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China Greets Obama with Disrespect

A Chinese government-run newspaper – are there any other kind? – greeted President Obama, who is in the country for a three-day stay, with mocking disrespect.

From an “editorial” by the paper:

Obama always utters “Yes we can,” which led to the high expectations people have for him. But he has done an insipid job offering nearly nothing to his supporters. U.S. society has grown tired of his banality.

The White House brushes this off as propaganda, which it is, but it’s also a very clear signal from the Chinese government about how it will approach Obama.

Obama offered the world a message of love and peace. But the world, which does not share our outlook, only hands out love and peace when it fears and respects you. And, unfortunately, nobody overseas fears Obama, and few seem to respect him.

31 thoughts on “China Greets Obama with Disrespect”

  1. The Chinese obviously also heard what the American voters said last week. They understand what happened.
    Perhaps some kindly Chinese diplomat could explain it to MrO.

  2. A few minutes ago I heard Jim DeMint say that he came into the Senate at the same time as Obama. According to DeMint he was ineffectual, distant and arrogant.
    I still wonder how he got himself elected president….I guess with the help of Chicago thugs and the liberal, progressive, corrupt media who created his persona which now is obvious to the entire world as well as the people of America.
    What a sorry phony he is!

    1. To her credit, Hillary made one astute observation during the ’08 campaign:

      “Now I think you will be able to imagine many things Sen. McCain will be able to say. He has never been the president. He will put forth his experience. I will put forth my experience. Sen. Obama will put forth a speech he made in 2002.”

      1. I remember right at the beginning–could not even find out how he got the convention speech that people “noticed.” Michelle was quoted as saying, “Why him–he never did anything.” Something like that.

        1. That’s in line with what she said on her husband’s first day in the Oval Office: “What are you doing in here?”

          We have all been wondering the same thing for six years!

      2. Yes, I remember her saying that.
        Also, considering how much I dislike her, as the “Carpetbag Senator” from New York, she did go to the Senate and work…did not care for the type of work, but she did not just vote “present” and she did associate with other senators.

    2. @annie: Indeed. That *is* the $64,000 question. The know nothing, no where man’s rise to power was orchestrated behind closed doors between Chicago and Washington DC.

  3. While all Chinese newspapers are government run propaganda outlets, it is impossible to dispute the accuracy of their unflattering characterization of President Obama.

  4. Body language: Wish he would stop ‘pawing’ his Chinese hosts every time he greets them. A firm handshake will do just fine. Adding insult to ihjury, he is constantly chomping away on his Nicorette. He looks sooo sappy in the group photograph – flash bulb smile, waving, and no interaction with other members of the group. He’s just creepy.

    On the bright side, the Chinese First Lady will not have to contend with the bad behavior of the Mooch and Granny Robinson’s temper tantrums.

  5. They (the Chinese) put on a fantastic light show greeting the POTUS. Probably thought he’d enjoy it since he likes shiny, glittery things. Or maybe they thought he was on LSD since he knows nothing of what he’s doing.

  6. McDonald sounded very sincere in his job ahead to take care of the VA.
    Vets waiting over a year for an appointment. He explained the poor salary that doctors and nurses make, which is a partial reason for shortage of them. He is a Vet himself, a paratrooper.

  7. Precisely because it is the state run media I see it as a big mockery of Obama by the Chinese leadership who are no doubt all talking about him behind his back.

    1. This brought to mind so many questions some of which centered on Obama’s mother and what was going through her mind the moment Barry was conceived, in HI, with Frank Marshal Davis, and if FAS was involved, because it sure seems like it.

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  10. The Chinese press is spot on. Speaking for myself, I am exhausted by his banal, cliche-ridden, coma-inducing speeches. I wish he would travel more over the next two years and give the rest of the world a chance to sample the greatness that is Obama stuttering and self-aggrandizing.

  11. Nobody respects him because he is an empty suit; damaged America almost beyond repair and can not be trusted by anyone either here or overseas.
    He needs to be careful while hiding out overseas after having received his own arse into his hands and being totally rejected in this midterm election – that nobody steals his lunch or lunch money or even both.
    He would do the US a favor if he were just to resign – he is the lamest of lame ducks. He is checkmated!

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