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Brit Hume Falls Asleep on Fox News Sunday

Excellent decision.

I’ve always respected Brit Hume, and now I respect him much┬ámore. Brit knows that most people who appear on TV have nothing particularly new or interesting to say, and so it’s a great time to get in some shuteye.

Me, I routinely skip the Sunday news shows. All of them. In fact, I don’t watch much TV at all. Even if Obama is on. Goodness, especially if Obama is on.

If someone on the boob tube happens to say something important, I’ll read about it somewhere online. I surf the web voraciously for news. No use wasting time watching self-important prattling poobahs pontificate, sometimes for money.

Some of them are okay, I guess. It’s just not worth the investment of time to comb through the wreckage and find a body.

Me too. You’re welcome to turn me off if you see me on TV. Throw something at the TV if you like. Don’t break the TV, because you still need it for sports.

Okay, let me note, knowing how much I hate TV, I do try to say something original. Or at least steal the most interesting thought I can find from someone else. Doing TV is a real pain in the ass for me, because I prepare for it. I don’t just show up. So I’ll give myself a little bit of credit.

I do it to promote White House Dossier. The sound of my own voice really doesn’t make me dance. Nor does the sight of my fat face. I like writing.

Turn it off anyway. I’ll understand.

And Brit, thanks for doing something intelligent on TV.

Here’s Tucker Carlson doing the same thing last year. He was a pretty good sport about it.

33 thoughts on “Brit Hume Falls Asleep on Fox News Sunday”

  1. Now you have gone too far, Keith. Are we supposed to keep up with the news and pop culture and you don’t have to? No way, my friend! You turn on that TV and get with the programs! And I don’t mean just be on them sometimes!

    1. Well, I like television–always have. I am not snobby about it–for the lower classes, etc. I watch several hrs of news a day, a couple more of even, gasp, reality TV and scripted dramas, I record about 6-20 shows and get to them. I also listen to 4-5 audiobooks a week, put in my time helping Keith make money on this site by providing free content, put up two daily blogs, and write screenplays.

          1. Admittedly an addict to Morse, Inspector Lewis, and now Endeavor, the prequel of young Morse. The shows are well written but it is just a traveloge for me. Now I can view this special city from the comfort of my armchair, unlike the 21 days spent there in 1976 with 100 degree weather every day. The OED had not yet allowed the inclusion of the words “ice” or “air conditioning.” Michelle and other WH cronies have spoiled lots of shows, notably Jeopardy, Rachel Ray, and every other show on PBS. Propaganda is BIG business these days.

          2. “Endeavor” is a great show. I mostly watch British TV series and crime procedurals. No Dancing with the Stars or “reality” TV. No sports, except hockey of course!

        1. Reality TV is scripted TV. Too staged for my tastes. I did commit to Downton Abbey series, one with a doctor, whose name I can’t remember.. tall, with quite an attitude in a small town and oh yes, another series with a detective, I think his name was Morse. I had to give up watching the Food Network when it went political and kept slipping in Michelle when I least expected it. News: The Five @5 and Bret Baier at 6. On nights that I am still staring at the ceiling, I like Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. No sports for me either.

          1. @AFVet – DWTS, I saw a few minutes of it. Not my thing. I used to watch my local PBS station when they aired ballroom dancing competitions.

          2. Of yes–reality. And the house porn shows like Million Dollar Listing… Love those. Love the Pioneer Woman and Trisha Yearwood, tho I can’t boil water…it is water one boils, isn’t it? My new fave is 90 Day Fiancee.

          3. They are going to “script” reality–the coming thing. If it were scripted now, there would be more than one screaming dinner party after another, followed by a week of “then she said…”

  2. Aw, such fun you’re missing. The Sunday shows are so enlightening, so full of important people saying the most important things. The hosts of the shows are so full of journalistic curiousity, never let the guest promote themselves or special talking points without a challenge or a followup question.

    Why just yesterday, Chuck Todd’s creepy comb-over and van gogh beard made such a contrast to the whiny guests that I never noticed what any of them were saying. The car commercial was entertaining though.
    Candy Crowley sitting like Jabba the Hut with long stringy hair and pompous voice made watching her show a joy to all Americans.
    I missed the other shows when the NFL channel started with their Sunday lineups and predictions.

    1. Following the midterm results, I just had to watch MSLSD and CNN on/off for two days. It was pure amusement, like watching a train wreck with blood and gore commentary. Whatever I’ve missed since, I pick up the hi/lowlights at Twitchy.

  3. I get my news fix from the internet, and radio.
    TV is good for movies and sports, talking heads, not so much.
    Even FOX News has too many ‘quick breaks’ for me.
    Hell, half the broadcast is commercials and it is nothing more than different people saying the same thing.
    Same video clips over and over again.

    Thank goodness for remotes.

    1. I’d go nuts without the MUTE button.

      I never watch the Sunday news shows. I usually have paid enough attention to the news over the week and don’t care to hear it rehashed.

    2. Fox and Friends has been annoying since Hasselbeck joined. They should have put Alyson Camerota there as permanent morning host. She got scooped up by CNN after she was passed over :(

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