jean Luc Picard.

          1. I grew up watching the original Star Trek, and did enjoy the New Generation shows. I could never watch the shows with Captain Janeway because Kate Mulgrew, the actress who played her, had such an annoying voice I couldn’t stand to listen to her. Much like Barry!

  5. Wow!! Michelle is not even there to be with President Obama…How interesting…. Why is she not even there?? So stupid that she is jealous….MINE I WISH!!!

    1. The captions are funny but this is deadly serious business. The leader of the world’s largest democracy wearing a costumal parody of Communism’s greatest icon tells the story. We are so weak and Number 2 now that we don’t have the fortitude to decline to appear in public in such garb. The only saving grace is that the outfit did feature pants. Had it been a floor length d jellaba it might have made the smile wider and the ears stick out even further.

  6. OT, but where is the Ferguson Grand Jury report? Last Friday it was reported National Guard helicopters were in place and a major employer in town told their peeps to skedaddle. I figured the non-convict opinion would happen today, with Obama safely away in China. Anyone know more?

    1. They are now saying in St.L that there will not be a verdict announcement before next Saturday. But just heard on the news that there is a group offering a reward for the murder of Officer Darren Wilson! Holder, Where Are You? Isn’t that a felony to threaten a police officer? Run the bums out of St.Louis!

      1. For the large part, the people causing the trouble are not residents of Ferguson. They are outsiders. Code Pink’s been installed there for quite some time. I’m sure other Commie-agitator groups are there, too.

  7. FCMABBHO cancelled the silly shit tradition for the 2011 meeting in Hawaii. It was started by Bill Clinton in 1993 for the meeting in Seattle.

        1. It reminds me of one story I wrote when I was a reporter about a police officer who found drugs in his cruiser’s back seat “after his morning shift.” In my haste to meet the deadline, I left out the “f” and neither the spell-check program nor the copy editor caught it.

  8. No doubt our first gay president is getting his rear hanger shuttle bay fully loaded with Chinese male photon torpedoes on this colossal waste of time trip to Communist China..

  9. Did the Chinese deliberately give Maobama an ill-fitting jacket? It almost reaches his knees. He looks like part of the kitchen help at the Chinese Cookie Factory.

  10. Obama bowed to the Chinese president today. There’s a photo over at the Gateway Pundit. It seems Obama should have learned proper protocol by now.

  11. What a shame that McCain hadn’t won the 2008 election then died. We would have a President Palin attending the event and the Chinese would have no doubt treated us to the sight of Palin dressing up as Captain Kirk’s drill thrall from the Gamesters of Triskelion episode. Energy production would be increasing far more rapidly, the economy would be booming in response to lower energy prices and a manufacturing renasaince, Putin would be deterred from invading Ukraine and Isis never would have been inspired by Obama’s Arab Spring lunacy.

  12. I must admit that the Star Trek robe makes Obama look just like Satan from the movie..

    Or is it the leader of the Heaven’s Gate suicide cult?

    Either way it’s creepy

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